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Caution, caution, caution.

Thankfully a thoughtful reader alerted us to this one and the name associated with it: Peter Phillip Lucas.

Peter Phillip Lucas is the Director and has been Director of a few other scams, usually associated with Harry Omeros. ( or are they one and the same person?).

This is supposedly property investment. Five different levels of investment with immediate weekly returns, eg: $200 per week on a $10,000 investment! that’s 100% return per annum. Alarm bells should be ringing!

They say they have 72 years combined experience in the property markets.  Maybe so. They say they have helped 3,787 clients over 17 years invest in property. Funny…they’ve only been registered as Property Investment Providers since August 2015.

So how would Property Investment Providers work?

Now let’s see..they say they sell their property developments for 8-13% return and investors get 2% return per week.
If they have their 3,782 clients all of whom just invest at the small $10,000 starter level, the company would need to pay out $756,400 each week, and sell over seven and a half million in property every single week to pay the dividends.

If you are thinking of investing with them, PLEASE do some research and think very , very carefully.!

Please do get in touch and tell us about your experience.

7 thoughts on “Property Investment Providers

  1. Sheila

    This guy has come out of hiding again in Jan 2019 with a scam to Realtors on Even sends you a copy of Passport of him and his investor — who would do that? Beware!!

  2. JASON

    I was contacted by a Peter Davies from Property Investment Providers about a month ago, the whole thing got me quite interested, but told them to get back to me in six months or so, as I am waiting for some term deposits to mature.

    They’re running another scam called “Asset Solutions Australia, I got a phone call from the same Peter Davies, same voice, same phone number, similar scheme, guaranteed weekly payment, except they were doing it with currency trading. Looks like these fools caught themselves out with the dreaded “double-up”, when a prospect is rung twice by accident.

    Beware, don’t give them any money

  3. Jon Post author

    Ask them for proof of their sales and won’t get any.
    Plus they’ll tell you there’s only a few packages left.
    They say they are doing sub-divisions without actually owning the land (something like options I guess)

    1. ANTHONY

      Thanks once again !! Last week I received a a phone call from another ‘person’ within the organisation, continually prompting me to invest. After much to & fro I told him that I was already dealing with someone in the company and left it at that. 5 minutes later I got a call from the original guy. Asked him if he knew of someone named Peter Lucas and he told me that is his boss !! Told him I’d send through an article and not to come back to me until he could prove that their company wasn’t a ‘scam’ !! Haven’t heard a thing since sending the email !! Thanks 🙂


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