Premium Wealth

Premium Wealth, from Glasgow, UK, have an automated trading software they are trying to get people to use.
They will be getting affiliate revenue from brokers that they send you to.
It’s a common scam.
Tell you, or imply that you can easily earn squillions of dollars for no effort, just by using their automated, intelligent, artificial intelligence, trading software.
Make 2-4% per day (!!)
and no risk!
Well, minimises risk and maximises profits they say.

So the next step is to sign up with one of their recommended brokers (that they get commission from), download the software, for free, and start trading.
They will even arrange a 100% sign up bonus for you that will guarantee you against any losses if your account should somehow, unimaginably, suffer a loss.
(this is not how sign up bonuses work. They are only there to trade with, and can’t be withdrawn as cash until you have turned over the amount anywhere up to 100 times, or more.)

They say they have been in business for five years, yet their website, was only registered in October of this year, 2020.
They say they are registered with the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK, but the number they gave me, SC523371 brings up nothing.
It does however bring up a result at for what is likely a different company, Premium Wealth Advisory in Glasgow, who have been running for five years, but they show a different address, so they are probably ghosting that company.
The call would have been at 2am UK time. We suspect they may be in the Philippines or somewhere else in SE Asia.

They also claim to be partnered with many prominent brokers. Probably just in the sense that they receive affiliate income, not that they ‘work with’ the brokers.
Also their ‘mentions’ in prominent financial papers are likely made up.

Steer clear and save your money.

12 thoughts on “Premium Wealth

  1. Farida

    I got several calls from them.
    Decided to give them a try since its a couple of bucks and it worked great.
    The broker assigned to me was able to put me through the automated software.
    $250 turned into $1,833 in few weeks.

  2. L

    Got cold called several times from different numbers in Singapore. I think it was the same person each time, and she sounded like she had a Filipino accent. Very dubious, I asked them how they got my number and they mentioned some random person whom I had never heard of.

  3. Jess

    Just got cold called in NZ. Listened for a while, asked for the company registration number, while googling them and reading this page. Ended call.

  4. Gotcha

    Reported them to their name server provider Bluehost for breach of Terms of Service and they have suspended their account. is now showing as suspended

  5. Chris

    How many times have I been cold called with the same scam, different “companies” over the past 12 months. Now, as soon as I hear anyone mention the word wealth in the name of the company, I just hang up and block the number.


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