Passive Income Creations

 Passive Income Creations ,


Australian Market Trading Professionals , or AMTP

Thankfully a reader alerted us to this new morph of AMTP.

So now they have reappeared as Passive Income Creations. Check out the similarity between the two websites. ( is now down but the screenshot is from when it was up)

the AMTP


They also list 217 George St Brisbane as their address, same as Passive Ebay Income and look, their ‘trading consultant’ is Mark Davis, same as the Mark davis with Passive Ebay Income

Mark Peter Davis

except that the real guy is Mark Peter Davis:

Passive Income Creations

ABN for Passive Income Creations was registered in March this year.

Also see Bidlife, as that was the previous version of Passive Ebay Income


4 thoughts on “Passive Income Creations

  1. michael wooldridge

    When I dealt (for want of a better word) with this guy he was calling himself Steve Davis and calling his company AMTP. It is definitely the same guy.

    DO NOT INVEST ANY MONEY WITH THIS GUY!!! You will NEVER see ANY of it again!

    Oh, and that’s not him in the photograph, it’s just a face he’s pulled off Google images, as were the images on his old (AMTP) website, used to portray his fictional co-workers. He is the only person in the company – he IS the company. And he is, most definitely, a scam.


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