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Inner Circle Strategies appears linked to Voss Capital Management and Laybet Professionals.

Update 15 May: have they been raided! Queensland police raided two ‘boiler rooms’ last week ( but they’re not yet saying which ones)

I was alerted by a reader that had been with Voss (and reprotedly going ok with them) who had been called by Inner Circle who told him that they had taken over Voss.

He reported that Inner Circle seemed ok..contactable and investment slowly making money, but then was rung by an Anthony saying he was taking over the account now and make more money for him, provided he put in another 50k !

This is classic  Laybet Professional tactics. Feed the dream. Ask for more money. The money you send never shows up where it should show up. You never get it back.

Be warned. Stay safe!


1. I’ve been given information by another reader and they now seem to have changed tactics. Before they were charging $5,000 for a licence, and now they just want to charge 15% commission on winnings…except you need to start with a deposit of $5,000 to a very new offshore bookmaker, Deluxbet. Risky.

2. there is an increase in traffic and searches to this page. Maybe they are doing a marketing push.

3. The reception staff at the serviced offices at the  address given on the website: Level 54, 111 Eagle St,  Brisbane, did not know of Inner Circle Strategies when we visited.

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  1. Isaac

    Stumbled across this forum while i was doing some searches on this company. We are taking action against inner circle strategy with a view to place the company into liquidation and recover the moneys owing. We started proceedings today. watch this space

    1. Dave

      I would like to know if there was any success with recovering any money from that company please? I have the proof that they ripped me off for $5,000. Thank You.. Dave .

      1. admin Post author

        Not that we know of, though the people we believe are behind it are facing court regarding two other very similar scams

      2. Sugi

        Hi Dave

        No such thing, the banks were no help at all in recovery. From memory they were with Combank and they were no help and I’ve asked NAB where I bank with them haven’t heard from them either. I’ve completely forgotten all about it and written off 25K plus their Licences fees. Qld police were no help at all but according to some 4Corners News they’re also part of the scam as well. Figures how they’re able to keep operating after numerous complaints. Should sue the QLD police as well. Well nothing comes from QLD investment is any legit so might as well sue the whole state for legitimising all the scams that comes from QLD State. I have just try to erase this from memory and move on.

    1. Tony

      Hi Steve , Kelly Also robbed me, then Jamie then tried after a few weeks to extra more money but I said no . As I have said befor everybody needs to seek their own legal advice then we can all make a class action. Unfortunately these scumbags have probably started up boiler rooms again they are the low of the lowest .
      The Queensland government have let these scumbags do this all there life , the only way to stop this is to lock them up for life and I mean LIFE because as so as they are let out they will start up again . .

  2. AL

    I’ve also been scammed by ICS and Deluxbet for $5000. I’d be very interested in any class action.
    Also I have just been contacted by Charterhurst Agencies. Any ideas on what I should do apart from not getting involved?
    CCC? Police? or is it just a waste of time?

  3. Bob

    I am willing to join any class action against Inner Circle, Deluxbet and any of their other rip-off’s . I recently lost $5,000.00 with inner circle and Deluxbet

    1. terry

      Yes iv got scamed too by so cold david from ics.he con me for $2500 and pushising for more.i try ring him,ics,deluxbet…no answer…im in for class action too.
      if anyone has any information can they please let me know .

  4. Tony

    Hi Paul ,
    Oversley don’t what you are talking about , if you look into scams from QLD it the past you will find that most scams like this come out of QLD , it is a shame that you think like this .
    Are you working for them?

  5. Tony

    We need to take these crooks to court , they are scum and to be treated lime it. I hope the fraud squad are on to then , I have made a complaint to consumer protection ,if anyone has any information can they please let me know .

    1. Paul

      Anyone watch the 7.30 show on ABC last night??

      This explains why they were never investigated and they allowed us to continue to be ripped of!!

      Click on the link below and then click on the story headed “Gold Coast Police investigated…”

      1. Jeff

        Thanks for the link to this program.
        I was taken by Laybet/Laytrade and then by Inner Circle.
        Sad and angry and depressed. Looks like there is little point going to authorities given this story.
        Makes me feel dumb too and sad about there being such people in the world.
        Happy to join any action or do something if anyone has advice.

          1. Tony

            Hi I would like everyone to seek legal action,because everyone’s case will different.I have spoken with a company that’s Australia wide if everyone uses this company it will make it easy to make a class action after we all make our statements . Call this number
            The company’s QLD lawyers 1300 636 846 we all need to do this or the scumbags will get away with it, and it is the only chance of trying to recover some money .

            1. Sugi


              I have also been scammed by Inner Circles then C.A. took over my account and silly me I’ve got into another scam and transferred more funds to them since they wanted me to go into their corporate account. I have sent the details to the bank for investigation to recover my funds, however there are not many people made a direct complaint so it is difficult to make any recovery. One thing for sure that they have transferred the money I’ve sent overseas, hence untraceable. NAB made a contact with CBA and sure enough they don’t have the cash in their account any more.

              I have submitted details to ACORN (no reply as yet), QLD fair Trading – They are powerless and cannot handle this type because there are too many scammers in QLD so the QLD Office of Fair Trading will no do any thing about the issues. I don’t know why they exist in the first place, this Gov office shout be shut down as well as they’re a waste of Tax Payers money if they can’t protect the consumers.

              Then again if I take Class Action the Lawyers will make more money and the scammers still gets away. Wondering if this is a lost cause all together and give up chasing the criminals and another case where the law just benefits the criminals rather than honest working people.

              I will also try to contact the following person at the Fraud Squad

              Janelle Walsh at the Fraud and Cyber Crime Group (qld):

              QLD worst state for scams, from the looks of it.

              1. Tony

                I think we should have ACA , Today Tonight looks at this because they can open it up to the public and expose all these rotten scum bags , as I have said to you , Paul whatever comes out of Queensland is corrupt . The government does not care .

  6. Tony Lloyd

    I had a contract with inner circle strategies ,witch they would take 11% of my winnings every three months . My 10,000 was put In a company called deluxbet it was going ok $27,0000 in the account so I decided to try and take out $10,000 they told me it would take 5 days to process my money that was on Thursday 7th may
    On Monday 11th may I tried to go on deluxbet website and it had closed so I then tried to call inner circle strategies ,James who was looking after my account on his so called personal number but it had said it could not take anymore messages so then I tried to call the 1800 number but it rang out for the whole week .
    I also called some other mobile numbers but they also said message bank full.

    1. Paul

      Sorry to be the breaker of bad news Tony, but your $10,000 is gone. But I gather you already know that.

  7. Ray

    I also unfortunately also put money into the scam should have listened to my daughter the trial worked so I thought i’d put money into it I can no longer get any contact with Peter his phone just goes to message bank

  8. Michael

    Please post their address.

    i lost $$$$ and they have unfortunately messed with the wrong person.
    time to burn down their house of cards.

        1. Jim

          Betjack is another scam run by inner circle strategies.
          I didn’t know why they still take bets but don’t answer they phones.
          If it easier for you,I’ve got done for almost $15,000.00

            1. Tony Lloyd

              We need to take a class action against these scumbags because if we don’t they will keep going , sometimes I wonder if government really care , anything that comes out of Queensland , Gold Coast
              Is corrupt and has been like this for a long time now . So many people have burnt over this and who fukn cares . Not the QLD government .

              1. Paul

                We are all disappointed that we have lost money, but to blame a state or territory Govt for this is silly. We all make our own decisions and knew they were Qld based before we did this. There is no point now pointing the finger at someone else except the individuals that did this to us.

                For an example, this article below was a Vic scam, had nothing to do with Qld and was the biggest horse racing scandal on record, yes Victorian!


                1. steve

                  Hi admin i started out betjack then kelly from iner circle rang and gave me a one week free test to c how it would go “everythink went good so i put 5500 into the acc …then after a few weeks it was going good so i put 15000 into the acc ,, then andrew called and talked me into 10,000 with a return of 1,000 dollars a week .. and of couse that never happend,,I’d be very interested in any class action,,

                  1. Michael

                    Got sucked into Deluxbet, ended up putting in $10,000.00, web site closed down the following week….
                    Before putting in money I checked as much as I could the companies involved.
                    Details follow.

                    ASIC – ABN 13006 310891
                    Associated companies of Delux bet.
                    Inner Circle Strategies Unit Trust was set up on 17th Feb. 2015.
                    Dajara Pty Ltd 6 May 2000.

                    Money paid into a CBA account: BSB 064214 Account no. 10215253
                    Contact person ‘Corey’ mobile 0412 412 569

                    It is difficult to understand how these people get away with these white collar thefts/fraud with so much Government supervised registration of Companies and ABN numbers.
                    I would have thought that setting up companies and opening bank accounts would require 100 point Id checks that would allow them to be tracked down – unless it is not in the interest of the regulating bodies to do so. In which case, why have regulating bodies?
                    I have been away since May, now back. If anyone has advice on how to pursue this matter I would be pleased to hear from you.
                    Interestingly enough, I was cold-called by a female yesterday with exactly the same plan, even down to the trial period using their money but racing rather than football games.


    1. Sarah

      These guys deserve everything they get. Dajara Pty Ltd is the registered company behind Inner Circle Strategies (who are in bed with Voss, laybet professionals). I paid for ASIC company information and the director is down as ‘Alan Clive Durham’ – Unit 126, 12 Commodore Drive, Paradise Waters, QLD 4217. He could be just a foil though but anyone who is around the area, I recommend paying the address a friendly visit. Current registered address is suite 3, level 1 , 101 Ashmore Road Bundall. Principal place of business is level 54, 111 Eagle Street Brisbane QLD. ‘Anthony’ and ‘Jamie’ in particular need to learn a lesson.

      1. Ian

        Sarah good work, I was looking at ASIC yesterday, hope you have passed this info onto the Cyber crime police 0733646622 who are also looking into these issues also

  9. Nigel

    I did the trial account and all went well so I put $5000 into the account and it went to $6980 .
    Withdrew $200 and that came into our account . All looked good !!!!
    This week no phone calls have been returned by Jamie Moore or Ron Jackson and office.
    Delux Bet site is showing it is down.
    This group should be sued just a scam .
    These Australian people are the bottom of the lot. (sad to see Australian group scamming Australians)
    The company is Dajara pty ltd ABN 13006310890
    We as a group should sue this mob.

  10. william

    it looks like a scam ,do not let them talk you into a trial account .they are in it with the so called bookmaker bets are put up after the event has finished ,so it looks like a win. you will never see any money back just hang up on them ,if it sounds to good it is

  11. Robert

    I was Convinced to send $1000. last week, but have not been able to get onto to the Deluxbet site this
    week and they did not answer my call this morning

  12. LS

    I have also put in AUD5000 to Deluxbet after the trial accountof aud1000 put in by ICS.I was not able to verify the timing of the bet, all are 1.06 to 1.12 odds on bets on NBA, Tennis,etc. Paid them a visit Level 54 111 Eagle st Brisbane( service office) to meet up with a guy call David, same thing, they just push for more money and saying that I can test that Deluxbet is real by putting in a bet myself and also withdraw money from the account. I couldnot log in to deluxbet now and will ring them to follow up. It doesnot look good at all.

    1. admin Post author

      Interesting..the reception staff at level 54, 111 Eagle St had never heard of ICS when we visited.

  13. John

    ICS so called international sports plus software is a scam. I just lost AUD 32000. The software doesn’t work as they promise in the contract and as claimed by the salespersons. It’s just pure gambling. They are scammers’. I think they should be reported to ACCC or be sued in court.

  14. David

    Thanks for the reviews.I’ve been contacted twice by ICS by two different reps. Will be giving them a wide berth. Thanks for the info.

  15. Paul

    Betjack is another one who dont pay out winnings based in same area . Put your money in knowing this, is just a little like waving raw meat in front of a hungry lion you are going to get bitten .

    I have had 2 people ring me now offering a free trial with inner-circle strategies and tell me 2 different things .
    One lie being they are Australian based deluxbet is offshore .

    I don’t know what the scam is yet but i suspect when the trial is over the bets start losing or your account gets stopped and you cant get your money.

    The next 6 months or so we will start hearing the stories of the victims

    1. Joanne

      I have been trying to get my dividends from Betjack for 6 months now, nothing. I also was stupid enough to give all my money to Chaterhurst on the strategy of making a few dollars, don’t think so. Anthony Bourke us very persuasive but I am not alone. Danny Rollins is another one to watch from Voss Capital management. All connected.

      1. Gordon

        BEWARE of this Danny Rollins he was a senior player with LayBet Professionals and was just as bad as the rest. I was able to contact a so called independent person via LayBet Professionals who was contactable for about 12 months but now seems to have disappeared. Only yesterday I received a phone call from a female, Sam, to demonstrate the Elite Trading Program. I have one of these programs and I have been able to make it work. The process she explained to me will never, never work. If you have one of these programs please contact me and I will explain how I have faired.

        1. Ian

          What trading platform are in, FXglobal etc, I also got stung with ICS, they closed down 2 days after I threatened them with lawyers

          1. Gordon

            Sorry Ian I did not see this post until today. I know it is a long time . I am using the Elite Trader Platform program and it is working for me OK. If you want to discuss my system contact me on 0412886042 and I will gladly discuss my success with you.

            1. Ian

              Hi Gordon
              Thanks for reply, tried to call today but did not leave a message, I am also getting there with FX, another month will tell the difference,

        2. Paul

          I have the Lay Trading software…how are you making it work Gordon?
          What’s your email so we can discuss?

            1. Gordon

              For those out there that are running a lay trading program and I know there are many if you want to know how I am fairing with the system that I am having some success, contact me. I have used the Ultimate Lay Trader, and just upgraded to the Elite Trading Platform.

              Sure these programs can be classed as a scam but you can make them work to your advantage if your not too greedy.

            1. Wayne

              Hi Gordon,

              I have been approached by Charterhurst Agencies trying to sell me the Elite Trading Program for $15,000. Pay $3,500 upfront, balance from profits. Does this program actually worked and can it be “pulled”, “stopped”, or closed down by Charterhurst. Does your program belong to you which no-one can interfere with. I would be interetsed in your comments. Please email me at


  16. Ross

    I received a message from Aussie Scam Alert with contact details for ICS, so called them. I left a message, expecting that I wouldn’t be contacted, but within minutes, Jamie called and advised that Peter had been terminated, and apologized for his conduct.

    1. Frank


      That’s the second person that Jamie has now terminated.
      A Steve Leeson has also apparently been sacked for giving out wrong information.
      I wonder if it the same person or if not their going to run out of sales people.

      1. Ross

        He/they could well be the same person. The fact that they operate the way they do indicates that they are prepared to operate ‘on the edge’, and be a little elastic with the facts, and norms of operating a legitimate business…..who knows??

      2. Sarah

        Jamie is as bad as the lot of them. Do not trust ICS. I have lost over $40k through them. Jamie, Ronnie and Anthony are all a part of it (even if they say that Anthony no longer works there – he does!) I have a physical address for the in Brisbane if anyone was interested in paying them a visit…

    2. paul

      Rubbish. Peter has not been sacked at all in fact he called me last week trying to scam more money out of me. I’ve since found out they are based on the Gold Coast and someone who worked in there call centre is going to supply us with there new address when she gets it. She expects to have it for us by the end of the week. They moved 50m down the road.

  17. Ross

    Further to my post re ICS, I am unable to find any contact for them to let them know that their representative is abusive. I guess that says it all.

    What intrigues me though is that people would actually send money to an entity, or perhaps a non entity, a caller on the ‘phone, no website, no contacts???

  18. Ross

    I just had a call from Peter at ICS to follow up the trial account that ran for a week until 23rd.

    I told him I found it interesting though I hadn’t actually checked whether the bets were real and placed before the event, but I wouldn’t be a starter.

    He called me a f****** cockhead and hung up!

    That’s how they operate, and I wouldn’t touch them with somebody else’s money.

    1. Jim

      I’ve checked too with betjack, they told me it’s my account and I am only one who can access the account.
      They’ve all gone,including my $15.000.00


    INNER CIRCLE STRATEGIES His name is Anthony (probablly an alias) A professional predator who uses fear to manipulate and control. Remember that is his job, a professional
    Fear of not knowing what to do, where to go for help, but when the threats strarted to come the fear escalates twofold. Mentally he has crushed you. Our life savings (both in our 60’s) gone and he has no intention of putting it where it was supposed to go, unless we paid him more. Why you may ask, why Keep paying. Logic goes, fear is instilled, your mental state is fragile, you are not lucid and you just want it all to end. Going down this dark path is a journey that can pull you into the pit of ending it all, but don’t give Anthony this last piece of you. I believe in 3 things HEALTH, JOB & FAMILY keep these 3 things strong. If 1 is affected and not fixed it will affect another, but when all 3 become affected it will pull into the pit of ending it all. BE STRONG

    1. Frank

      Could A Worsley give any more details about what happened to him with Inner Circle Strategies.
      Also if he could provide the names of any other people he may have spoken to from ICS.

      1. paul

        inner circle strategies . I was talking to one of the sales reps and asked why doesnt the bookmaker close down the accounts if they continually make a profit . I have had bookies close my accounts after having 5 wins .

        He said that the bookie got kickbacks from ics and took part of the commisions and the odds were higher . That still doesn’t put the bookie in profit and he didn’t really know how to answer that .

        So making a commission makes sense for them but the bookie holding profitable accounts for i assume hundreds of people doesnt make any sense at all .

        Deluxbet is only 9 or 10 months old is not Australian based i suspect if you put your money in their account you will never see it again.

        Smells like a con job ,looks like a con doesnt make sense its a con

        1. admin Post author

          I agree. It doesn’t make sense for the bookmaker to be able to hold ‘so many’ winning accounts. More likely they are not winning.
          Yes, Deluxbet come from that region where there has been much trouble with bookies such as thelayexchange, bestpricebets,247bets, etc. There is no recourse if things go pear shaped.

      2. Sarah

        ‘Anthony Thiele’ is the most evil and manipulative human I have ever encountered. Even when he has taken tens of thousands of dollars, he doesn’t stop ringing and trying to extort more. I hope people google Inner Circle Strategies, Charterhurst and Voss and find these posts before they start losing their hard-earned money. There were a few honest people that worked for Inner Circle Strategies when it popped up back in September 2014 that had come over from ‘Voss’ who I understand were bought out by ICS. Since around December though any honest ones figured out what was happening and left. Now it is only full of crooks.

        1. IAN

          I agree with all the comments above, I phoned up and also got the run around and requested my account to be shut down and money refunded, i was passed from Peter to Jamie and then some one else. I have send email with threatening I will set my lawyer on them. the account is still trading now for a week later slowly rising by $30 a bet, I still have $1800 in the system

      3. Gordon

        Hi there,
        I also have been scammed by ICS and the person I was having manage my so called account was Peter Sanford. I also have had the misfortune of loosing my initial sum of $5000.00 with winnings of $2300.00. Just disappeared over a weekend two weeks ago.
        A note on Laybet Professionals, there Elite Trading Platform program does work successfully if you are sure and prudent with the programs features.


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