Kensigton Trade

Kensigton Trade , ,

looks like a new version of Grainger Trust / Bachmann Group etc , where they entice you to open a betting account for just $200, to just try them out…

Then the scenario is that your account will miracuously grow and before you know it you have tens of thousands of dolars in there. When you come to try to take it out they will ask for ‘release fees’ of thousands of dollars. This is where they make their money..endless release fees and ‘taxes’ that you pay and you never see that money or your ficticious betting account money again.

Their linked betting platform ( their ‘preferred’ bookmaker) is

Stay away.

4 thoughts on “Kensigton Trade

  1. darren johanson

    l am really getting sick and tried of people who do not understand something and think it does not work with out asking questions. People who think they can get by just by working have another thing coming. I have been rip off more times from investment companies in Australia than anywhere else

  2. David McCutcheon

    I have been done by kensigton trade and dollarbet the account grew from $200 to $640 on live bets .then they made a $10000 bet they put in the balance through credit from the bookmaker the bet won leaving $52500 dollars in the account they said they would match me dollar for dollar so I paid them $4600 usd when it came time to collect profit ,they said I would have to pay the other $4600 before I could take some profit I think this is a scam so I’am not send them any more money the bookmaker is in panama and kensigton trade is in luxemburg

    1. David

      I was also done by these cheats and liars .my account grew from $200 to $161000 they wanted me to pay them

      I lost $25000 because of there lies .I paid them the money that they said that was credit off the bookmaker

      I lost $25000 because of kensigton trade and dollarbet lies the account came to $161000 I paid them $9000 then they said because the account grew to over $100,000 that I would have to pay insurance which I did .but because they said they opened another account in my name I would have to pay them another $5000 .then I knew that they were scamming me .they even tell lies about being on a satellite phone .this could not be because there is not a time delay .it would have to be 1 second because of the satellite being so far out in space .


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