Newmont Trading / PBX 300

Update 3/6/2014: now also the program X360 !

WARNING. Read all the comments.

Seems like Newmont Trading / PBX300 is  a scam too. * also SX300 now as well…linked with Newmont Trading.

Offering amazing monthly returns, all done for you. Their website feature pictures of people relaxing on ther boats, etc. They have quotes to inspire you to be brave (and risk losing all your money with them) in order to live a life that’s free (of money).   A dead give away that they are not smart investors is that they recommend opening a TAB account. Any smart investor/gambler knows that you need to search for the best dividends so you need many accounts with different bookmakers.

See this comment receieved about them in the Tell Your Story section:

BEWARE! Newmont Trading, aka PBX300. These guys managed $4450.00 out of me not long before Xmas with the promise of a horse racing computer programme that doesn’t fail (yeah right). They run a pretty convincing looking operation. They have a good looking website and they start out with sales rep personalised phone calls followed by a mail out of their pretty brochure which includes information on how it supposedly works and even printouts of past successes and of course, promises of a better life. Then they come at you with follow up calls. They don’t offer a 100% return, just around about 46% win rate,  based on their 5% investment value per bet against money you put into a TAB account. According to their stats over time your account will build allowing you extreme monthly returns. It’s all detailed in the brochure. They even offer you a personalised customer care service rep to run your TAB account for you so you can just sit back and let your money grow (NOT TRUE!). The two separate phone numbers you get given, 07 5509 5185 and 1300 686 238, one for reception the other for your own customer service rep, both lead to the same girl at the front desk who dodges and ducks at every question. The customer service guy i got (Michael), also happens to be the company financial director (whatever) and goes by the name Terry as well. Although he assures me they a different people. They sound suspiciously, exactly the same. Maybe it’s his alter ego. Two of many I’m sure.  Suffice to say I fell for it and had a pretty dismal xmas for me and my son. I wish I could get hold of people like this. All I can sort of ascertain from info provided is that they are in QLD somewhere, I think. Could be wrong.

also this webpage

In addition to this, I have had another report off misleading dealings and false promises.This client was told he had ‘won’ several thousand dollars..but was required to put in 5.5k to get it..?? Then the contract he signed was different to the one they had proposed to him. Instead of his funds being spread between fees and betting bank, it all went to fees. On top of that the selections have performed rather poorly.

more comments here

Be wary….be very wary!

55 thoughts on “Newmont Trading / PBX 300

  1. Warren Mack

    I would recommend calling the bank the scam companies are using for ex. Anz or comm bank if you have invoices from any company you can make a complaint about them. The bank will then close them down you may have a chance of getting something back. Just a thought.

  2. Allan

    Hi Team just wondering where you are up to on newmont trading? Just talking to a guy,who said the !0,000 dollars plus only runs for a year. If i want to continue i would have to put in another 2,000.
    after a nil return i don’t think so,the guy i talked to earlier promised a return not to my tab account but to my bank acc. 1 and a half years later I’m still waiting had no luck with the police or triple c. It is hard to accept that i have done my money. Best of luck to those of you who are trying to get your money back.

    1. Ashley

      G’day Allan.
      I’ve do my dough too. Not to bad to X360 though. Only the entry fee!!! $550 inc. GST (wonder if they’re paying their Bas!!!)
      Had them call a few times when I first signed up but I tol them they were getting no more till I saw results. Needless to say, I got none… Still getting their tips sent thru and put a little on them but they hardly ever come in. Gambling is a mugs game I know. We’re mugs I guess!
      Gonna try for my $550 to be returned but not holding out hope. Got a couple of good payers from it but on the whole down a fair bit.
      Good luck. Cheers. Ash

  3. Don

    These guys think they have won , but if we all get the Australian government on our side now as a group we might be able to stop them and save more innocent people from life destroying ways …..Newmont Trading Pty Ltd is a registered company …………….do these guys support terrorism ??

    1. Saty

      Hi don,
      I’m with you and other victims of Newmont trading as you mentioned that all of us should stop them asap from this wrong doings. We must take this issue to the right authority such as police, ASIC, TAB officials and current afairs. I have registered with them recently and already they have managed to take about $3300 already from me leaving me in a big trouble. We must move forward to stop them together. Thanks

  4. Shirley

    I have also been conned. I can,t believe I was so taken in. Yes everything as you all say glossary brochure great results just give us more money. All the fellows sound the same Dave Geoff Ross Des. Sadly I have done 20000. What do I do now? I spent an hour on the phone with Lifeline I was so beside myself. We have to do something. They suggested I go to fair trading. Good luck everyone.

  5. Sam

    Hi Guys
    Beware of this company, Its virtual company there is no physical location .Newmont trading is scam
    everyone up there is scammers. they will manage to get money from you by saying they will do everything for you, once you pay small amount to start up the account, they will tell you that u have random amount your account give us $5000 to release your profit ,they just keep demanding money from you untill you run out of your bank. Please dont send money to these basters ,I have lost $ 16000. Now read the following steps
    carefully if you have lost money to get some of them back.
    step 1: go to the police lodge you complain
    step 2: go to the tribunal either QCAT of NCAT
    Step: 3 go to the court to register your tribunal warrant ( because i am sure they wont comply with court order)
    Step 4: once you register the case with the local court or magistrates court. ask court to help you to issue garnishee order. this garnishee order should be sent to the ANZ bank where this basters hold account.
    if you need more info post here i ll guide you further


    1. Joe

      Hi Sam I have been conned $8800.00 I have kept the emails i have sent them ; all the transfers where EFT ; i have the invoice they sent me. I am from Adelaide, I was thinking to go there personally,but from what i have heard, there not even at this location. could you email me your process ; if you have had any luck.

      1. Sam

        Hi Joe,
        Its sad to hear from you that u lost money but follow the steps above mention contact fair trading
        lodge the case against the company .explain whole scenario what has happened to you.
        I am sure this company wont pay you through the fair trading ,i dont know which body applies in adelaide such as QCAT and CTTT find one in adelaide and lodge you case. issue the court order you might get success………………

  6. Till

    I paid this supposed company $550 for X360 program then got phone call from called David White to upgrade and pay extra they will take care everything ended up forking out $15000 all together now I’m in contact with local Fair Trading Department and talking with my bank also it is a SCAM DO NOT TALK TO THEM OR DEAL WITH NEWMONT TRADING P/L from Queensland. Will try to move on but it is really hard.

    1. Sam

      go to the QCAT and get the warrant from QCAT register with magistrate court and then issue garnishee order u will get ur money back straight away……………

          1. Sam

            You are a scam I have lost my money ,do try to fool everyone commenting like innocent ok you bloody admin………………

              1. Sam

                Because you guys never keep promise and show us big dreams
                which never become true and you cheat everyone thats your business,,,right

                1. admin Post author

                  ahh..are you confusing me with whoever runs Newmont Trading ?
                  because I’m just part of the team that runs aussiescamalert. We’re trying to protect you guys!

                  1. Sam

                    I am sorry mate i took it wrong ,I thought this admin would be newmont trading but its you from aussie scam alert.
                    Sorry for that………..

  7. Matt

    When someone from the company calls you and says “dont worry about whats on the internet its all bull$#@%” you clearly have to re-think about investing with this mob.

  8. Ash

    I’m in for the $550 to start with. Time to see how it goes. Gambling is gambling. Stock market or tote. Fleeced nonetheless. But we will find out.

  9. Paul

    I dont see how you can get scammed for thousands as some of you claim here. If your only paying $550 and managing your own TAB or other account, the max you can get scammed for is $550. Unless you pay them they cannot get their hand on your money or account.
    Their pitch is to bet 10% of your balance on 2 horses a week. You only place a bet on a PLACE selection not a WIN. i think that the people who are complianing probably did not stick to the formula.
    This is a betting syndicate so they are targeting people who gamble…yes?
    I bet there is a lot of you out there that have lost a lot more on a bet. I am scepticle but may give it a go. If they make me over $10k for an investment of $550 I will be happy to give them another $4950

      1. Paul

        Hi…I have been using the service for 3 weeks now. I started with $1000 in my TAB account and I amange and control it. First week I received my selections via email around 10.30 am on the Saturday and I placed $100 as a place on each horse. No winners, oh well. 2nd week same email on the Saturaday and 2 our of two winners. Short odds but winners. Saturday 5th July, same again 2 winners, again short odds as a place.
        So far I am slightly up. four out of six winners is not bad odds, especially if you do not follow form. Had I started a week later I wold have 100% success and increased my $1000 to over $1500
        I received a call to ask if I wanted to receive multilpe bets and other offers. I politely declined and they left me alone. As long as I receive my 2 tips a week I will plod along in this manner. It may take a while but soon I will be betting $2-300 a race and seeing good returns.
        I still do not get how you all think it is a scam as long as you keep control and do not sign up for other things they offer. My tip is not to get greedy and too excited over it all. Remember its not a get rich quick scheme but a methodical step by step process. The odds are short so stick to the rules and it should pay.
        Also remember you can stop at any time….you are in control.

    1. Harry

      True but they are only picking the favourites . You can do that and save your $550 . Rule number 1 in gambling the house always wins ,and this is the same . If you start your tatts account with say $1000 you’ll lose it before you ever get to $10000 and they are taking lots of small money of people knowing they’ll never get to $10000 and if you did how would they know as you manage your own tatts account . Would you give them your ATM pin ? Then you would never give them your tatts pin either .

    2. Ricky

      Hi Paul
      Just wondering how you are getting on with Newmont trading .
      I am wondering whether I should get involved at this stage but was taken with a similar trading scheme years ago .
      Cheers mate

    3. Daryl

      paul you may be one of the lucky ones cause not every one gets the same
      approach they are all different but beware

    4. Ashley

      Trouble is the places hardly ever come up. If they do they are really short odds normally. Jeez, I can pick out the $2 favourite and back it in for a place at $1.30!!!
      Trouble is on the glossy brochures as others have mentioned, the place bets are listed as $4.00 or $5.50 payers. Happened one time over the 10 months I’ve been wasting money on their tips. Always at Randwick, never other meets. If it was so wonderful and rewarding they’d be picking em all over the place. Some formula!!!
      Don’t bother with it. Take your family or wife/husband out to dinner. You’ll get more satisfying results from the next day’s ablutions!!!!
      Cheers. Ash

  10. Joe

    I bought a PBX 300 investment programme 21 years ago
    It’s a DOS programme and I found it recently in old documents I had
    When I originally used it , it had reasonable results. Meaning profitable if you kept to strict criteria. Requirement is to key in data and back top rated horse. It excluded heavy tracks, 2 year olds , fields only 1200m to 1600m , field size 8 to 12 runners, no first starters and only Saturday meetings
    I tried it last 3 weeks and my return on investment is a staggering 60% strike rate of 39% average price winner $5.90
    Anyone have something similar
    All I’m reading here sounds a different scam

  11. Dave

    I paid my $550 deposit for the x360 program (10% deposit on the Saturday place bets). The next day is a call offering that if I pay $5500 for the upgraded pack, wed place, sat place, quinella, first 4, that I wouldn’t have to pay anything else. Can you afford to pay that today? “No I can’t mate”. He then says what if I made it $1650 in total. Nothing more to pay, you’ve already paid $550 so just another $1100 and you’re in”.
    So they have just given me $4950 off one and $4400 off the other. $11000 worth for just $1650. That’s bloody cheap I thought. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Sure enough, IT IS!!

  12. Guy

    Please everyone. Go online to your local state Dept Of Fair Trading site and make an online complaint. Eventually they will be shut down.

    1. Daryl

      no i dont think that will happen i have been to the police and
      asic and it all is in the to hard basket i think we need to start a
      class action i have looked over all the revews and there is a lot the
      same this company is very well set up and is world wide there is a
      hell of stuff about them i will not stop trying to get these pricks as they may have
      sent me into liquidation
      i am willing to talk to any one over the phone about this

  13. chris

    I to signed up with $1000 deposit with the balance due when i had made $10000. Tried to ring the sales guy back the day after paying money, but they would not let me speak with him. I now had to deal with my account manager David. I received a phone call 3 months later from David saying they had been investing money for me and my account was now worth $15,000. If I paid them another $5000 they would pay me the $15,000 by eft. I declined.
    Results so far.
    Date Venue Race Prediction Horse Result Odds
    15/03/2014 Eagle farm 6 9 Ten Gauge 4th
    15/03/2014 Eagle farm 8 10 Miss Gibraltar 3rd
    8/03/2014 Flemington 2 2 Gregers 2nd
    8/03/2014 Flemington 7 8 Shamus Award 6th
    1/03/2014 Flemington 7 3 Eurozone 4th
    1/09/2014 Flemington 8 1 Pago Rock 2nd
    22/02/2014 Randwick 2 4 Our Desert Warrior 5th
    22/02/2014 Randwick 7 1 Boban 4th
    15/02/2014 Flemington 5 4 Scratchy Bottom 4th
    15/02/2014 Flemington 7 7 Samaready 3rd
    8/02/2014 Eagle farm 2 7 Anna Lizzie 2nd
    8/02/2014 Randwick 7 7 Red Excitement 2nd
    1/02/2014 Doomben 3 6 Carn 8th
    1/02/2014 Doomben 4 9 Gold Bender 4th
    25/01/2014 Eagle farm 6 12 Fairytale Belle 3rd
    25/01/2014 Eagle farm 7 2 Little brown Horse 7th
    18/01/2014 Randwick 3 5 my Destiny 3rd
    18/01/2014 Doomben 9 14 Pin 5th
    11/01/2014 Flemington 6 8 Anlon 1st 3.3
    11/01/2014 Flemington 7 1 Amaethon 1st 7
    4/01/2014 Caulfield 3 6 Quick snitzel 3rd
    4/01/2014 Caulfield 5 5 Colours of the wind 6th
    28/12/2013 Doomben 1 3 Volkhere 2nd
    28/01/2013 Doomben 5 11 Jazzbo Marks 7th

    2 first in 24 selections= 8% return. a long way from 46% win loss ratio. make your own decision.

    1. anthony

      hi chris I just signed up to x360.they charge $550 and u dont pay any more untill u get ur account to $10,000. its based on betting 10% on place bets. now I read this kinda wishing I hadnt. have u had any more luck with your results? and is there any advice you could offer me ?

      1. JJ

        I had a guy named Jim ringing me for the last several weeks for X360 program too. $550 no more to pay and just sit back and withdraw the profit. LOL.

        Is there any updates from anyone who has joined already?


  14. Paul

    Well I’m glad I stumbled across this site.
    I have been hammered day after day about the SX300.
    All the selling lines I have read here are identical to those rammed into me at each phone call.
    It all does sound sooo good. Obviously it is just a scam.
    Thankyou for all the comments from all you y individuals who lost their very hard earned money.
    I won’t be doing it.

  15. David

    It’s a total scam. I was done about four to years ago. $10000 in total
    For this reason I don’t answer private phone calls and don’t answer QLD phone numbers this scam made it on today tonight or one of those shows and found they were linked to a QLD bikey gang! Once they have your money it’s gone!! I tried to get mine back and lead to nothing.. sorry. its a s*>t feeling you have to move on & learn from it like I did!! They target small business I had a phone call today from them this is there number ph:0755095185 a girl call Emma answered not the person I spoke to she said the number would be a 1300 number. GOOD LUCK

  16. Chris

    His last comment to me before he hung up the phone on me was.
    “You’re a dill and wont make any money in your life.”

    At least I can say that I sleep well at night. Suppose that because the business I run is still operating after +25years. : ))

  17. Neil

    Newmont Trading rang me back and asked me if I received their brochure and did I read it, I said yes, she said do you have any questions, I said no but I have a question for you, yes ok what is it. I said how come when I read up about you (Newmont) it clearly states that it is a scam and not to touch it. She came back with “that was posted by one of our opposition companies who charge a lot more than us” I said “oh really,
    well I would not touch you people with a barge pole, never call me again.

    1. Daryl

      no niell not as yet it seems the to hard basket and as i was taken for 23000 od i will not
      stop i will be approaching current affairs soon i have a few other things to do
      first these pricks need to be shut down but as you know they operate every

  18. Neil

    They sent me their glossy brochure and I immediately Googled them for customer reviews.
    It clearly stated that it is a scam, Don’t touch them. NEVER deal with people by a phone call.
    Word of mouth is the only way.

  19. fran

    My husband received a letter and brochure from Newmont Trading re sx300 – thought this was dodgy as the letter has a photocopy letter head with the address 6/2404 Logan Road Eight Miles Plains QLD with the numbers supplied by others however this address in is for Aircon Of f- Energy Management & Consultants – thank you all for the warnings – they will be told where the door is and not to let it hit them on the way out when they call again.

    1. Barry

      Sx300 is the same as pbx300… Please complain to ur states racing authorities…. They are both the same people and are scammers big time

  20. allan

    I hav been stung for 11.000 ,don’t go into it as you will lose the lot.i am afraid to say that a fool and his money are easily parted.thats me.dont join
    the list.

  21. Peter

    I am looking into a different one but has the same phone numbers as your email just above me here it is run by newmont trading the same as you this is called sx300,can you tell me anything about it,I havent bought in yet they make it sound pretty good


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