Classic ‘Glossy Brochure’ approach here.

I-Selections cold called me and then sent out a nice Glossy brochure with pictures of happy couples walking at the beach, on the couch and on their yacht.

Invetsment returns are shown for 2011-2012 over a twelve month period, where a $1,000 start bank grows to $39,422, plus ten cents!

The brochure starts by mentioning how maybe you feel like you are in a rut, going no-where, hitting potholes, you’re doing all the work and no-one cares. Well don’t worry because I-Selections care!

They stress that this is not a ‘get-rich-quick’ ,scheme, And they are not ‘ruthless’, except in getting the best returns……  You could ask, ‘for who?’

So the investment is in thoroughbred racing, which was previously only reserved for ‘Royalty’ !

Next step is to call them, so I spoke to a consultant (who shall remain nameless) who explained that they have a team of six professionals who source information from anybody and anywhere to come up with the best selections. Even jockey’s opinions are apparently good!

To be part of this scheme, you only need to part with $6,600 for a one year licence, plus 5% commission should you have any winnings. Of course, there are higher level investments available.

I was told by my consultant that she didn’t think they’d been sending out any more brochures as she thought they had allocated all 250 licences. She went to check though and they had just one one year licence and two two year licences left. Lucky me. (sounded though, as I listened on the line while she went away, that there were a few other operators trying to sell the plan…hope they didn’t miss out!)
Ok, so, do you have any up to date results that I could see…since the brochure only goes up to feb 2012?
” No. Why should we?!”
Oh, because you were talking about how you only wanted serious, disciplined investors, and I thought you might have the same attitude there, and keep records..
” well, I could go to the wagering dept and see if they could go to the trouble of collating the information…but why should we?!”  (all this indignation at being asked or any further results!)

several of these exchanges followed, slowly getting nowhere. Any decent investing firm should keep up to date records, know their exact position, and have the records ready to hand.

So, my honest opinion is that nobody in their right mind would invest here because of the lack of any kind of up to date records being willingly provided. No trial was offered to see how it works. They sound like they have several people ‘selling’ even though they apparently have only three licences left.

I wouldn’t touch it.

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