Newmont Trading and PBX300

Update 3/6/2014: now also the program X360 !

WARNING. Read all the comments.

Seems like Newmont Trading / PBX300 is  a scam too. * also SX300 now as well…linked with Newmont Trading.

Offering amazing monthly returns, all done for you. Their website feature pictures of people relaxing on ther boats, etc. They have quotes to inspire you to be brave (and risk losing all your money with them) in order to live a life that’s free (of money).   A dead give away that they are not smart investors is that they recommend opening a TAB account. Any smart investor/gambler knows that you need to search for the best dividends so you need many accounts with different bookmakers.

See this comment receieved about them in the Tell Your Story section:

BEWARE! Newmont Trading, aka PBX300. These guys managed $4450.00 out of me not long before Xmas with the promise of a horse racing computer programme that doesn’t fail (yeah right). They run a pretty convincing looking operation. They have a good looking website and they start out with sales rep personalised phone calls followed by a mail out of their pretty brochure which includes information on how it supposedly works and even printouts of past successes and of course, promises of a better life.

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20 thoughts on “Newmont Trading and PBX300

  1. Don smith

    Newmont trading have all of our details …..address , phone number,bank details and signature …..what’s next with this Australian company that the government will not do anything about …..I’m willing to post my phone number here for all of us to take them on …..when people act in numbers things start to happen !!!! Over it …..let’s save others

  2. Mack

    We too have just discovered the scam, has been going on with us since June 2014. Promised the world of
    money, & opening of TAB accoutnt. We have just reached our tether but they have still been speaking to us,
    different guy every time. They told us to send them a letter outlining all thats happend, which we did 9/9/14 which was sent registered post to Stuart, received this letter back today 19/914 registered post letter refused,
    insufficient address, unknown, & guess what who the hell is Stuart? Letter was sent to 2404 Logan Rd, Eight
    Mile Plains, Qld 4113. They are obviously using false premises address & false phone numbers. We were
    going to the QLD police re fraud but after reading all you guys comments doesnt sound too hopeful ,how do we find where they are, I am not a tech head but someone must be, lets band together & get these pricks
    We were taken for $18000.00. How the hell do we find these mongrels? I am about to kill my husband
    for doing this!! Please rally guys. We are going to Ray Hadley Aust wide to say what has happened to us!

    to sender, person to person mail back to us today, saying, no such address which was E

    1. Don smith

      I’m on the hot trail of these guys ……I know what you mean , Ive been to the fraud squad , government agency’s , we all need to catch these fools and there are ways to do it , they will be watching this site 24/7 …… My mobile is 0401940072 ……there like that x360 ….told you to send me out a receipt ……these guys think their untraceable and not touchable …..people work well in numbers and these guys are in for huge shock …..

  3. Janie

    I had a lady called today, from a private number regarding x360 which is only offered to 360 family’s. Apparently you pay $550 to them and every Saturday they will email you 2 horse races with the horse that has the highest chance to win 1st, 2nd or 3rd. You open a tab account and deposit $500-$1000. You are to bet 10% of what is in your tab. Apparently you should win 70% of the races, and within 4-6 months you will make $10,000. When you make $10,000 – that’s when you are to pay them $2,465 to ensure you receive the winning horse information…. Apparently it’s not gambling – just investment ?? For family’s only to make a little of money, to try and get into the racing syndicate…..
    I’m not sure what to make of this as it’s gambling – who these days have extra cash to throw away!! I know we don’t.

    If this is a scam, why hasn’t anyone contacted ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments)?? Their website lists all businesses to avoid, because they have investigate and found these businesses are scammers!

    1. admin Post author

      First sign that it is a scam is that you can make $10,000 in 6 months from a $1,000 bank with just two bets every saturday! Thats about 52 bets. Say you bet 10% of your bank on each (which would be highly inadvisable) you’d turn over $5,200, meaning you’d need 200% return on investment which is unheard of, even amongst the most professional of bettors. They are more than happy if they can make 10% ROI.
      Second sign is that they advise opening a TAB account. That is the fast(er) way to the poor house. You need to seek the best value and so need several bookamker accounts and can also take advantage of sign-up bonuses. Just shows they have no idea about investing..only gambling.
      Regarding ASIC, they are notoriiosly slow to act and investigate, if they ever do, even with big corporate (suspected) crime. I’m sure people have contacted ASIC, as they have with oter scams. Still no results.

  4. Shane

    This Scam is still running as X360. I asked for four week free trail… You guessed it , it wouldn’t be fair on other clients. Have said no but they keep e.mailing last chance . They said I had to play $550.00 up front and balance of about $4500 when my tab account hit $10000.00. And the $2750.00 every twelve months. They also only phoned on a private number.

  5. Carol

    They are still opperating. They contacted me a couple of days ago.
    While theyare still operating oyu can lodge claims with the Civil administration Tribunal in your state. Do a company search onthem and lodge a claim. Its too easy. Go for it.

    1. Christine

      Newmont trading is on the GOLD COAST I know this because I have a friend that works there scam scam scam they tell everyone they are in Brisbane not at all do not trust them if it was so good why isn’t the staff doing it why are they slaving away on there phone trying to get some sucker so they can get a bonus hang up if they call u

  6. Brad

    I have recently been contacted by Newmont Trading as well. They have promised for an initial outlay they will create a profitable return placing bets on horses on Wed and Saturdays. Sounds like they are continuing the scams into other state regions of Australia now.

    1. Christine

      No one can get in there Gold Coast office as there is a buzza and camera to get in if they don’t know you …, you can’t get in

  7. allan

    Further to my last comment,they offered me incredible profits,even swore on 16 Bibles that it was genuine,like you yeah right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,even had the gall to tell me that he lost $7000 on gst capital gains tax,if I sent another $!000 he would send a bank cheque .Needless to say I did not send it but sent and email asking for a bank cheque for $11.000 to be in my possession by 7 th Jan,if not in my poossesion I will be at Nowra police station on 7th Jan.

      1. Terry

        where abouts?, we’ve checked the address in Fortitude Valley its rubbish, Seven Mile Plains is probably rubbish too. do you have anything else?

  8. allan

    I also have been scammed to the tune of $10,5611,i have just got back from Nowra police station filling in a fraud document which after I copy all my documents I take it back on Friday for the detectives to follow up onlLike you I believe the person we speak to is the same person but with a different name each time,be warned I agree it is a scam and like you I feel we have done our monies.


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