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Not much time to write this report, but it seems Roy McDonald is still at it after years of complaints about his ‘wealth’ seminars.

His current business is under the name of One Life ,

A good place to start reading about his seminars is this article from the SMH

There’s plenty more if you search the web.

On their Facebook page, there’s a disturbing lack of comments relating experiences at the seminars. All we see is people going in, and then nothing..

While it may be argued that the seminars are transformative, they are not transformative in the positive way that people expect.

Also there’s a brilliant piece on this by Denise Brailey, (now head of the Banking and Finance Consumers Support Association )

you can read it here where she not only explains some of McDonald’s schemes , but also the buck passing that goes on between ASIC, the ACCC and Fair Trading.

34 thoughts on “One LIfe

  1. T H

    roy mcdonald is a MASTER SCAMMER, CONMAN and a thief!! He is a SOCIOPATH with NO ETHICS WHATSOVER and has no problem taking your LAST CENT, even if he knows damn well that you are on welfare. He should be locked up!! I had begun three successful property deals BEFORE I had even heard of roy mcdonald or onelife and he persisted in parading my deals around like as if they had everything to do with him. THEY DID NOT! All 3 deals were undertaken with information I learned in another RE education program. He claimed me as one of his “successful stories” when my deals had nothing whatsoever to do with the scanty onelife “education” he offers. This makes me wonder about the veracity of his other “success stories..? (Will the real Adam Quarrell please stand up?)

    This evil scammer took $500 from my friends knowing full well that my friend is on Centrelink and her boyfriend is on compo. He knew that $500 was all the money they had in the world for a course that they didn’t have a hope in hell of ever being able to afford anyway. Seriously, he belongs in handcuffs. I myself am pulling my socks up and getting off Centrelink by succesfully doing RE deals. What stunned me the most was how eager this con artist was to get his hands on my profits, even trying to convince me to break my deals with my money partners (NOT sourced thru onelife) in order to get my share of the profits faster, so that I could give them straight to Roy. I kid you not! This hypocrite, who craps on about the importance of agreements was trying to get me to BREAK MY AGREEMENTS WITH OTHER PEOPLE so that he could get his greedy hands on my money faster!

    He is a Narcissist and I honestly think he has a more serious mental illness than that. PLEASE, if you value your money and/or your dignity, STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM ROY MCDONALD AND ONELIFE. THEY WILL TAKE EVERY CENT YOU HAVE IF YOU LET THEM! (including your property assets AND your super!

  2. Eli

    THIS GUY IS DODGY AF. His stepford wife was ……, I think he must have drained her soul because it appeared she had none. Imagine Donald Trump and the dead dude from Weekend at Bernies only it wasn’t a dude, that was the dynamic duo behind this complete nonsense.

    In 2000 I worked for Roy under the name Strategic Management Works. Really sad to see he’s still around, looks like he’s had some work done, or maybe it’s delusion and sunscreen ……

    so basically what happens is you sign your life savings and future earnings over to him and then he ghosts you. He’s REALLY good at it. Like so good. Exceptional.

    Wonder if he likes the feeling of being a rickety old cult leader with the adoring smiling followers OR the money Sharon and Colin had saved for 15 years to send Darren to Uni but spent it to be brainwashed at a Retreat more…..

    he looks like he was getting off a lot when he was waffling on with his whiteboard marker flapping around though … Oh, only Sharon would be allowed to go to the Retreat because Colin would have to pay an extra Eleventy thousand to also attend and there wasn’t enough time to remortgage the house) (but if there was, they weren’t allowed to share a cabin or sit next to each other while in session, save that for AFTER signing the next set of contracts for more seminars yay) – it would be more beneficial to your life and livelihood to spend the money on a tropical holiday.

    Basically he has a hierarchy of suckers, all scrambling to be his BFF and ripping apart anyone below them to get one hot minute with ‘God’ himself, despite him being verbally and physically abusive to said suckers, he did like to throw an office supply. Not very godly if you ask me but hey, I just worked there until I didn’t.

    Do not recommend.

  3. Aldwyn

    I can relate to your comments above.
    I first met Roy McDonald in 2005 & did his Abundance course in the Hunter Valley for $7000. I enjoyed it at the time for the personal development side of it, however I felt it never gave enough substance to fully understand how to build wealth through property, business or shares. It always seemed just enough information was given to entice you to sign up for the next $20k program.
    Now, in 2022, I feel incredibly ripped off by Roy McDonald & am currently seeking a refund of $10,000 on his diamond mentoring program, which he is refusing to give even though I requested it within 24-48 hours of signing the contract.
    I went in for a free meeting after the Strategic Wealth Summit (previously known as Life Magic) & next thing I knew (after much sweet talk by Roy), I had committed to $40k worth of programs I didn’t need!
    I immediately had buyers remorse & requested a refund of the $10,000 deposit the next day. He wanted to meet up & discuss resolving the issue however there was nothing to discuss. I just want a refund & believe that is fair on ‘cooling off period’ grounds. He refuses to return the money & now is going down the legal road.
    Roy is a master salesman. Be very careful if you have a one on one meeting with him to CAREFULLY consider & take your time before signing anything. He will ask you on a scale of 1 to 10 how committed you are & say you need to do this program & that program & money can be taken from your Super or from Qoin & it’s tax deductible etc. He will then do a Voice recording first & put the contract (using the name LifeSpan not OneLife) in front of you when you are in an elevated state. DO NOT SIGN straight away. Take your time & consider what you are doing very carefully. The fact he knows your whole financial situation from the blue forms, I believe he uses this information to see how much he can take from you. In all that time, I know very few people who have had great financial results from his work & many disgruntled customers.
    Unfortunately, the whole experience has left a very bad taste in my mouth & now I am seeking my own legal advice.
    I would be happy for any support or advice on this matter or to hear from you if you have had a similar experience.

  4. Ron Is A Scam Fraud Pig Dog

    This guy is a complete asshole. NO ONE hand over money. He preys on the weak and desperate but is an old senile who’s legacy will be a disgraceful one. He is basically operating a bullshit cult.

  5. Sara

    A work colleague introduced me to Roy and my husband and I ended up at his 4 day seminar in the Hunter Valley. We were immediately split up and put into different groups, we we told we weren’t allowed to “consort with the enemy” even after events finished each day – not that you want too anyway, Roy and his staff keep you so busy, you basically fall into bed.
    I thank my lucky stars my husband and I saw right though him and told him exactly what we thought of his dodgy “ponzi scheme.” The hundred so people who were also attending the event weren’t so lucky. RUN FOR THE HILLS. this guy is egotistical, arrogant and creepy. He gave me a sickly uncomfortable vibe.

  6. Petra

    I worked at the Onelife establishment in the Hunter Valley, as a cleaner and in the restaurant.
    Over the course of these ‘workshop/seminar’ 4-5 day retreats, it was so, so sly and shady. You could see the manipulative mind games in action.
    This would be things like withholding or skipping mealtimes, for whole day, client bullying from Roy’s seminar staff, false encouragement and sincerity to coerce people into handing over money. Total gaslighting from not just Roy and his stepford wife Katrina, but the immediate staff under him, who were ruthless in coming down hard.
    I saw couples on speakerphone with bank managers trying to get loans, people being forced to dress up like dogs or pigs, only allowed to make the specific animal noise of said animal.
    No staff member (the normal hospitality workers, not Onelife staff) got paid properly. No superannuation, no holiday pay. The retreat management (Katrina, and whatever poor person she’d trapped to run the front desk) was so pathetically lacking and completely incompetent, faulty towers like. Many a worker got roped into attending a compulsory ‘wealth seminar’ to ‘see what it’s all about’ and then given a $2000 bill with intense pressure to sign up for more.

    Run as fast as you can. They are thieves and grifters and have no hesitation in destroying peoples lives.

  7. Anonymous

    It seems they are on the move again. I bought an intro pack sometime around 2013-2014 – had immediate buyers remorse and got a refund.
    I just now got a call from some guy in his office asking if they could reconnect – said I bought something in 2019, which I didn’t. Why would you want to reconnect after more than 7 years when I haven’t heard boo in that whole time?
    Maybe they just found their email list ….

  8. Anonymous

    Hey, I soon hope to get a response with this as I was recently hired to work for One Life. I couldn’t understand how I got the job as I was applying for a lot of work online. One day I get a link to a ZOOM meeting and it pretty much went over all the courses and stuff we had to do in order to teach new clients who join the program. It was all sent by e-mail. I’ve never really done anything like this and it’s been maybe a month now since I started – I had a full-time job before joining One Life and I quit it to work for them. I’m still doing the course stuff and am unsure what to do as I have not been paid by them at all. And it’s been more than 2 months now. Just doing online ZOOM meetings once or twice a week, going through all the same stuff. I didn’t know something like this existed and to be honest, I thought it was an opportunity of a lifetime – it sounded too good to be true, you know. I also had this very very strange feeling in the pit of my stomach – I can’t describe it, but it doesn’t feel like it’s a good thing at all. I wanted to see the best in this, but at the back of my mind…that feeling was always there and I was afraid. I was not confident in all of this.
    I don’t know what else to say, but please don’t hesitate to reach out – I want to try and understand what I’ve gotten myself into.

    1. admin Post author

      What was it about the opportunity, as a member of the staff, that was ‘once in a lifetime’? Salary, career, bonuses?

    2. Anonymous

      That doesn’t sound right. Are you on a payroll or is it commissions only? I would think that Companies had to pay their employees?

    3. Anonymous

      My response would be to read all the comments on this page and check out the links provided. This should give you the information you’re asking for. Good luck!

  9. Tara

    Oh gosh, I’m so sorry to see how much money some here have lost. 13 years ago, pregnant and in my very early twenties he made us feel like he was going to support my husband and I in our financial security and freedom. Instead he took just under $2000 and made us jump through hoops, most of these hoops were taking loans out or signing up to money making programs that never worked, in order to proceed with more workshops. My husband and I felt so played and decided to take the $2000 loss rather than hand anymore money over. Can’t believe that he is still in business. He’s a total crook!

    1. Mark

      Have you done any other seminars. One wants 2000. called infinity??? not too sure. Others want similar price. Very hesitant.

    2. Rather not say

      Hi Tara,
      Would love to reach out and have a chat if you can? I’m going through the same thing right now that you went through. My number is 0414 535 781.
      Hopefully we chat soon.

      1. bec

        Yep I too was in the same position when looking for a job, made me do a weekend seminar, my gut told me to run but I was desperate for a job….lucky I didn’t get the job as they saw my eyes were not glazed over enough at the end of the weekend, they were wide open thankgod.. all they want is your money….yes he and wifey are self made millionaires but by coercing people with passive aggressive tactics to hand over money….these people believe in their power and hook vulnerable people into believing also, a bit cultish in my opinion…

  10. Ray

    Roy MacDonald is in Adelaide I went to one of his introductions into his “Onelife” last night I think he is a very smart man I know some con artist an the way he was speaking screamed con to me what i lot of SH** teaching people how to make more money from $1 ha ha lol. When me and my partner were sitting there filling out a book about out income and stuff we looked at one another an we just knew there is nothing wrong with our business we just have to work a little harder to get to where we want to go and “jump over that wall” Roy said that was fear we were very happy to walk away an only spending $20 Roy did make some good cents about getting a good accountant I think everyone knows that but finding a good accountant that’s a different matter there is so many SH** ones out there.
    So do not hand your MONEY OVER 2/Jul/2019

  11. Susie

    I went to a five day retreat at the Hunter Valley with Roy and his team. I felt at the time very uplifted and empowered, until they wanted more money for additional programs. The next day I got home I spent hours researching information on him. Now I am very sceptical and confused.

      1. Jennifer

        Stay well away from One Life. All they want is money. They did such a number on a friend of mine that he ended up in hospital.

  12. Jennifer

    An absolute rip off. Almost had my husband certified after going to one of their seminars…he did end up in hospital. For some reason, he keeps in contact with Roy. I will show him this page. Thanks.

  13. George

    Now they are having another seminar on Jan 11th & 15th 2018 at the Hunter Valley Retreat … 2 Greek guy’s from OneLife Greece are special guests … I bet they try and gather the NSW Greek community to see how many people they can scam into this ponzi scheme company !! Why doesn’t ASIC do something with this bullshit ? They are saying that 2018 is the big year for OneCoin and it will become the next Bitcoin … what a load of rubbish and many friends of mine have been scammed into this crap over in Greece ! Now they are here to scam more people !

    1. Donna

      I also spent $30k and every event I went to just cost me more and more money. I got so much reading material of the same stories over and over. I asked him to help me with my finances after divorce, I was not in a good frame of mind. He promised me that great things would happen but I ran out of money then that was the last I heard from him. He hates anyone to question him and I have seen first hand of him treating people very unkindly when they have questioned him Or had a different opinion. Yes for a time I felt uplifted but when the money ran out everything come crashing down. I would love to get my money back, even half of it would help me.


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