Profit Online Bizz

Harry Omeros is very busy..another morph of Bidlife, which then became Passive Ebay Income , Passive Income Creations and then Lifestyle Profits.

Same scam offering to set up your own Ebay store, which we have never heard of being delivered.

Same testimonials copied illegally from a legitimate Ebay business marketer.

Police at the Fraud Squad have been informed about this group for at least 6 months. When will something be done??

7 thoughts on “Profit Online Bizz

  1. Jane

    What a disgrace that this is still being allowed to continue. I reported this to ACORN, ASIC and the Dept of Fair Trading months ago. This guy ripped me off $6000. I ended up finding his mums name and address in the white pages, and calling her in the hope of finding him. Turns out he even ripped off his own mother and she hasn’t seen him since. Scum of the earth. And yes there are reports online dating back years, of this guys scams. Australian Government departments have done nothing. It seems that anyone is allowed to freely setup a scam and get away with it. Australian Authorities you should be so ashamed of yourselves. I was actually told when I called the department of fair trading that they were unable to act unless there were numerous complaints. In other words it would take 10 or more people to all be ripped off and report it to the same agency. WHAT A JOKE!

  2. Stef

    Finacial Freedom Australia and profitonlinebizz BOTH SCAMS working together
    Be warned about Profit online bizz and Financial Freedom Australia. I was contacted by a guy calling himself Mark Davis. He is skilled at talking you into his scam. When the Bank’s fraud dept contacted me they said both accounts were absolutely cleaned out. The Westpac accounts were frozen but high hopes of getting my investment back. FFA was re-registered in September 2015 and the bank accounts only opened a couple of months ago.

    1. Steven

      Just been stung by someone called Steve Elliot from FFA. Money left my bank account this morning so I could not stop it. Tried calling Westpac but I’m afraid our laws protect scum like this… Just wish I did more research on this and had come across this post sooner. Will monitor this site for any replies…

      1. Stef

        Steven you need to ring your bank and report the account no. you sent money to. they can freeze the account through their fraud dept. Ask to be put through to the fraud dept and not a customer service rep. Also report it to Scam Watch online. you can also report it to the police. It is such a low act to rip people off this way. They will get what they deserve in the end.

        1. admin Post author

          You should also report to ACORN and Fair Trading Qld.
          If you make these reports with the authorities, please document your dealings. Fair Trading especially is notorious for doing nothing and it will help build a case for change if we can show how bad it is.
          Also the FCCG ( Fraud and Cyber Crime Group) Qld. They usually need you to make a report at your local police station as well. Don’t know’s just the system.
          Spread the word in other forums online as well.

  3. David Swallow

    There are websites about this guy dating back four years.
    He has been reported hundreds of times to the Qld Fraud Squad.
    He fronted the old CCC and was allowed to just walk away with the millions he had defrauded.
    This guy has run at least 20 scams over the last decade and is VERY WELL known to the Qld Fraud Squad and Brian Hay.
    He is not lucky – just like the Irish Boys – bet he openly tells people he has cops on the payroll.
    This is so bad it is no longer a joke.
    The CCC needs to go after the people who HAVE RUN MULTI MILLION dollar scams for a decade not just a couple of current scams.
    Anyone who follows this site and has any idea what is happening will know that it is a small group of very organised criminals that has been allowed to operate openly in Queensland.
    Of course the heads of these crime syndicates (which are household names) will not be arrested by the police or the CCC just the idiots on the front line.
    EVERYONE in the industry knew who was behind Eurosoft. They also knew who was behind Betjack, they also knew who the Irish Boys are now living on their defrauded millions overseas.
    A few token arrests will not do – We want to know who in authority allowed these scams to continue for a decade with the police obviously told not to prosecute.

  4. George Parker

    If you are waiting for the Queensland Fraud squad to act – they have ignored this criminal for nearly a decade.
    It is very obvious Harry has friends in the right places.
    He has openly admitted committing fraud and still the illustrious Qld Fraud Squad refuse to act.
    Bit like the dozen or so Irish boys that have scammed hundreds of millions and are now out on bail haapily threatening anyone who wants to give evidence against them.
    Queensland – what a joke.
    See Old Mate Peter foster was let out of jail early – the judge refused to disclose why he was given time off his sentence – it is Queensland – we can all guess how a man who has scammed many millions can just get a free OUT OF JAIL pass from the judiciary.
    Great state – the Attorney General found Craig Thompson (the disgrace) innocent. Fraud is not an issue to these people – the criminals may be running the state.
    Harry Omeros – you have to be kidding – there have been thousands of complaints of this scum and still nothing.
    Qld still corrupt to the core – new government, new CCC boss – same protection of criminals.


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