Laybet professionals

**Also running under the name LayTrade Professionals and using software called  Ultimate Lay Trader. Also Laybet Traders.

* 21/04/2014 They may have morphed into, or set up a subsidiary as Universal Trading Solutions. Be very wary!

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This is one of the shadiest operations around.  /  /    Naturally, they’re based on the Gold Coast.  Update: I see now they also come up on


Always be wary when you see people without a care in the world..!

They offer to supply you with a program that runs on the betting exchange Betfair, and on autopilot will bring you in profits all day, every day up to 30% a day. All for the measly sum of $15,000 for the Australian licence, or $25,000 to include the UK as well.

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  1. Brenton

    Can anyone tell me who the lawyer is that’s conducting the alleged class action against
    charterhurst agencies please ?
    Apparently its a lawyer in Sydney somewhere.

    1. Ann

      We also have tried fair trading they don’t want to know .qcat only deal in small sums of money under 25k. ASIC just give them an ABN number. The only place I can suggest is the fraud squad

  2. bevan

    They are using C.A. now look like same web page, fair trading do not care or the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation person signing ppl up is Danny Rollins 0406541481 and a Julia Lee 0422705324 took us for 20k

    1. Dan

      They are using C.A. now look like same web page, fair trading do not care or the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation person signing ppl up is Danny Rollins 0406541481 and a Julia Lee 0422705324 took us for 20k

  3. G

    I to have been scammed by these scum to the tune of 46K. Johnny Thiel is now saying that I need to purchase another program to be able to access and control all my winnings and to be able to access my money so I can do what I want with it. The asking price is 10K. I will pretend for a while to see how low he will go with the offer after talking to his manager “Magic”Morgan got upset with me on the phone one day and called me a “retarded peanut” because I would not part with 20K for him to be my personal broker. I would love to be able to get some of , if not all of the money these thieves have conned me for

    1. Ann

      My husband and I have also been done by these
      Is there a class action in progress
      If so I’m in
      Please help

  4. Yuri

    thanks for all the info on this so called website, someone called tony rang me yesterday, spinning me the same yarn I have read on here that was said to other people, a demonstrator was ringing me this afternoon, and tony would be there too, so cant wait to tell them where to shove it!

  5. RUSS


  6. Ben

    Hi Guys,

    They are running another scam, this time they are working together with an international bookie from Vanuatu – BetJACK

    You’d be amazed at how well connected they are. This is how they do it: They’ll start with their normal sales pitch, tell you that your account will be managed by a “professional” trader – get high return BS etc…, Pretty much the same like what they’ve done with Laybet Professional – manage your account.

    However, this time, they are so “confident” that the system will work that they’ll match you a dollar for dollar for every dollar that you deposit to their bank account (which they claimed it’ll be transferred to the BetJack account once they received the fund). Sounds good right?? To go even further to gain your trust, they’ll deposit money to your BetJack account first! As a result, you’ll be able to see the money they deposited in the BetJack account before you transfer money (provides a false sense of security).

    I have been conned by Laybet Professional before (and they f**king have the nerve to contact me again!) and lost close to $45K, so this time, I decided to play along with them – just to see what they are up to.

    I did not deposit any fund to Laybet Professional’s bank account, and I simply told them that I wasn’t feeling too comfortable with the overseas bookie and I’ll do what I can do recoup the fund for them – from the BetJack account (I assumed I was the only person who can have access to the money! – clearly not).

    Next thing, the sales person send me a text said, we’ll get our money back and close your BetJack Account?? Really??! They can do that??! How come I am not F**King surprised??

    So there you go, if you deposit your money into their bank account, their associate (BetJack) can assist them at ANYTIME – take YOUR money away. And you know the true beauty of this scam?? You wont even know you are being scammed and this is why:

    They’ll do all the legitimate thing, they’ll really match you a dollar for a dollar and transfer your money to the “BetJack” account and have it managed by their own “professional” traders. By the time you know it, you’ll slowly losing all your money!! – from them placing “random” bets for you – this is how they get the money back!!! From BetJack!!!! (For some of you, you may get lucky and win some money and they’ll sell you more S**T) But when you start losing and ask to withdraw your money, BetJack for “some reasons” just won’t do it, and you can’t even change the password to stop them!!! By the time you know it’s a SCAM, it’s F**King too late!

    Guys, someone really need to setup some sort of enterprise that can fight these Con Artists, they are ruining people’s life and needs to be stopped!

    1. Admin

      I think we should look at this more closely. Certainly, anything to do with Laybet Professionals is dodgy. Betjack operate legitimately as far as I have experienced. They may be innocent.

  7. Mark

    I too have been scammed by Laybet Professionals! I was contacted by a man named Gary Hall who fleeced me of $15,000 I was later contacted by a character named Caroline who fleeced me for a further $15,000! I did not see one cent return and was PROMISED 20% return! Shame on me for dealing with these disgusting human beings. What action can be taken to get these scammers out of business?
    I was also contacted by a man called Shane Thomas… Most un-educated, arrogant person I’ve ever spoken to! Not bright at all… Doesn’t know a thing about Laybetting.

  8. Rob

    I received a call yesterday from a marketer from LayTradeCentre and told me how easy it was to make between $100 to $300 a day, I was very interested, i asked why doesn’t she and and her co-workers own this program? she told me that her and everyone that works for this company bought the program and they use it and make money, then she told me some one was going to call me and explain and show me how their program works.
    I was curious, so I googled them and I came across this site. this morning another person called, she had no idea what the marketer had mentioned that they all own the program, I told her that I had googled laytrade and told her about about aussiescamers, she mentioned that aussiescamers were false and their case had been in court for one year trying to take the site down.
    now this “manager” told me that the marketers join a syndicate and its illegal to own the program, illegal? mmmmmm
    so, after few question, she got disturbed and hung up on me.
    I called back and she never picked up,

    (down load TRUE CALLER ID) for your smart phone, this app shows the name of the company that you’re receiving the calls from. and you can block and report a number as a spam.

  9. LMS

    I recently submitted my details to Home Business Finder and have been contacted by a variety of people with potential business opportunities. Today I spoke to a guy called Mark Spencer from Ultimate Laytraders (or should that read ‘Layraiders?’.)

    He said the software was brought into Australia by Kerry Packer just before he died. I just received the so called contract but have no intention of following through with this. Good luck to everyone involved in the class action, and thank you for taking the time to alert well meaning people to blatant and potential internet scams.

    1. Martin Thompson

      Don’t touch this one with a ten foot pole, I have been caught by LTS, and these guys must be connected somehow, I have been wasting a smooth talking salesman by the Name of Peter’s time and phone calls for about 6 months, amazingly he has used the same number the whole time, have chewed him down from 25k to 3k, ( don’t you love a bargain ) might see if I can knock another couple of him, it is his phone calls. Seriously though Guys, If you have some cash you need to get rid of, shout yourself a nice holiday somewhere, I promise you will get much more enjoyment out of your hard earned $$ that way.

  10. Ante

    After parting away with my hard earned $50k to that scum John ‘magic’ Morgan as he calls himself no laptop has been delivered and no profits seen in my bank account. I’d like further info on class action , civil case or the previous gentlements response in tearing this contract apart or best ways to recover my money.

  11. Rodger

    They have contacted me many times trying to convince me to invest in their software started out at $25,000.00 last year for the package which included a new laptop computer, i didn’t like the sales tactics so i put then off several times until the just gave up.

    Now they are offering me a new package that does the UK as well it will return me 10% to 14% per week on “my betfair account balance” COMPOUNDING WOW!!! how could i refuse that. it will only cost me $100,000.00 they will manage the account for me so i will have nothing to do except watch my account double approx every 5 to 6 weeks and double again and again and again apparently for the whole 3 years of the contract.

    so starting with $20,000.00 by the end of year one with the account compounding on their best predicted result 14% i will end up with over $18,000,000.00 or if their worst predicted result 10% more than $2,800,000.00

    WHAT A FANTASTIC RESULT and all they want me to do now is part with a mere $1000,000.00 upfront of course and they will turn me into a millionaire, dam i must look like the “mark” of the year but what an offer how could one refuse such a tempting proposition.

    how about NO for starters, if it sounds to good to be true it most likely is to good to be true

    be wary fellow Australians be very wary of anything that promises such huge returns on such a small investment because if it was that good then everyone would be doing it and we would all be millionaires

  12. Marc

    I have had similar problems the the ones described above.
    At one stage was hassled by a John Morgan, probably the most obnoxious person that I have spoken to.
    What is the best procedure to try to recover monies?
    Also how can I help put these people out of business?

      1. Karen

        I too have been scammed by C.A. (The initial phone call was from Lay Bet). What an idiot i feel like! $65 000.00 and they still want another $5 000 before they can start trading. The initial salesman was Peter, he was such a smooth talker, I can’t believe I fell for it. The initial investment was $10 000 for the laptop and the software. Laptop arrived with a program icon installed called ‘Elite Trader’. A login was needed so after a phone call to Peter I received a call from Jordan, who informed me that with the upgrade to ‘Corporate trading’ we could start trading and start making around $1 500 A week. So, he said, this is why he had deactivated the initial software so it could be upgraded. I should have realised that something was not right then. So another $40 000, then he wanted another $20 000. I am $5000 short in the last payment, so he still has not/will not activate the software till this is paid, AND CHARGE ME INTEREST!! I have reported it to the Police and they will do what they can but said it may end up a Civil matter. Any advice???

        1. David

          Like me you must lodge a civil claim through QCAT for refund of money “stolen”.
          Will take 6 months at least and in my case I have not yet had a court “hearing” after 5 months.
          Ring QCAT and start the process. Will cost you abt $300.
          Qld Police are investigating these criminals but that will take a long time.
          They are wanting personal accounts. I can give you their contact.

  13. Prisca

    I have been scam by Laybet Professional, I would like to know what actions should be taken about the scam.

    Thanks Prisca

      1. steve

        I too have been scammed by Laybet Professionals
        I deposited $11,000 into their account and have not received anything for my money.
        I was under the impression I would receive a top of the line laptop with trading software within two days but have not yet had it delivered after 8 days. The cooling off period is 10 days from contract.
        I have sent a cancellation and refund request via email

  14. Richard

    Just a quick not RE: screenshots.

    I make websites for a living and use a Firefox extension called ‘Fire Bug’ everyday. This plugin allows you to edit the contents of any website in real time.

    This means for example I could turn -$500 into $5,000 in a manner of seconds and there would be no visible way to identify it as fake.

    Bottom line: Never trust a screenshot as they are easily falsified.

  15. ICanReadEnglish

    Laybet is a complete scam. I have never paid them a cent but do have time on my hands so quite enjoy playing them along. In fact, I found this site because this morning the fourth or fifth salesperson from Laybet tried it on. The first was about 18 months ago. The first ever had trouble using words of more than 3 syllables and within a week was ‘replaced’ by another sales person.
    SHORT STORY – AS STATED ABOVE, THE CONTRACT SAYS “NO REFUNDS”. That to one side, anyone who can read the English language and then signs their contract must have done so on a bad day. I have it in front of me and by the time I get to the end of paragraph 3 I have half a page of notes. A drunk lawyer could drive a truck through this contract. It even includes promotional statements that have no place in a contract. Problem is, once the money is gone that drunk lawyer will still charge more than your outlay to represent you.
    But, I will continue to amuse myself by stringing this latest representative along tomorrow when she rings. Her name is ‘apparently’ Christie Hall, and she sounds quite young, but not that bright. Shame on her for undertaking a career involving cheating people. She deserves my time stringing her along.

    1. Admin

      I was contacted by Christie as well just a couple of weeks ago. She’d told me that she was using the program herself but only on $20 bets.
      They’d sent me a screenshot of another account so I asked Christie if she could send me one from hers. She said sure…but hasn’t been heard from since. I guess it was too hard to find…..

  16. Nelson

    Unfortunately I too have fleeced by these guys, those 2 names, Johnny & Derrick Jones also feature infamously in my experience. I am just about to send them a Form 1A to respond to my greviences, if no response in 21 days I am looking to proceed with a Civil case. I look forward to hearing from others on this website regarding their experiences. BTW, they have commenced calling me again to demonstrate their software, this time a guy called Lance.

      1. James

        I would like to know if there is a class action going on. Do you know if there is one for Quest bet also?

        Thanks James

  17. Peter M

    Yes Laybet Professionals are nothing more than Scammers.

    They offered to run the program for me and either didn’t trade due to flimsy reasons such as wet tracks etc or lost money.

    I am happy to pursue any class action.
    These people should not be in business!!!

    Big Bird

  18. Robert

    I agree with everything in this post.
    I paid $5,500 for them to run the program.
    They lost $2,000 on my Betfair account in one day.
    They topped it back up $500.
    I said I wanted to cancel the agreement under the 10 day cooling off period.
    Spoke to a guy in customer service called Johnny.
    He basically laughed about the fact there would be no return of any money.
    I ended up getting my bank to have the $5,500 returned to me which they did.
    But I am still $1,500 down the drain thanks to those leeches.
    Also stay clear of Derrick Jones.
    Once he signs you up you will never hear from him again.


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