Capstone Litigation

This one looks like a recovery scam.

Website is
(remarkably new..only registered in January yet they are meant to have been around since 2004)

They are contacting victims of some scams originating in the Philippines and saying they have located a pool of money and can get lost monies back to victims.
Of course there will be a 5% fee..
Possibly taxes..
Possibly other ‘release’ fees..

We know for sure they are targeting victims of a scam company called True Green Energy Group, possibly others.

One mistake they have made is that they claim to be in partnership with Interactive Brokers who are a highly reputable worldwide broker.
We were able to confirm with Interactive Brokers that there is no partnership with Capstone Litigation.

no IB affiliation

Capstone litigation and IB

Avoid paying them any fees on the promise of your monies being returned to you!

Gemini Capital Markets

Yet another cold-calling company, Gemini Capital Markets, has been ringing around and trying  to get people to buy into a managed trading account.

One person we spoke to, told us that they told him that the Chinese market was crashing ‘as we speak’ (it wasn’ fact the Hang Seng index they were referring to was up for the day at the time) and it was because Trump had just announced new sanctions against China (he hadn’t) and that all the major institutions are pulling their money out of China.

We did some checking..
Their website is
Looks a little plain. There are a few comanies sounding like Gemini Capital and there is even a Gemini Capital Markets that seems legit, but with a different website.
Can’t tell for sure but they may be taking some details from a legitimate, licensed company.

Anyway, decided to check out some of the people from the Team on their website and see if they pop up anywhere else..

There’s Edward Harrison, who is seen pondering at his desk:

Gemini Capital Markets scam

Looks like a stock photo..and turns out it is:

Gemini Capital Markets scam

Next, we have the thoughtful Daniel Andres:

gemini capital scam

also a stock photo:

Gemini Capital scam

And finally, the representative who spoke with our contact , Ron Norton. Not featured on their team page but did have a Linkedin profile:

Gemini group ltd scam

after some tracking down we found his mug shot at a portrait agency:

The company kindly confirmed that this is most definitely NOT Ronald Norton!

’nuff said. Scam.

Timber Hill scam raided on 60 Minutes

6o Minutes recently aired a segment that covered the investigation into and the raid on a group running several scams including the Timber Hill scam, which was a clone of a real business.

The investigation work leading to the raid and arrests was done by private investigator Ken Gamble and his company, IFW Global, in the Philippines.

The scammers also used Australian bank accounts to lure their victims into thinking their investment would be safe.

They reckon as much as 13 million AUD was scammed just in January this year alone.

They highlight how this is major financial fraud/crime and Australian authorities do extremely little to combat it.

More also at:

Zurmont Capital

Zurmont Capital have been making cold calls to induce people into buying into their Managed Investment Fund.
They claim to be in Melbourne , and the UK, and head-quartered in Switzerland.

They emailed a Prospectus, but it turns out to be just a very basic brochure.
By investing in their Zurmont Multi-Fund you can expect 18.2% p.a. return on your money! With very low risk they add!
No detail about previous years returns. Just a breakdown of how they might allocate funds for diversification.
After reading about who they are and what their mission is you are offered to fill out the application form and send it in. After that you will be sent an invoice. Only after you pay would you see your fund allocation and all documents.
There is nothing in the prospectus with details of how the fund is run, where monies are held, what happens if you want to leave, etc, etc.

It’s a very flimsy offering.
To top off the flimsiness,
they have no ABN
and they have no AFSL, even though they are dealing in a financial product.

Further investigation reveals that the domain for their website was only registered in November 2018.

If there’s not enough uncertainty about their credibility, we also checked on some of their Team who were featured in the prospectus..
There’s Josh Jackson, who they tell us has had ‘9 experiences in the legal field’

Zurmont Capital

who we found is also  Dental Technician:

Zurmont Multi-fund

Next there is Sally Hansen , who has ‘financial management experiences’

Zurmont fund

who also advises:

Fake MobileCiti callers

Just a quick heads up that there is a mob cold calling people claiming to be from MobileCiti.
And as of February 2020 they are still at it!
Their main purpose is Identity Theft.

MobileCiti themselves are a reputable mobile phone retailer and never call people offering them phone plans

The cold callers offer to upgrade your phone but it’s all very suspicious.
For instance they offer unlimited calls, text and DATA, no matter what service provider you are with. We don’t see how they could possibly guarantee that, especially the data.
The emails come from the domain which is not the official domain and website of MobileCiti.
They also call on very bad telephone lines and sound like they are in an overseas call centre (not that Aus companies don’t use overseas call centres..just not for sales calls though).

They ask for you to give them your driver’s licence and Medicare numbers before you even see the phone or contract or fact sheet.
They refuse repeated requests to see the contract, saying you have to sign up before they can send you the contract.

When quizzed on where they, they have no idea of what the address looks like where they are supposed to be.

Our advice is to stay well away from these offers. It’s a scam.

Emerald Sports and Cloverleaf Bookmakers

These guys are running a scam with a very familiar spiel:

That they’re in the UK and have thousands of Australian clients, so they are moving here to set up an office in a few short weeks.
They tell you they’ve been in the business as sports analysts for 40 years and have 500,000 clients in 20 countries, AND they always make incredible returns of 200% a week!
Oh wait, the other email says 100,000 clients in 23 countries…
To add to that they have selected to work with one of the most reputable bookmakers in the world , Cloverleaf Bookmakers.  Funny, we’ve never heard of them, and there is zero talk about them on the web. Nor is there any talk about Emerald Sports, even with their 40 years of unparalleled success for their clients.
Both websites were registered on 15/11/2017 and both have their name servers with the same host. Funny.

Cloverleaf Bookmakers, meant to be in Dublin, are not registered in Ireland as a bookmaker.
But maybe that’s because they only take online bets, and only in US dollars….weird.

As a welcome offer to the first 2000 Australian clients they are enticing us with deposit match bonus of $5,000 USD, tickets to Blue Ribbon events around the world including airline tickets and accommodation (imagine the expence for even 20 clients!) and tickets to their annual charity ball.

So full of BS , it’s a joke.