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Update 02/11/16: Two men have been arrested and charged with fraud and money laundering. It is alleged that they were two of the principals behind Keystone.

Police are still wishing to speak to any victims. If you’ve been affected by Keystone please get in contact with the police taskforce, Operation North Guitar at:


Classic hustler spin by the sales reps here…

‘ We don’t normally talk to the public / don’t just bring anyone onboard’

‘It’s not a get rich quick scheme’ (even though the claimed returns are 4-7% per week. That’s around 250% per annum!))

‘We’re a Government regulated company’ (by ASIC, like every other business, good and bad)

They have ‘a lot of clients: smart investors / quality clients’ who want ‘multiple income streams’ who want to ‘pay off their mortgage and help their families’.

‘Most business is through referrals’ because of course everyone is so pleased with how they are going.

‘It’s a win:win’ (not sure who the second win is for).

But better be quick because they are 95% full. And while you’re signing up, why not take the Platinum package that most clients opt for (only $39,999 )

They say they are leaders in their field and have been around for 14 years even though the company has only been registered since 2012.

Its index / binary options trading. They manage the trades for you , even though they don’t have a licence for Managed discretionary Accounts (MDA). The broker they push is In2Markets, located in Coast Rica.

We’d be highly sceptical that this company can consistently produce the returns it talks about.


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    1. admin Post author

      We believe the Qld police arrested a few people involved in this. Must be before the courts..haven’t heard anything.
      Afraid it’s unlikely you will see your funds again, unless they have seized and good deal of property.

  1. katie-scammed:(

    hi gordon trinder,

    i have too been ripped off and i suspect its the same person you are talking about. he had an english accent and then no longer worked there anymore.

    how did you find out those details, and do you have any other details on any other employee there? or perhaps other contact details


    1. Gordon Trinder

      Hi Katie
      Sorry its taken so long to reply. I havent recently been checking this website. I can provide you with more detailed information about this guy but would prefer not to publish the information directly on this site but would like to go via admin.
      Gordon Trinder

    2. Chris

      Got ’em!! The treasurer of Finks MC was arrested and charged today on the Gold Coast (Scum Central) for fraud, among other things relating to Keystone and Prestige capital.
      Well done task force Maxima.

  2. patcanuck

    Big News for victims of In2Markets and Income Connect Australia!!
    Finally a police officer (Scott Moon CIU Rockhampton) is asking for info and reports from victims of these guys! He has found out their real names and where they are (want to bet it’s on the God Coast) but believes there are only a few people who have been scammed and very little money involved.
    What he needs is a formal statement which he will follow up and get in touch with those who are prepared to go to that trouble. He is firmly convinced that if he finds out the scam was large enough these guys are going to jail.
    Might be the first bit of good news any of us have had for a very long time!
    Go for it.

    1. Gordon Kirk

      Hi to anyone interested in catching Income connect or In2markets individuals. Can someone get back to me as I would like attempt to get my money back. Is anyone else interested in per suing this?
      Thanks Gordon.

      1. Chris Willmott

        Hi Gordon,
        I have tried to contact Scott previously, he was on leave. Left details for him to return my contact via phone or email, received nothing. Not saying anything bad about him, I’m guessing his work load and investigation focus was “altered” by higher ups. After all, he is in a regional command area. I have a formal statement with the Cyber Crime group in Roma Street, regarding I2M amd Prescap, I’ve heard nothing about results, just what’s on the news. I have made a formal submission to the ongoing Royal Commission. Still betting I’ll never see any of my money

  3. Mario

    I started trading in July 15 with 3 accounts of 10000 each. All trading until 15 March 2016. Than noticed nothing was happening on the accounts. Tried to contact in2markets. Well no one could be contacted, all phone numbers I had are not working, the person who calls himself Alex Lombardi ph 0431001742 can’t be contacted,other ph numbers I have are of Cory White 0412412569. And Keystone 1300453978. My total investment is $80000. Not happy at the moment with these low life’s hope we get them in jail. They are using a commonwealth bank acc.

    1. jason

      It’s amazing how these guys can have such open lines of communication to initiate the scam and then close it down to nothing so efficiently.
      I hate hearing these stories once people have been bitten, just once I would like someone to get the authorities involved while the scammers are still on the line.
      I had open communication for 5 days while they were trying to get me on the hook.
      If only I woke up earlier maybe we could have had traces on the calls, and some sort of sting set up.
      I don’t understand how this can continue when they have a legitimate bank account that should lead straight to them.
      I tried to get my money back via the ANZ but had no luck (only a small amount in comparison to some).

      1. admin Post author

        Believe us, we have tried to get the authorities interested while they are operating!

        Keep pressing the bank..make sure they are really trying.
        And start a QCAT (or your State’s equivalent) case. The more actions you take the better for your case.

    2. Chris

      Been there, done that Mario, IMMEDIATELY lodge an online report through ACORN, then contact either the Qld Police cyber crime unit, or the equivalent in your state. Believe me, they do act on all reports. Keep ALL records you have on phone, internet or any other communication and documented evidence of funds transfers to them.

    3. Pat Canuck

      I just did a quick Google using his name and Rockhampton CIU to ensure this is a legitimate name. Turns out it certain is and his full title is DETECTIVE SENIOR SERGEANT SCOTT MOON. I’d simply look up the phone number for Rockhampton police station and give them a call asking for him or how to contact him (could perhaps add it is to give a statement in a financial fraud case he is investigating).

  4. patcanuck

    I’m at the stage that I don’t think it matters what action you try to take, nothing is going to happen and the money is never going to be recovered. It clearly is a fraud, a scam, but all that legal proceedings will accomplish is getting them in court (if you are very very lucky) and prosecuted for it but it still won’t get your money back. So you lose your initial investment plus the money you spend on legal fees.
    I went into a police station in Victoria to report financial fraud and was told they don’t deal with that and was directed to a web site (like this) where such frauds are reported. Turned out that site had been completely hacked and was full of pornography. So much for the police/legal route.

    1. Chris

      Yes, we probably won’t get our money back, but we can try to make a difference to legislation so it’s harder or near impossible for these scumbags to set up shop in the first place in Australia. If VicPol won’t help you, report to the ACORN website, as you are in Victoria, this will be referred to the feds as it’s crossed state borders. Trust me, Qld Police fraud squad are doing everything they can to nail these pricks and their associates. I just want my day in court to face the slime.

  5. Jason

    Thank god I had seen this website before throwing my money at these guys.

    They got $1000 out of me as a deposit, but that’s as far as it got.
    Funny how I was getting 5-10 phone calls a day from these guys until they got my money.
    And now, nothing! The only numbers I have are 1300453978 and 0431001742.
    The mobile is a valid number but the guy who calls himself Alex just doesn’t answer it any more.
    I’ve put in a dispute claim to try and get the deposit back through the bank, but I haven’t heard anything back yet.

    Should I be notifying anyone else in regards to this? Local police maybe?

    1. admin Post author

      Persist with your bank.
      Report to ASIC, ACCC/Scamwatch and Fair Trading Qld. They are likely to not do anything but document all of these dealings so that it can be shown when they do not act.
      Report to your local police station so that they can report it to the fraud squad. Follow up with the FCCG (Fraud and Cyber Crime Group) Qld to see if your report got through.
      Also report to ACORN.
      Please document everything.
      Also make reports on any other forum or review site that you can.

    2. gordon trinder

      I have it on good authority that one of their ‘sales ‘ staff has recently headed off to Harlow in Essex, UK . Prior to working for this crowd this unscrupulous individual was working for another high profile Gold Coast boiler room ( TRP, GT Alliance, GT Australia etc ) which is under investigation from the Queensland Police Fraud Squad. I think you would be well advised to report this to the Fraud Squad who are based in Roma St, Brisbane. Names of officers you can report to are Acting Detective Sergeant Melinda Kleidon or Detective Constable Selena Huf.

      1. Chris

        Good news folks, Selena Huf and her colleaugues have contacted me after my ACORN report, I am having a face to face sit down with one of them this weekend re my dealings with Prestige Capital and the whole in2markets thing. I have ALL the emails, paperwork and a couple of pages of phone records already submitted in my ACORN report, just to make sure they have everything. Selena did say Prestige Capital is one of the “companies” currently under investigation. Thank God for bank transaction records and the associated legislation. These scumbags are traceable!

  6. Chris

    I think we need to somehow work out who or what this “in2markets” setup is, because they all seem to be using it. Some kind of scammers pool?

    1. admin Post author

      here’s a long shot:
      in2markets is run by Sentinell Business Corporation in Costa Rica.
      Last year, there was a group of scams that ended up with Sentry Business Corporation in Costa Rica (supposedly). That scam is still being investigated by authorities but arrests have been made.
      Was Sentry set up by Australians, and did they also set up Sentinell ??

      1. Chris

        Too close to be coincidence, the name I mean. These scammers seem to all favour using names that are similar. My episode is in the hands of Qld police, so any further info I can provide them, will be helpful, I’m sure.

        1. admin Post author

          I think task force Lima Violin is the branch of the Qld Fraud Squad that is handling the other scam investigation.

      1. Chris

        Report your experience to Qld Police Fraud Squad, at the moment they have a case load of over 1,400 so we aren’t the only ones. But the more ammo they have, the more they can do when it comes to arrests and prosecutions. I was called by a man named “Alan” allegedly from in2markets offering me the chance to buy other accounts people were trying to sell out of. Talk about more front than Myers!

        1. Mario

          HI Chris. You seem to be on the right track. Have you found the forum for Keystone on Webpress, ConsumerReviewsAustralia? Lots of people on there. One message in particular was interesting maybe you could pass on to your Detectives:
          April 6, 2016 at 2:22 pm
          PLEASE READ
          PLEASE READ
          PLEASE READ.

          Hey guys I have been watching this forum with interest and sadness for all of you who have lost money. I know the director of this company PERSONALLY and have actually known him quite well for going on four years. I have all his information including names allies and photos. Everything. I have added my email to the bottom of this post and any body that decides to email me and wants to lift the curtain on this creep I will respond back with the relevant information. But be aware you may be in for a flight when you see the person you gave your money too. Seeing him in person is a lot diffrent to hearing his voice. AND BEFORE YOU ASK, yes he knew exactly what he was doing its not his first time

          ANYWAY, dont know whether its legit or not. No one has mentioned anything more about it. Last message on line was in April this year.

  7. Gordon Trinder

    One of their sales staff is a person called A***** B****. He is also known as A***** K*** B****. He is a person of interest to the Queensland Fraud Squad and previously worked in the GTA/GT Australia/TRP scam.
    Keystone is obviously under scrutiny and is a classic boiler room scam. Dont get involved in it.

  8. patcanuck

    I find it hard to believe that Anthony is not an employee or owner of In2Markets. They are impossible to contact and trying to get money out of them from accounts which have reached the correct turnover is a fruitless pursuit. Never seen any company which is holding other people’s money so bad with their customer relations or contactability.
    Looks like this is on that is going to the Fraud Squad.

  9. Gordon

    In mid August 2015 the TRP scam shut up shop overnight to avoid being caught up with the well publicised Queensland Police Fraud Squad Irish Boys arrests on the Gold Coast. At least one former boiler room employee with the TRP scam has gone across to Keystone Financial which should be avoided like the plague. It is just another scam company. These organisations breed like amoeba up there in Surfers Paradise.

  10. Chris

    So why are they cold calling me and using the same “deposit fund” as Prestige Capital?? Try getting your money out of your in2markets account…… let me know what you think then

  11. Chris

    No doubt the same wonderful people as at “prestige Capital”. They use in2markets as well and same b/s sales pitch

    1. Anthony

      I know that this company has a great success rate. Works diligently with your money and uses safe parameters. Recommend them completely. There return is guaranteed. All legal and above board. This company looks after their clients very well.

      1. patcanuck

        I’d bet a LOT of money that Anthony is somehow connected with In2Markets and/or Income Connect Australia. His claims are ludicrous and completely misleading. They have the worst customer service I’ve ever come across; especially since they are dealing with other people’s money. If at any stage they started to reply to repeated phone calls, emails and web site contact (as they promise to do) then I’d be more than happy to recommend them since three of us have over $200,000 sitting in In2Market accounts which we cannot access and cannot make withdrawals from despite having more than met the required turnover amount.

        1. Scammed1

          Looks like I’ve been burnt by these scum-bags too.
          Feel so asinine & gullible, been saving this money for years.
          Allegedly over 80K in the In2markets account ~3/4 of it my own money, already turned it over several times, can’t withdraw a cent.

          Patcanuck what’s a good way to contact you?
          We need to start some kind of group action to get these guys.

      2. Fanta

        Let me guess, you must be part of this dodgy outfit ! Have you tried getting hold of them or getting your investment back ?

        They have been reported to Qld Fraud and Crime .


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