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Income Connect Australia ,

this is the latest morph of TPZ International who have mainly been running Binary Options scams, and one or two horse racing ones.

Website domain name just registered in August. Business name just registered in March and not registered for GST. Their trading platform website was only established in August as well. No contact details on the website apart from email. They are supposedly based in Costa Rica.

They are trying to sell trading packages starting at $5,900. Like most of their other schemes, I doubt this one would work either. They reportedly do not honour the 10 day cooling off period too.

Previosly they have been:

TPZ International, ITZ , ITZA, ITZ Australia , ITZA Online, Topazair,  St George Ltd, Laybets, Tote Master (that we now of!)

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  1. Didier Quintard

    Back in 2009, I was scammed by a company called Income Connect to invest in a horse and dog race betting system called Syntracks. I foolishly invested $6600 for a software that never really delivered anything it said it would.
    has any one here heard of Syntracks, i am trying to find out whether this is the same Income Connect ACN 132845366.
    not sure if i could ever get any money back from this but i would love to find more details on the where abouts of these thieves…

    1. admin Post author

      ABN used up to 2017 was 50 297 949 910, so doesn’t look like they were using the same ACN.
      Might be worth digging in to the ASIC records of the Company..directors, shareholders etc and see if anything cross references to the later ABN.

  2. admin Post author

    Big News for victims of In2Markets and Income Connect Australia!!
    Finally a police officer (Scott Moon CIU Rockhampton) is asking for info and reports from victims of these guys! He has found out their real names and where they are (want to bet it’s on the God Coast) but believes there are only a few people who have been scammed and very little money involved.
    What he needs is a formal statement which he will follow up and get in touch with those who are prepared to go to that trouble. He is firmly convinced that if he finds out the scam was large enough these guys are going to jail.
    Might be the first bit of good news any of us have had for a very long time!
    Go for it.

    1. Josh

      Ive fallen into this trap also. Has anyone had any luck tracking down or trying to recoup any funds?? What is smartest approach?? I invested about 11k all up…I know its gone but would spend another 11k to see the bastards have to front up in court or meet me at a pub

    2. Fightback

      It’s a pity after almost 12 months it seems Scott Moon has done nothing about getting these scumbags to cease trading, and face up to what they’ve done. The fake Steve Black and Ron Anderson continue to commit fraud while good people suffer. They need to be held accountable for what they’ve done to my father, and if the cops won’t do their job then maybe it’s time I consider putting some money up for information.


      Hi I was also a victim of into markets here in W.A. Besides the fact I work long hours and my wife has some serious health issues over the last 5 years I havn’t had time to follow up to see if something could be done.
      I’t was 2 years ago now so am way to late i would think.

      Regards Kim Hewson

    1. Nick

      I’ve also been scammed by this mob!
      All contact numbers, office numbers etc are no calling to anyone. Has anyone had any luck getting their money back?

  3. patcanuck

    Amazing how the details change slightly but it is the same old crooks being involved. Steve Black was not the CEO when I joined but a guy called George Williams (in Sydney I think). Steve kept telling us he was just in charge of getting the bets on and had no responsibility for anything else.
    Also, we were led to believe that there was no connection between Income Connect and In2Markets. In2Markets was simply the agency where the binary bets were placed (a bit ike If only that were true.
    I’m also guessing that Synergy Solutions have washed their hands of any connection to Income Connect because even they couldn’t get hold of Steve or anyone else to reply to queries lodged through the internet site.
    Seems to me that spending more money in a fruitless effort to retrieve money already lost will produce little satisfaction and absolutely no results. If only some of those who had been ripped off knew some “attack dogs” they could unleash on Steve et al.

    1. Gordon

      Hi patcanuck
      Would be interested to here from you direct. I have similar problems as you. Very frustrating. Gordon

    2. Knew him well

      Know him only too well, was known for fighting dogs back in NZ. I would love a contact number ????

  4. Tony

    I agree with George re 28 Sept 2015 that maybe if we go forward as a group then maybe we will have some success in getting some of our money back. One can only hope.
    In January 2015 Steve Black cold-called me and sold me into this mess. He wanted over $5,000 from me payable to Income Connect and talked about me putting money into an account they manage for me for investing. I was reluctant and I guess I should have known better, given I have been ripped off before by $’000s with companies to do with horse racing etc. So with Steve I paid a bit over $2000 and gave another $1000 to go into my In2Markets account to which they added a $300 bonus. Steve had a contract drawn up but then I picked up errors and inconsistencies in it, so he “had their lawyers” redo the contract. Nothing in that contract talks about 20x or 25x or 30x turnovers. The contract has a clause that if a month shows a net profit then they would take part of that profit to pay off “the balance I owe” being diff between the approx $5000 and $2000. With my reluctance showing, Steve told me at the time that I would be able to withdraw my $1000 once profits come along so future trading would be conducted upon profits made, so why worry about the risk.
    Over the past 6 months I have tried calling Steve, but no answer.
    Then, low and behold, I got another cold-call from Income Connect about 2 months ago. This guy spoke about how my account had grown and part of the reason for it doing so was due to a product’s free trial they had applied. So this guy pointed out the free trial is over and wanted me to pay over $4000 to continue to get the benefit of the returns from this product. I said “you have got to be joking” given we cannot get any money back once it is put into the account. When I spoke about Steve Black and his promises undelivered, this guy defended Steve and talked about how busy he is, being CEO of the company.
    Anyway that’s my story. My losses are not as big as some others but for me personally, these are big losses. And, be careful if you get any further calls from Income Connect wanting you to put more money into them.
    So on 12 January 2015 I started with $1300 in my In2Markets account. As at 29 January 2016 this balance has grown to $10894. A shame that I cannot get any of it, not even my original $1000.
    A scam? Yes it is.

    1. admin Post author

      The olllld ‘your forgotten account has miraculously grown and you only need to send us X,000 dollars to reinstate it’ trick..

  5. Pat Canuck

    I actually know of one person who managed to get a couple thousand withdrawn into his bank account. No point phoning Steve Black, You are better off trying to contact Ron Anderson who is with In2Markets. You can actually reach your 30X turnover in less than a year (have done so myself as have three others I know). The problem then is that they will split your large account into a large number of smaller ones of $20,000 which then makes you liable for a lot of commissions. Even that wouldn’t be a problem IF you could actually withdraw some funds and let the rest continue to work.
    Currently is seems that ICA is trying successfully to run the balance of all accounts by placing an extraordinary number of bets which lose. In fact statistically you could not lose that many bets in a row by chance so it isn’t just a matter of poor judgement.
    By they way, In2 claim to have appointed another company (Web Synergy Solutions) to handle customer enquiries and promise all questions will be responded to in 12 hours. Well, what happens is this intermediary gets back to you saying Ron Anderson will phone in 48 hours …. and of course he doesn’t.
    I also see here somewhere that there are versions of Synergy names crop up which are all scams as well.
    Now a company called AustWise is chasing people up for non payment of commissions but they are a more recent incarnation of ITZ (International Traders Zurich) which previously was TPZ. Both companies operate out of virtual offices in Sydney and Brisbane.

    1. S

      I got contacted by a Michelle Saunders who was apparently the accounts executive. Her mobile no longer works, surprise, surprise. The mobile for the sales guy Gerrard, who I actually met in person, has been disconnect for about 6 months.

      I also discovered that the in2markets web site is actually registered in australia to a Stephen Helson. The contact number for Mr Helson is the same mobile number as for Steve Black.

      I was told many times Dwayne from I2M would contact me (the same is last name as Dwayne Johnson) but I never had a call. I did get some replied from I2M via Web Synergy but they told me I didn’t have enough turnover but I have close to double their requirement.

      1. Pat Canuck

        Michelle Saunders told me she quit because they hadn’t paid her. No matter what turnover they claim you need for your bonus their website clearly says 20X and according to the police in NSW who are now investigating this whole scam that is the turnover figure which must be adhered to.
        The Web Synergy middle man they have now employed must be seriously regretting getting involved because of the highly ‘agitated’ comments they are receiving from some of the clients I know of. I had already been aware of Stephen being the person who registered the company but didn’t realise he had the same phone number. I at least got my account locked from further trading but there is probably no way I’ll ever get any of the money in there. Another client I know of had all his accounts traded down to a minus figure (!) and they are still trading them despite there being a minus amount in there. At one stage he had over $400,000 with them.

        1. Jeff

          I’ve been scammed also. I paid $4000 up front into the trading account with a company bonus of $1500. I also paid $1500 towards the $5900 subscription to service, with the balance payable from 50% of the monthly trading profits. I was never asked to pay for, or invoiced for any of the outstanding balance of the subscription fee. Also, I was never told that I would have to turn over 30x $5500 before I could withdraw funds. I had managed to turn over in excess of the required 30x but still could not withdraw any money. I also paid for successful trades along the way and my trading account had a balance of around 40k in late October 2015 before it suddenly began to free fall with almost every trade being unsuccessful until mid February when the balance had been reduced to -$1700. Like others I have had no joy in trying to contact Steve Black or Michelle Saunders who wouldn’t return any of my calls or emails.

  6. patcanuck

    A number of us are in the same boat. Been with them for a year in some cases and all accounts now grown to over $200,000 but Steve Black from Income Connect Australia does not return calls and Dwayne Thompson from In2Markets is exactly the same: uncontactable and no movement of money out of accounts despite the fact they have reached that required turnover.

      1. admin Post author

        It’s usually safe to do so with any online betting agency. It is standard practice around the world. We have never had any consequential trouble with other agencies.
        But..make your own decision.

    1. Paul

      Hello all

      Yes I ve been duped by these SOB`s also ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,see if we can get A CLASS ACTION taken against them

  7. Josh

    My statement says I have$55000 available but I have not been able to withdraw any I am not prepared to give them 100 points of identification because of my fear of identity theft I think that is their end game . Steve Black is an abusive alcoholic.

    1. George

      Hi Josh, I’m in the same boat as you. I have around 37k in my account and can’t withdraw any of it. I was told to roll over my Acc 30 times which i have done and now every time i Try to contact Steve, he doesn’t answer any of my calls nor returns any. I have recently reported this to ASIC. So for everyone that is in the same boat, please email me your details at
      This way we can all start legal actions against this PRICK!!!
      Higher the number, the more chance we’ve got to get him.

  8. David

    Hi everyone, unfortunately I’ve fallen for the Income Connect scam. has anyone had any luck with getting their money back?

    There must be a way we can get together and bring these guys to justice, put together a class action legal case or something??

    Please call me on …. (number available from ) if you are interested in doing something!!

    Cheers, David.

    1. Joanne Radisic

      we are also in the same boat and they should not get away with this – i am happy to take this further if we all get together and get legal action , they should not be allowed to continue to do this. Surely there is a law to protect consumers against this type of fraud.

      1. admin Post author

        There are laws Joanne, to protect consumers. Problem is that the Govt bodies that should enact those laws can not be bothered doing so. Fair Trading under the Justice Dept in Qld for instance, have been contacted multiple times about various scams (not just by us) but have done NOTHING. It is all on record and one day they will be held to account.

      2. David

        Hi Joanne, do you know of anyone else in the same situation? I spoke to a lawyer who said it would not be worthwhile suing them on my own but if we got enough people together then may be worth it?? Or maybe we need to get A Current Affair on the job!!

  9. Paul


    Yes I tried obtaining funds also ,but to no avalibility , at all ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,there best con man ive come across

  10. henry

    In2Markets is a massive scam broker….BEWARE….Do not give them any money, they have a clause where you must turn over your deposit and bonus 25 times which will take well over 3 years before they let you remove your money.
    By then they will have closed down and moved on to a new binary option broker with a new name.
    They deal with many bogus investment firms tricking you into releasing your money to them, never to see it again. My friend was done in by KEYSTONE FINANCIAL……
    Do not give them money, its a massive scam

  11. Paul

    Dear Potential Customers,

    Income connect have kept unusually harassing me to join them. They would have gained access to my mobile from share trading lists. When I have previously spoken to brokers they have said index trading on another’s behalf is illegal in Australia. IT DOESN’T EXIST. They claim it can exist.

    The paperwork they sent me is poor, it is pretty obviously a scam. Even though I have not tried them, leave them alone, it is all lies. They claim to be able to make $ 25 000 in the year, which is all lies I feel, from$ 5900.

    Can there please be more protection for the Australian community and penalties provided. Please publish my letter on the website forums.


  12. Fred

    Except that In2Markets is a trading platform and doesn’t sell a product. The operate just like the countless other online brokers (Banc de Binary,, IQ Options, etc.).


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