Royal Guide Line


Another overseas company promising to make you thousands with their superior sports betting and handicapping selections.

We’ve seen it all before from as far back as the Bachmann Group (one of the first scams we started with).

They always ask you to start with just a ‘small’ investment to let them prove to you ‘how good they are’.

It’ll go something like this:
Your account will steadily grow with many wins on low odds sports events. You may even be able to make a withdrawal. You’ll then be encouraged to invest more. You r account grows. But when you want to make big withdrawals you’ll need to send release fees, taxes, etc but you’ll still never see your money.

You’ll have no idea where they are really located. No chance to get your money back.

Stay away , it’s all a scam


see also Kensigton Trade and Brookshire Traders. Wouldn’t surprise if it’s the same people running them.

3 thoughts on “Royal Guide Line

      1. admin Post author

        They ended up demanding a ‘tax’ to be paid to release funds ( and that’s if their bets were ever real in the first place) This is always the way with this type of scam. And if you pay the fee, there will always be another fee, and another. You will never get your money.


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