Harry Omeros charged with Fraud!

Breaking News! Harry Omeros has been arrested and charged with fraud.

latest update from the Gold Coast Bulletin says that he has scammed over $400k from 12 people. We think they rather understate the figures! So, if you’ve been scammed by any of the below businesses please get in touch with Qld police!



20 thoughts on “Harry Omeros charged with Fraud!

  1. Dave

    Does anyone know the outcome from Omeros’s court appearance on the 1st August 2018. There was something in the Gold Coast Bulletin about him leaving court with a big smile on his face, but you had to subscribe to read it??

    1. admin Post author

      He was facing two new fraud charges in that session. Now due back mid-september.
      Just one of the charges was for swindling over $700,000..

  2. Dave

    Is there any updates on Harry Omeros court appearance schedule or outcome? Everything seems to have gone quiet since his arrest!

    1. admin Post author

      Harry’s case was adjourned until March 6th, Southport Magistrates Court.
      It been adjourned several times already. Don’t know how long they can keep delaying.

      1. Max

        Hi guys
        Harry had a knew scam ,, its called the Bitcoin Investor Club ,, i have all the info I need now ,, and yes his court case has been adjourned ,, but Harry if you are reading this ,, the police will have another surprise for you buddy ????????????????????????????????????

  3. Stewart

    This is a long battle .. I was scammed by this *** and in turn contacted a few media outlets to get his name and scams out there to the public, with today tonight being the only one to respond and in turn the only one to do an investigative piece aired https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JM_4RlwUHvY .
    In the meantime have been in contact with 2 investigators from QLD Police (how many years ago?) they have my details on file know how much was scammed out of me, but no contact has been made their end since, regarding these scams.
    During the course of the today tonight investigation where we visited the restaurant in search for him, I was called numerous times throughout the day with a few threats against me. This is a low life that should not be walking the streets laughing it off (as he did in the today tonight piece as well as on the phone to me, andrew and others) I would love to see my money back, would love to see others get their back from the scams via multiple business identities he ran.. however see that being a snowballs chance in hell, so would be content to at least see him behind bars for a good period of time, pretty boy like that will be a welcomed girlfriend 😉

    1. Stewart

      ps. the last I heard was that he was due back in court November 14th this year .. although have found no records of this appearance (of it happened)

    1. admin Post author

      He’s due to appear in the Magistrate’s Court on Aug 1 ( after a few adjournments being granted already. Hopefully no more!)

  4. Robert

    Admin who is the last big name put them on blast? if it’s larry we are thinking of he’s got cancer has to Christmas to live !!

    1. George Rhemus

      If it was Larry there are MANY more people involved in his numerous scams and the police have all their names and have had for MANY YEARS.
      Mead, Emerton, Cropper, Featherstone, Wayne Evans, Julian Price, Keith Jones, John Sharp, Larry Pickering Junior, Ben Pickering, Gus Combatti, Sylvia Combatti, Donna Price, to name a few – NONE charged – all still still living the high life in their flash million dollar properties.
      Ken Gamble gave the police ALL this information years ago and they ignored it.
      Let’s just give the criminals time to hide their millions and launder it into a 50 million dollar empire. Well done Queensland Police.
      Anyone who thinks the arrests so far are the end – NOT ACCEPTABLE there are operatives who were directly involved in many of Larry’s scams and they knew EXACTLY what they were doing.

  5. Alex Herbertson

    Lets see how professional the Queensland Police really are.
    Will they charge Omerus with the other 20 or so scams he openly ran for a decade. Can give them the names of the scams if they have lost all the evidence. Plenty of evidence was sent to the police about these cases over the years.
    Just like the Irish Boys – so far only charged with a very few of the scams they openly ran for over a decade.

    They may have arrested a few of the key people but there are MANY people who were deeply involved in these scams still free and still involved in very dubious enterprises.

    ONE person cannot run 30 scams totalling many millions of dollars – it is organised crime and should be treated as such.

    I will believe the police are serious when they arrest the long list of people involved in these scams still living in their million dollar mansions or living in other states or countries off the scammed money – the police know a lot of them but have not acted.

    It is not acceptable to charge Omerus for one or two scams – he gets away with all the others worth many millions – just a joke. Did they arrest his girlfriend – she was actively involved.

    Omerus ran an office next store to the police station. THEY KNEW who he was and what he was doing for nearly a decade.

  6. Jill

    That’s Good News! all the big players are gone now !! but the sad news is a lot of people were used as directors in these business’s & didn’t know much about the back-end.

    1. admin Post author

      Well, there’s still at least one other big player I can think of, but they are getting closer to him. But yes, they are rounding them up!

      1. George Rhemus

        There are a lot of key players still out there.
        They have only arrested a few of the figureheads.
        The police have the details on many of the very wealthy individuals involved who used Featherstone.
        Some of the lead perpetrators started out over a decade ago and then started paying people to put their names to the scams. The Queensland Police have their names, they have the complaints from a decade ago and these people are happy to sit back with their millions of scammed money and live the high life overseas.
        So anyone who thinks the big players have all gone – they are kidding themselves and believe what the police are telling everyone.
        There are direct links to some very influential and rich people which one would hope the police are following up on – even the ones who partnered now arrested scammers for many years.
        Still a LONG way to go.
        Look at a few of our very rich bookmakers – good start – they are right in the middle of all of this.
        Look at certain very rich individuals in Vanuatu, Ireland, the USA and England – the police have the names


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