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Police arrest man following 13 years of cold call investment fraud

**Also running under the name LayTrade Professionals and using software called  Ultimate Lay Trader. Also Laybet Traders.

Same platform, same prices, same strategy, same sales pitch, and what-do-you-know: same address!

1/9/2014 and now JMItech?!  All the webpages are virtually identical. I did hear that JMI were actually offering a free trial of their software though.  Maybe Laybet Professionals are White Labelling their platform and business model now ?

**Also running under the name LayTrade Professionals and using software called  Ultimate Lay Trader. Also Laybet Traders. / / Naturally, they’re based on the Gold Coast.


Always be wary when you see people without a care in the world..!

They offer to supply you with a program that runs on the betting exchange Betfair, and on autopilot will bring you in profits all day, every day up to 30% a day. All for the measly sum of $15,000 for the Australian licence, or $25,000 to include the UK as well.

They can do a live (remote) demonstration for you right on your computer at home.


The program makes selections of both races and horses based on criteria advised by them, or adjusted by the user. Roughly, they select from races with 7-24 horses, and horses with odds ranging from 6.00 to 12.00. That’s about it. That’s how they can miraculously extract profits of 30%.


Betfair markets are very accurate. A horse with a price of 10.00 (which has a 10% chance of winning) will roughly win 10% of it’s races. Take out the 5% commission from Betfair on winnings and you’ll probably end up with close to a 95% return on your money over time…that is, put in $100 and get back $95 (not $195). You’d need to be a genius on form and fitness to get anywhere near a 30% return over a long period of time.

Now, I asked, how much bank would I need and how long would it take to make back my investment. They said with a $1000 starting bank it would take a year to make back my investment of $15,000.
Now, they recommend a bet size of 5% which would be $50 initially. If I happen to lose one race, at out average price of 9.00, I’d be out of pocket $400 and have wiped out 40% of my bank. Two losers in a row and that’s 80% of my bank gone. It does happen! This just shows that they have NO idea about what they are doing. If you want to survive the long term, these kinds of runs will happen, even three in a row. A better recommendation would be 0.5% of you bank size for the lay.
So, with our bank of $1000, we’d be laying our selections for $5. If we won every one of the 60 or so races that qualify every week, we’d get our $300 for the week. But we won’t win every race. Even if they blew maths out of the water and only lost 5% instead of 10% of the races, We’d be out of pocket $120, against our gain of $285, less commission $270, so we’d have a profit of $150.

Okay, so not bad, still 15% return. At that rate, we’d double our bank every 5 weeks so we’d have our 15,000 after 40 weeks.

Faintly possible. Ok.

Only problem is, they say they sell 40 programs a week, so that would be 2000 programs a year. Let’s just say that they’ve only sold for one year, not the four they claim. That would mean 2000 people trying to get on the same horse in the last 30 seconds before the start at a minimum of $5, so there’d have to be $10,000 available to lay. Maybe in the Melbourne cup, but not your average weekend metropolitan race.

Hmmm. Well, do they have any evidence? They keep records don’t they?

Well…not exactly. They don’t have any statistics to show. They use the program themselves? ..not the guy on the other end of the phone..can’t afford it. The next ‘manager’ I speak to uses it yes. Turns out he can show me his account screenshot….but..he won’’s ‘illegal’. And what kind of law would that be breaking? Not allowed to falsify documents. Did I hear that right?! Why would it be falsified?

‘Update 28/10/13: They have sent me screenshots now..suspiciously not with the current Betfair platform. At any rate, they looked impressive, but one was showing, from the losing bets, that they must have been laying at about $3.00 odds, not the 6.00 to 12.00 range they suggest. This got me thinking…could they be falsified? I tried an ‘edit’ on a screenshot from my own Betfair account. In only five minutes, I managed to transform my screenshot from a $5 loss to a $500 profit and it all looked pristine. So I won’t be putting that much store in screenshots from now on. ‘

They do offer to get you to let them have access to your betfair account for a week so they can show you it works as they run the program in your account. An old ploy….a percentage of takers will have a winning week and probably go on to buy the program. The ones that lose money?..stiff bikkies I guess. They’ll move on to the next victim.

For a great lesson in this type of scam, where it’s just a numbers game, watch Derren Brown’s ‘The System’

I asked the first girl on the phone where their offices were..the one she was actually in right then. She couldn’t even tell me the address..had to ask someone else!

Update: I received yet another phone call prospecting me for a sign up. Do they ever check who they have called before?? This time the guy sent me a contract and some screen shots of Betfair account statements. Although they looked good, they could have been cherry-picked to be the good periods.

The contract says quite cleary NO refunds. Also there is a ten day cooling off period, but you dont get to sight the program in those ten days, so you get no chance to see whether it works or not before you commit.

lbp agreement

Update: I have been contacted by more than one person who has tried to cancel within the ten day cooling off period but never had calls returned, let alone their money! Don’t trust them!

One of their ploys to persudae you that it is a great money earner is to say that each race you have a 90% chance of doublng your money. That’s very roughly correct, depending on odds, but what they don’t tell you is that on the 10% of the times that you lose you lose, on average 900% of your money staked.

Please leave a comment if you have come across this operation, or you have any other scams you would like to alert us to, or even if you would like us to investigate something you are thinking about investing in.

Update 22 July: I received a comment yesterday:
“I bought the progamme and it works i earn on average 200 a day the customer service is amazing”
I emailed the commenter but the suppied email was invalid. I suspect it is a hoax comment and won’t change my mind until I hear from the commenter.

A number of other people have emailed me and all have said they lost sums ranging from $2000 to $50,000.
I have been able to correspond with these people.
Another person lost $2000 when he let LayBetProfessional bet through his Betfair account. After that, he got no response from LayBetProfessionals.

Now I have heard that they are not taking credit card payments so you would have no avenue to persue getting your money back through the credit card company.

Read comments here and here
Make up your own mind who you believe.

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78 thoughts on “Laybet Professionals

      1. Tanya

        My husband got scammed out of $50,000 by Charterhurst about 3 years ago, we have been trying to find out if there is a class action going to get at least some of our funds back. These were his funds for uni left to him by his deceased grandmother as we have 7 children between us and he had no way of ever going without it. It just breaks my heart that people like them pick on vulnerable people, they “promised” it would fund his degree. I should have listened to my gut more and stopped him doing it but they guy had him convinced. Can you please let me know if you have heard of anything being done about it.

        Thanks heaps Tanya

        1. admin Post author

          No class action that we are aware of. Plenty of people talk about it and say there should be some, but waiting for someone to actually take it on.
          There are plenty of victims that we know of through all the linked scams.
          We’ll offer to be a central point of contact until it gets going, but we need someone to take it on.
          (Aussiescamalert are not victims of these scams so it’s not for us to do )

        2. Ryan

          Hi Tanya
          I’m Ryan & I too been scammed few years back,
          I’m looking to get my money back some way or other.
          Get back to me and we can have a chat
          Hope to hear back asap

  1. George


    just had a call from a chap going by the name of Peter 0423716936 representing a firm known as COLDTRADING INTERNATIONAL they sell a program that auto trades lay betting on Betfair for $15k gave me a demo on my computer. His secretary 0451716451 rang before,

    All I can say, same male voice as Charterhurst Industries… I stayed away as the same sales pitch was unfolded and those alarm bells made me staying away …

  2. Colin

    Hi Had a call from a chap going by the name of Peter Richards representing a firm known as COLDTRADING INTERNATIONAL they sell a programme that auto trades lay betting on Betfair for $15k gave me a demo on my computer using his account looks pretty impressive make a Grand a week, really cant loose!!!!
    I said look I don’t have a lazy $15k sitting around at the moment he immediately said look I will cut you a deal $7500 up front you can pay the rest in 6 months by that time your account will be able to fund the next $7500 from your profits. I thought Ha Ha there is the HOOK come in spinner TOO GOOD to be true.
    Sorry to so many stories of people being taken in by these Professional CROOKS.
    For your info
    ABN . 57619249973
    ph. 1800754029
    Level1 Suite300 241 Adelaide St Brisbane QLD 4000
    Hope this helps.

  3. Ryan

    Hey Tom,
    I been done over too by Charter hurst, if u want my story let me know…
    Hope to hear back from you

  4. Leonard

    Charterhurst agencies have got 110K from me. Tried Queensland Fraud Squad, Queensland consumer affairs, local Police National Police nobody wants to do anything about it. Have been talking to Charterhurst daily but cannot get any return for the money. Is anyone able to help.

      1. Will

        Hi Leonard,

        Having issues with Ch as well
        Are you aware of any class actions being generated?
        Also in regards to the actual contract;
        Is it even legally encforcable?

        Warm Regards,


  5. Rick

    Well they are still operating as Charterhurst Ag. and lm another sucker. Payed 10.000 upfront and signed contract to pay another 5000 in six months.
    Laying between 11 and 30 in race between 9 and 18 stop loss 80 bet $11. Lost two at 130 a pop and eventually got back to even when contacted by Adam who wanted 5000 to show how to operate system and I declined the next day after winning on 3 races I noticed the time to race was out ½ hour so not laying any race I then turned program off to reset time when I tried to log back in found my user name or password has been changed so I can’t log into my Elite program and no contact yet.
    Don’t know where to go from here

  6. tim

    charterhurst are still at it – just got a call 0447 249 552, wanted me to pay $15,000 – not for me many thanks !

  7. john w

    Laybet sounds a lot like charterhurstagencies. I was Called by Anna Lewis on 0406512735. they claim all sorts of things but cant back it up with hard figures. not registered with asic. agreement contract says no refunds. dont sign an agreement that guarantees you nothing!

  8. Gretchen

    Just wondering if anyone else has been scammed by Charterhouse Agencies and if so what information can you share with me? My partners brother has fallen for their scam and I am trying to direct him in the right direction in dealing with these people. Any help would be most appreciated!

  9. Nelson

    I too have been scammed by Laybet Professionals, to the tune of $8000. Similar story as most above, I tried to have my money refunded within the 10 day grace period, such that it is, but was mucked about until after the 10 days were up then of course all refunds were denied. The moment you hand over any money to these scammers say bye bye to it, of course they will not honour any refund deadlines, they are thieves!
    I have commenced an action against them and have had a judgment in my favour recorded in South Australia and then had that judgment registered in QLD Southport, where the business operates from. The next stage is more difficult, I’ll have to attend court up there and if the ruling goes in my favour, highly likely since they likely wont attend any proceedings, the court then need to try and locate & seize any assets that could then be used to reimburse me. In the mean time, I have contacted the police officer investigating these scams in QLD.
    Feel free to contact me regarding any of this and yes I too am up for a legal stoush with these SOB’s .

    1. Daniel

      9/12/2015 got a call from sounds like the same people today.
      did some research was not hard to find lots of people like you,
      willing to share what I know

    2. Ryan D

      Hi Nelson,
      Yeah you know what i’m going to say!!! Got duped and I was so bloody adamant that I wouldn’t give in… but after I’d signed for the basic Aus program, I received a call a week later by another fella, David, who cut the price by a few thousand, so yes I jumped at and then another week later I got a call from a young, very confident and sweet talking fella who promised me I could make $100 a day with the elite program!!!
      I got sucked in, paying the $20K, by the time I received the program in the mail I knew I been sucked in to a scam!!! Anyway, I’m keen to pursue these germs and want them shut down and made an example of. Period
      I’m about to go and see solicitor in the next week… how has your situation panned out?

    3. Peter

      Hi, I believe that I have also been scammed. Can you let me know what you have done and if there was an outcome – thanks Peter

      1. admin Post author

        How long ago?!
        The principals are facing charges in court, however, they are yet to have the case heard.
        The Fraud Squad in Brisbane have done a heap of work to bring it to court.

  10. Peter

    Also scammed by John with the fake yank accent and Johnny to the tune of 40k If I could believe their surnames I would find them. They have to be found and identified before any class action

  11. Craig Hemsley

    Does anyone know anything about a company called Charterhurst Agencies in QLD.
    They are offering me a Lay Bet system for $15,000 + .
    I feel its a to good to be true scam ???????


      1. Wayne

        You as well and I thought I was the only sucker they got me to invest 40000 for their corporate package signed Contracts 29th September, but they told me can’t get money as there is no 10 Business day cooling off period see soliciter tomorrow

    1. Robert

      Have invested 46,000 with charterhurst ,wanting me to get more to get it to 50,000 ,always more so I said no more and won’t give it back ,not happy and don’t know who to talk to ?

  12. David

    Charterhurst Agencies are the same as Voss Capital Management and Laybet Professionals and are scammers on the Gold Coast. You must take a consumer claim with QCAT – ring them. Forget class action – waste of time. Charterhurst is officially at 95 Bundall Road, Bundall (same as Voss). They are call crooks and it seems they can do what they like!

  13. Justin

    It’s a long story, a Pushy Australian Salesman suggests I can have a “low” risk investment strategy utilizing funds I already had in with Inner Circle Strategies. Suggesting I can save $13,000.00. He said he usually deals with corporates @ $50,000.00 and was willing to take me on at $11,700.00. I funded that, this was my first mistake. I received a package it was a laptop… I thought that was it, now he needed another $12,000.00, I said I needed a refund, he said I couldn’t until I received the whole package. I funded that. Now he wanted 15,000.00. I can’t get refunded until I’m trading so I funded that. Now he’s asking for $11,000.00, and because I can’t get that to him by Monday he has taken the initial $13,000.00 off the table. So now I’m consolidating my loans. Now all want is my money back, and these guys prosecuted. As I was completely mislead. The salesman knew I couldn’t afford his prouduct, now I only hope I can cover the loans. Why is this organization allowed to trade. If there is a class action I want in.

  14. Joanne

    Scammed by Anthony Bourke also by Voss capital management Danny Rollins, will be happy to join in any class action taken. I have lost it all.

  15. leanne

    Looks like there is another company out there called inner circle strategies the bloke I was contacted by is Danny rollins who I have found out also has ties to another company. He started off with a free trial over a week using $1000 of his money if he makes money for you over this time he will then give that too you to start your account of which he would like you to open with betjack with a minimum of 10k. Yes this account is in your name but you soon find out that he really wants you to deposit 25k and he will do bets for you in the sporting market not horses of on average 8%. To which he will bill you once a week of 5% of the profit he makes on your account. Sounds like a plan and this was all working fine and my account was getting very healthy to the tune of 70k yet he had still not billed me and on the mean time had gotten his assist kristy Banks to call me and try to get me to put another 20k into an account in their business name to which I refused. Danny rollins then started betting 50% daily on my account and loosing. I rang constantly but he never answered his phone or text messages and betjack where no help either I followed their instructions and sent an email to stop all trade with thus company yet they failed to put this in place then had the hide to say it was my fault. I now have $122 in this account with Danny rollins losing over 80k in this account. Stay away from these people they are scum of the earth and god help them when someone works out who they are and tracks them down.

    1. Joanne

      Hi Leanne,
      I to was scammed by Danny he did the exact same thing with my betjack account. I had tried for 6 months for refund from betjack but their web sight is now closed.

  16. Leanne Iggo

    I too was scammed by Johnny Theil and the infamous John Morgan managed to sweet talk me out of tens of thousands of dollars. Was told the money would be going into an account in my name which I would have access to and be able to withdraw but when I questioned the fact they hadn’t given me any information they then told me they couldn’t give the account into out till I put more money into it. I was very angry with them both and told them I wanted my money back to which the response was that I had bought a programme and the money was not able to be refunded which was a complete lie and the total opposite to what I had been originally told. Everything they told me was then turned around and denied that they had ever said anything to make me think I would get my money back. This was in july last year and since I have hung up on them I have had 4 other calls from sales people in their agency trying to sell me the same shit and when I tell them the reasoning behind my telling them to take a hike they are all “Oh my god I haven’t heard of anything like that happening before” yeah right. Stay away from these people, I don’t understand how they can still be trading and have not been raided by the police for their fraudulent actions. Count me in on a class action suit.

    1. Joanne

      Yes lost thousands too I will definitely support any class action maybe if enough of us band together and fight!

  17. Kimmy

    In a short span of one month I have been scammed for $26,000.00. He is still ringing asking for another $8,500.00.

    Can you please lead me in the right direction admin for course of action.

    1. Hubert

      I have been scamed too, I am planning to make an application to Civil and Administrative Tribunal, is anyone want to come with me? If yes, please contact me by email:

    1. lance

      I gave $5000 and was told by peter Reynolds that I could use this to pay the extra $10000. I was lied to and was told by steve I needed to invest more money. I have 6 months to make this money or I lose my $5000.

      1. Carl

        Hi lance my name is Carl and have been contacted by petter renyolds can you tell me more about him and his scam cheers

  18. ian richardson

    i don’t know were to start 54000 i had a car accident can’t work and have no money now don’t know what to do can some one help me.

    1. Joanne

      Hi yes have been scammed by Anthony Bourke, Danny Rollins, Christy Banks have various mobile numbers for them please contact lets all get together to fight!

  19. Chrissy

    I too have had the unfortunate experience with Laybet Professionals to the tune of $20,000. I fell for their sales pitch in April 2013, and with a starting bank of $1000, I had 5 winning months totalling approx. $5000,
    I then withdrew $4,000, but a week later I decided to top up the trading bank with $2,000, which after 3 days grew to $4,000, but on August 31st 2013, there was a loss of $3,897!!! I rang to say how ridiculously irresponsible the traders were, but was told that I hadn’t put a stop loss in place!! So they continued with my bank of $700 for 4 months making small monthly profits until they lost it all again.
    After 4 months I was contacted by Alex saying that I could go on to a better programme if I paid $4,000 – he said if I didn’t make $1,000 in the next 10 days I could have my money returned – the $1,000 didn’t eventuate and neither did the refund, even though I specifically asked for it within the cooling off time – he told me it had to be in writing and by then the 10 days were up.
    Alex “generously” put $300 into my trading account which went to $900, but once again the bank was wiped out by these cowboy “traders”. They were only putting $5/$10 place bets on hoping to get a few outsiders in, but in 25 place bets, there were only 2 that placed – I could have done better sticking a pin blindfold into the race guide.
    I have now decided to call it a day as the dozens of phone calls made to Alex are never returned, so for my own sanity I need to forget about ever going in to this scam, and hope to hear news that somehow the law will catch up with them.

  20. James

    Over the years I too have been scammed by Lay bet professionals, these evil people, such as Johnny Theil, Danny Rollins and Tom Silver
    I hate to think how much I have lost to these bastards, I know I could search and find out how much but it is too depressing
    If anyone is doing a class action against these people, add me to the list

    1. lyn

      hello ..just wanna ask have you seen johnny theil,danny rollins,tom silver and john morgan in person?i know 1 person working on his marc spencer w/ the mobile number 0406512735. this number is dsconnect last week. this marc im not seen n real but i chat him and i know his info.. if you interested to know email me..this kind of people need to learn thier lesson “NOT TO CHEAT”

  21. Ben

    Over $120K down the drain, I’ve lost friends and family from borrowing and losing this money. How did I believe and not hear the warning bells.

    0424 410 701- johnny Thiel JOHNNY THIEL ….YOU DESTROYED MY FAMILY

    – – – MY MISSION IN LIFE – – –


    1. Marina

      I have done some of my own investigation in to their company and from the information gathered, johnny happens to be the name of one of the sons of the manager of the company

  22. Theo Zed

    I’ve been scammed by this mob and another a few years back. The recent one has told me that the previous company had been disbanded and the directors were charged and locked up. Yeah Right? Over ten years I think i’ve been done for about $8000-$10000. Not happy Jan. Count me in on class action.

  23. jp

    Laybet Professions.
    In summary: Bought the 1st generation program ($10k) which did nothing but lose. Contacted within 10 days no reply then “too bad too late”.
    Was then offered a “personally managed” system by Danny – biggest lying prick of them all – for $15K with option to change or cancel in 10 days. Again did so on day 10 no reply then “bad luck”.
    Danny who is always eager to take calls before payment, becomes impossible to call after payment.
    So then Others get involved to help and subcontractor Ron is brought in as special guru to fix everything personally managed for “elite players only”. $3500 for his service – surprisingly he empties trading account also.
    Total loss $28500 plus about $8K trading account.
    The infamous Tom Silver/ John Morgan was also involved with the company trying to sell it as well during this time.
    Class action – count me in.

      1. john

        i have also been scammed. i have lost 50k and happy to tell my story. and might have helpful information. contact me via the email to discuss further.

  24. Adam

    Hi I have been contacted by them yesterday I think they call themselves something else now with a program they call it elite trader platform now. They did the whole screen shot stuff they put on a live horse race for you to listen to while they put a trade on, the bloke on the other end of the line has a UK accent,
    so watch out everyone, I hope who ever has lost money from these thieves can get it back some how.

  25. David

    I have been constantly called by a man called Angus telling me to invest in the scheme . He won’t take no for a answer .he has even offered to fly me down to there office .I live in Townsville. I say if it was any good you would not have to ring people up they would be ringing you He says that they have been doing this for 9 years . I have also had phone calls from laybet professionals.

  26. Tania

    I have been scammed by Laybet Professionals for an extremely large sum [$ thousands +++]. If there is still a class action I would like to be know about it.
    Please contact me ASAP.

    1. Sydney

      Hi Tania,

      I am sam from sydney, could you please let me know is it worth to buy this software or its fake?
      They ask me to pay 5000$ for local australia market for laying after showing 300$ profit in my account but i am hestitant to take without doing proper investigation, could you please help me to provide more information.


      1. admin Post author

        Sydney, you will lose your 5,000 and most likely your betting bank. No one has ever reported making money with it and certainly not what they claim you can make.

    2. Thomas

      Has anyone investigated class action? I have heard of people being taken in. This company must be stopped and its Directors et al held responsible for their cruel intentions.

  27. Peter

    I have been involved in Laybet, for a couple of years, and found that after the initial investment, not much happens as per expectations, so they want you to spend more money for a better system, so you do, and on a promise once again, nothing happens after the money has been paid out, so then you get a call from another member of Laybet, telling you how they want to make things better for you and redeem your losses, by upgrading to another level of laybet, and I was suckered in time and time again, and in fact the last time, was when they told me that they were going to look after by account completely, and not only did I invest again, but also provided them with $10000 direct, which was supposed to go into a betting account and managed by them, but it never did. So all up, between $40,000 to $50,000 over that period. I have had several calls from them since, and they are still after more money, but refuse to answer their calls, as was informed one time when I did, that if I didnt give them the $10000 dollars that I would stand to lose the whole lot, (this man informed me that my managed account (from my $10000 investment) was up to $50000, and that the money couldnt be released unless I paid them another $10000. This was crap, and was getting really pissed off, and so refused to talk to them, and thinking about going to ACA, Consumer Affairs, 3AW, with this, to bring them out in the open. I just wish I had checked out your website before getting involved with them. They did have some good sponsors though, which helped me get sucked in…

  28. Brendon Pyle

    My father bought this Laybet professionals but I believe he was “only” charged $1600 for the program, as he is not very tech minded and I was not working he asked me to run the program (after me and my brother told him it was a scam… don’t do it).

    In their sales pitch they told him that you should make between $250 – $500 a week, with the settings of 10 to 30 horses in the race and off between 9 – 15, they are rather vague on how mush to bet and what max win max loss setting should be. I set it to $10.

    Oh course they explain it as you put down $10 and you get $20 back for each horse that loses, in reality it all comes down to the odds of the horse. A horse of 10 to 1 you are in fact putting down $100 to win $10 if that horse wins you lose $100.

    After running the system for two months I’m down currently $80, I have only ever been up about $150.

    The program is very basic, ten years ago I could have written a better coded program in an afternoon and by the looks of it it was written ten years ago, it is very glitch-y and doesn’t exactly work when you change the parameters.

    Basically it’s a scam, it is a simple betting system and as any horse racing fan will tell you no system works.

  29. Brian

    Yep …. got caught up in all the ‘hype’ and paid just over $11,000 for the program a year ago. Ran it for 5 months, starting with $5 lays to test the program and then moving up to $20 lays as I adjusted settings etc. Nothing I could do could make it work consistently (I was also given the 1 in 46 rubbish). Program does not work and I stopped using it 7 months ago. Now I’ve started receiving calls from them again. They want me to spend another $5,500 to allow them to ‘lay’, etc on my behalf! Yeah right …… once bitten, twice shy!

    Class action …… put me down!

  30. Wayne

    I received a call from Laybet Professionals – a guy calling himself Gary ran a demo by taking over my laptop. He stated the system selects a winner (meaning a loss) once every 46 races. As the recommended odds range was approx 8 to 12 this meant that I would be well in front over time. After using the system for 1 week the system performed in line with random selection of horses (for horses 8-12 to 1). Over hundreds of races in Australia & UK my loss ratio was approx 1 in 9 (not 1 in 46 as promised) & I finished the week with a $40 loss based upon $5 lay bets. I declined to purchase the product. I can only assume the product is a dud & that is why they sell it. My natural suspicions were confirmed by the trial.

    Note: For the novice – a lay bet is a bet to win money on a horse that does not win the race.

    1. Admin

      Thanks Wayne,
      how did you manage to get a week’s trial?!
      Suprise , average odds of 9:1 , they lose 1 in 9. Betfair markets are very accurate, and very hard to find an edge over.
      They have nothing to base their claims of 1 in 46 on.

      1. Robert

        They rang me and i asked them did they know your site he didn’t at first but he put it in his browser and then told me i know them they are a scam. He told me you were from Singapore and ask the companies on your list for $5 to take them off. I told him that was rubbish and he hung up.
        Robert Hale

  31. Sam

    I have just got off the phone with a guy called Marc Spencer from “Laytrade Professionals” (ph 1800708024 fax 1800708024 web ). Before he called a woman,(ph0434625025) contacted me to inform me of an opportunity to “invest” in and shortly I would receive a follow up call explaining how to use software via a web demo on my laptop. An hour ago this occurred when “Marc”, (ph0406512735) ,called and demonstrated this remarkable way to make money using this lay betting strategy by selecting horses between 7:1 and 14:1 and placing a lay bet just seconds before the race starts and doing so several times during the twenty minute demo. I was then asked to decide which level of system I was interested in. I told him I would do some investigating before making a $10,000 or more outlay. My investigation has brought me to this similar experience explained by Wayne and some others who have me believing it to be “doggy” scam. It has been suggested that I go to their office at the financial centre opposite Gold Coast City Council Chambers (I believe at 128 Bundall Rd) to have another demonstration to satisfy my concerns about this venture before I commit. I am not thinking this would be wise from the comments I have just read. Could anyone give me some insight on this, thanks.

  32. Lloyd

    I have been scammed by laybet also for $8,000 . Their entry amounts are different depending on what they can get out of you . I know where their office is , but cant give you the address at Bundall at the Gold Coast ( Home of Many-a-Scam ), but can find it. Locked up like Fort Knox.
    Count me in on the class action please


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