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All victims are now asked to contact QLD Fraud Group and file a fraud report:

Case Assessment Unit 

Fraud and Cyber Crime Group                                                                                                                  Queensland Police Service                                                                                                                      200 Roma St, Brisbane, Qld, 4000 Ph 07 3364 6622

Please complete the fraud report form and attach all relevant documentation and send it to the above mailing address.  When attaching documentation, please do not send any originals.
The Qld Fraud Report form can be found at the link below
Victorian victims can also contact:
Nicholas FRANGOS
Detective Senior Constable 31528
Fraud and Extortion Squad Victoria Police
( (03) 9611 8504 Ê (03) 9611 8558
Level 5/452 Flinders Street, Melbourne Victoria 3000
nicholas.frangos@police.vic.gov.au / 210007

NSW victims pleaase email Sergeant John Moffitt of NSW police at 25250@police.nsw.gov.au

The more victims that report the better

Collect all information, records and documentation you have of your dealings with KLAdvanced, Krajewski Lambe, Univetsal Tab, CMV Trading, SportingEx.

.Now 38 victims have contacted aussiescamalert with over $950,000 claimed to have gone, pretty much all on the 27th of December. If you are also a victim, take the above actions and also fill in a comment or email to stay informed.

Update 27/12/13: I see KL Advanced are now listed on the ASIC site as being under ‘external administration’.  Also, three people have now come forward claiming to have lost substantial sums of money with them just in the last few days. It seems money has been drained from their accounts.

They have also traded as CMV Trading and Smart Street Marketing Pty Ltd. Also associated with sportingex.com….no address, only a phone numebr to show.

Update 12/10/13. KL Advanced have now removed the images that I present in this post…and also their ABN too for some reason. (?) I do have ample Proof of the images and webpages they had up so I will leave the post as is, to show what they had been doing. I alerted ASIC, Consumer Affairs Queensland and the ACCC about their activities. Only the ACCC showed any interest yet were happy to leave it as KL had already changed their website. Seems you can be a company and be deceptive and misleading and you won’t even get a slap on the wrist. It’s suprising that this sort of activity does not ring alarm bells with our ‘watchdogs’ and spark investigations.

Update 6/10/13 Gotcha!!

I just came across this one today after hearing it mentioned by one of our members, who has apparently been hounded by them on the phone.

Krajewski Lambe Advanced Strategies, or KL Advamced Strategies.

They offer automated trading , on horse racing mostly it seems, laying horses to lose.

Their results show roughly 20 to 30% per month profits (for 2012).

Packages start at $9,900 , moving up to $29,900 and $49,900. All for three year licences and allowing you to have larger betting / investing banks.

They say that $1000 can be turned into $24,000 in just twelve months through simple compounding.

Trading/betting is done through a third party : UniversalTab, who are meant to be able to distribute bets through a number of other bookmakers so investors can get set for very large bets. KL Advanced Strategies do all the betting for you, according to your licence level, automatically.

Well, that’s all they claim happens anyway..

Now we’ll take a closer look.

I researched the third party, UniversalTab a bit. They claim that they are regulated by A.I.T.C (Advanced International Trading Corporation). I haven’t been able to find any reference to A.I.T.C on the search engines, yet if they were a big international regulator, you would think they would come up quite easily.

UniversalTab don’t answer the phone, and the website was established only in May this year.

KLadvancedstrategies.com was only created in November last year.

Update 6/10/13: Strangest thing is that the photos of both their directors, one of whom is now deceased, both appear via Google’s image search as other people, or doing something else…go figure! See the picture they have on their website of their directors..



So the first guy, who they claim is Joseph Krajewski, in fact is Jean-Noel Felli! Check google..it’s full of images of JNF, not Krajewski!


As for Vincent….the same picture appears on this website….


Of course they offer a trial. Invest $1000 into Universal Tab and see how they go. The trial may or may not go well. Is it just a numbers game for them?

For me, there’s not enough hard evidence behind them, and some big question marks, to convince me to part with any money.

Oh, but hey, read the testimonials! They are very consistent in theme…’weren’t convinced at first, had been burnt before, now happy, ready for retirement, even some friends have joined as well !

yeah, right..

please note: many other comments are on the posting for Krajewski Lambe Advanced Strategies on the main page

5 thoughts on “KL Advanced

  1. rlamandrews

    I have received another email today from James Billings from Racing Analysts offering their new 2014 roll over system and news. It speaks of Sentry Gaming and seems to be another twisted invitation to scam more money. Has anyone received the same?

  2. rlamandrews

    Just wondering what’s happening with this investigation. I have sent my details and report to the QLD fraud squad but have heard nothing in return. Everything seems to have gone quiet! Has anyone had any contact from them?

  3. Kevin

    I also have beeb caught out, a loss of $20k, i am going to contact QLD police fraud squad is anyone else looking into other ways of finding out what has happened here?

  4. Craig

    Hi I too have been a victim of Emily & John who are very good at gaining your confidence with all the right answers. I rang when I saw the post about the incorrect photos of the so called directors & the penny still didn’t drop. Emily rang me in mid November trying to convince me to increase my betting bank, glad I declined , so much for the money back guarantee its bye bye $11000. Craig


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