Rutherford Franklin and The Dominion Group

Well! We’ve had enough complaints about Rutherford Franklin and were just about to write a report and now it appears they have now become The Dominion Group !

Rutherford Franklin, based in Tokyo (they say) and at
and now they are The Dominion Group, still in Tokyo and at

We’ve had three reports of people investing with Rutherford Franklin where things have gone bad. Either the investment has fallen dramatically , and/or money can not be withdrawn, or communication ceases.

They all report dealing with different agents but perhaps there is more to this point..
We are told that one agent who was Mark Stone with RF in December is now Mark Silver. Could he also be any of the other agents?

Dominion Group claim to not know of Rutherford Franklin yet they call from the same telephone number: +81 669 568 4235

What they do is try to talk you into investing through them in some stock that is about to shoot right up. When it comes to buying stock though, it’s not done by sending money directly to them, it’s through a different company and they’ll ‘credit’ you the shares when they see you have made the transfer.
Guess that adds an extra arm’s length between them and the company ( except that they are actually the same)
One client reports that they told him there had been a merger and that Rutherford Franklin had had to buy compulsory warrants and they sent him the bill (well over 10k) for them.

The address given for The Dominion Group of :
Kasumigaseki Building
1-5, Kasumigaseki 3-Chome Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo, 100-0013, Japan has been checked on the ground in Japan and apparently does not exist.

Conclusion: run for the hills

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  1. Chris Douglas Post author

    Hi my name is Chris Douglas. My story began with a call from a nice sounding lady from Rutherford Franklin in Tokyo Japan supposedly replying to my enquiry about foreign investment. She advised her company was involved in just that, foreign investment . They had the rights to trade in shares, including a hot company involved in brain cancer research . The shares at the time were listed at about us$20 but because they were buying for so many clients, they could reduce the price to around us$15 each, sounded good especially the bit about expected return of around us$30 . How would 2500 shares sound?? On we went and subsequently I put in for 2500 shades, the money to a bank in Malta!!! Surprise surprise, they advised they had a buyer for all clients shares at about us$29 . But my shareholding was too small to be included in the sale. However if I increased it to 5000 shares at us $ 12 I would be included in the sale. I went ahead, fool that I am, and was advised the shares had been sold for the agreed amount. Then another blow. I got a bill from IRS in US wanting an amount of us$14500 for withholding tax, which would be refunded as I am not a US citizen. Paid. Then I was advised that I had to pay the Patriot Act fee to U S govt. Another us $9500. By this time I demanded my money and was told by RF that their escrow agent in New York was dealing with it. Contacted them. Was told yes we are holding your money which would be disbursed in due course. After many calls to and fro to Tokyo , it finally clicked that I had been done, after dealing with about 7 or 8 different people in their office. They even had the gall to tell me their phone system was undergoing upgrade, as I couldn’t get through. Most of the communication was by email. The name of the escrow agent in NY is Royal Pacific International. Avoid like the plague!!
    Last communication was July 2018. Please research the company before you act. It’s worth it. Incidentally the share price of these hot shares hit us$50 recently. They do exist, though I doubt if my share holding ever did. The end of my sad story.

      1. Caroline Quinton

        Hi Chris
        I am sorry that you were scammed too. They used exactly the same process with us – just different shares.
        I hope you are okay.


    1. Mike S

      if you want to know all the cornies behind this scam I have all the names

      3 living in Manila
      1 Living in UK
      and the snake head living in Toronto.

  2. frank

    i’m from Indonesia and been contacted very agressive from taylor mckenzie agent and at the end is asking to transfer USD. 2.500.. what a wonderful scam!!! Thanks for all the information regarding this company …

    1. Caroline Quinton

      Hi Everyone

      I have reported The Dominion Group Japan to both ScamWatch and ACORN.

      Please everyone do the same – who knows – the more people report them the closer they come to being caught. We can only hope. Thank goodness I believe in Karma because Karma will get them if nothing else does!!

      Cheers Caroline

  3. Moshe

    all are operated by same people from Philippines, their IP address is

    1. admin Post author

      We’re getting different results: taylormckenzie and thedominiongroup start with 104, and rutherordfranklin appears to be down.
      When did you do your trace?

      1. Joey

        NEWPORTLEGACY.NET is the next one.

        and after that ISLINGTONASSOCIATES.COM … that isn’t even up yet.

        How do I know this? Because, as I described below, these are all registered to Skye Zee Nisnisan. (Plus, at the moment, but likely to change, is sitting at the same block of websites as associated scams run by the same people… … mail servers shared by all scams or secondary scams.)

        From Skye Zee it goes back to the main guys running this scheme with ever-changing names from Manila.

          1. Joey

            Woodchester Consulting, Willowdale Worldwide, and some form of Great Eastern Trading are the last couple of entities registered to Nisnisan that haven’t shown up as scams will probably emerge shortly.


            Every other one registered to her is a currently running scam (Rutherford, Dominion, Taylor, Islington, Newport) or a re-registered older scam (Vantage, Hansa, and Roy Asia Trans which is a transfer agent used in the scams

            1. Joey

              Ah, yes, you can see that, the newest version of the scam, is sitting at the IP address sharing the name and mail servers with the emerging IslingtonAssociates and with a bunch of older scams or related scams including a very important older scam that stole millions, Balmoral International….

              This changes often as they shuffle these websites around, but sometimes, like this example, a website and associated scam websites or secondary scam websites sit at the same place. The important thing here is that the ONLY sites in these blocks are all connected. That is, there are no sites in these blocks that is not related to the historic, ongoing, or future version of the same scam. So, it’s obviously all run by the same people.

  4. yuval

    Good day,

    the same guys operating another “company”
    I got a phone call from them…

    1. Shad Hartwick

      I have invested in USG corporation shares with the yes the shares went up . I purchased mine for $27.90 and sold for $38.60 . Now they are saying that there where mandatory preferred shares attached to my account. So I will get 1 for 1 so now I have 4000 shares not 2000 . They say I need to finalize the amount of $12.90 per share before they let me access my funds. I told them I did not authorize these mandatory preferred shares. So they where willing to pay half so still asking me for another $11.500 USD. Someone please give me some advice on what to do as I have lost $80,000 Aus . Now have not got a cent to my name.

      1. admin Post author

        My advice would be to not send them any more money.
        Look at the facts: they are a shady group of characters that morph into a different company name every now and then. (see proof Robert posted here that they used to be Rutherford Franklin, who they will deny knowing anything about)
        They are nowhere to be found and certainly not in Australia so you’d have Buckley’s of getting your money back through any legal avenues. You still haven’t received any official share certificates I’m guessing either.
        If you want to spend your money, spend it on a PI to find out where they are and then think about what you want to do to them

      2. Tony

        DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY MONEY…they swindled me out of money and when the shares went up they did the same and said I needed to pay more money as they were also preferred mandatory shares. It’s a load of rubbish, you’ve already lost what you’ve given them kiss that good bye so don’t give them anymore as you’ll lose that as well. These people are lying scum that rip anyone and everyone off….

    2. Tony

      These guys have many many business names, staff names and they are all lies lies lies. They will pop up and rip anyone off. One thing everyone should know is that if they are not registered with ASIC and sound British American you can probably put money on it that they have been involved with Rutherford Franklin and all the other companies that have popped up to rip people off, and there are many.

  5. Rene Oranje

    Hi, they are even targeting people in Africa. I had a David West and now Mr Luke Butler even calling me. Thanks again for the heads up warning. they still using the same number and even a number from their offices in Luxembourg +352 20 20 2384, even thou they say offices in Liechtenstein. If you ask them for their personal mobile number they come up with another story about company policy. so called Mr Luke Bulter even sent me a copy of his UK passport. Their banking details is also funny. Bank in China. The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, yet the account is not in their name.

    I must say their webisite, looks original and legit..

    1. Robert

      “looks original and legit..” HTML is just HTML no matter how “legit” the website looks. If I was going to scam people I would also use a professionally made web site .Looking at the source code of Dominion Grp was revealing though…it links to rutherfordfranklin. Try clicking on the Dominion Group Logo ( bird) at top left! Same old scam dressed up in new clothing.
      I reported them to ASIC
      Unlicensed companies list – Rutherford Franklin Ltd | ASIC’s … › … › Unlicensed companies list › R
      Dec 7, 2017 – ASIC advises Rutherford Franklin Ltd could be involved in a scam. Do not deal with this business as it is unlicensed in Australia.

      1. admin Post author

        they might have fixed that error. Can’t find any reference to Rutherford now looking at Page Source. Did you get a screen shot?

  6. David

    Good Day….. I purchased shares through The Dominion Group. They have been giving me the run around after I sold my shares. I have been instructed to pay additional money as the shares I sold have a 2 for 1 Mandatory Convertible Preferred Shares, meaning I actually purchased additional shares I was not aware of and have not paid for the additional shares.

    How do I take this further?

    Are there international police I can contact or an international organisation I can contact to assist in getting my money back.

    1. Des

      Hi David, Have also invested money with RF Ltd. Now starting to be given the run arounds.
      Started with Mark Stone and shares in EXEL. Then fobbed off on to Colin Phillips.
      Sold shares then invested in USG. Sold them and had an exclusive into CNET.
      Sold them and money requested to be deposited into my account. Now the IRS wants
      8% of the profit to be paid up front before they can release my money.
      After reading of your experience and others I have come to a halt.
      Can you reply and help me? How about a trip to Osaka and meet these people?
      Regards Des.

      1. Joey

        They are not in Osaka. All names of the fake “brokers”, listed addresses, and anything else from their website or company correspondence are completely fabricated nonsense.

      2. Gazza

        You may want to look at other sites and see that the guy in question is a David Gilinski. Quite a bit of info on him, facebook and pictures. Apparently in Manilla.

      3. Mike

        The address of this company doesn’t exist.

        Kasumigaseki Building
        1-5, Kasumigaseki 3-Chome Chiyoda-ku
        Tokyo, 100-0013, Japan

        KASUMIGASEKI BUILDING is Japan’s first skyscraper.
        The address is “3-2-5 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0013. Japan” or ” 2-5, Kasumigaseki 3-chome. Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0013″

        NOT … 1-5, Kasumigaseki 3-Chome Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, 100-0013, Japan.

        Don’t be fooled by this address and don’t go there to catch them.

    2. Gan

      I have been contacted from Mark Stone from Domain group. He rang me many times a day and he sent me a paper work. I said on the phone that I am interested in buying shares. then he sent me paperwork. I changed my mind not to send any document back because I found that there is something wrong. He rang me again to ask why I did not send papar back I said i changed my mind not to buy stock from you any more. He said he recorded my words when I said “yes” it means I accepted it. if I don’t transfer money, he will send a collection.

      What should I do? please advise.

      Thank you.

      1. admin Post author

        Do not send them anything!
        They would have no legal right to force you to pay money.
        It’s a scam. Pure and simple.

          1. admin Post author

            Just ignore it, but please forward it on to us.
            Hopefully it would contain the information of a real law firm somewhere that could help lead us to locating them.
            But we highly doubt you would get anything official.

  7. Joey

    Rutherford Franklin and The Dominion Group are indeed part of the same scheme run by the same people who have been scamming millions for years.

    So, I’m saying that this is just the latest version of the exact same scam. The company names change, websites come and go, etc. but it is always run by the same people. This is Manila-based.

    Skye Zee isn’t that important. But, she has several links to the real people behind the scheme.

    As well, the other UK registered officer of Rutherford Franklin is, as you can see, Geoff Dixon who is connected to both the previous/current scams Standard Fidelity and Cathay Dupont.

    Along with the other guy, David Martyn, these 2 are also not that important.

    I have posted about both of these connections elsewhere. Another Australian forum here…

    (Standard Fidelity also seems to have targeted Australians, mainly, and I’m in contact with several victims.)

    Please read that whole thread. And here… useful for historic information… that is, what’s posted there has changed but it’s useful for reference…


    Above is just a TINY part of this whole thing that I just put up to show that I know something about this case. But what’s there isn’t even scratching the surface. RF and The Dominion Group might be your main concern, I understand that, but really they aren’t that important. It’s just the same crew running the same scam with little changes going back to at least the mid 2000s. That is, I can show that literally dozens of the same scams going back to that time can ALL be traced to the same person or people operating the scheme in Manila.

    If you “invested” (ie. lost entirely, it’s gone, don’t have any illusions about it, it’s stolen.) less than say $20,000 AUD then I would perhaps chalk it up to a bad experience. Up to you. But, if you lost more or are committed to seeing a resolution/justice/recovery etc. then I can provide you with a picture of the whole thing. There are various civil and criminal proceedings pursuing different branches of this thing and I can give you the details. It’s unlikely that new victims have any new information that I don’t already know but you never know so I’d be interested in any transaction history, documents, company correspondence, etc., that anyone would be willing to share. Contact me through here and we can move it to another platform or whatever you want. I’m not hiding, they are.


    As an aside (kind of just for my own benefit to actually write it down), we can see that Skye Zee very recently registered ROY ASIA TRANS, VFT FINANCE, and HANSA EQUITY.

    All registered last month.

    Roy Asia thing is ROYAL ASIA TRANS, a transfer agent used in many of the related scams (same people). VFT Finance is 99.9999% VANTAGE EQUITY that is a related scam. And HANSA EQUITY is an ongoing scam that has been around for a while. Again, all run by the same people. However, I’m not sure why they would even want or need to re/register these entities in the UK. (I’m in contact with some authority looking at the UK registrations based on the Standard Fidelity/Cathay Dupont/Carlton Church scams.)


    Ok, here’s a (relatively) straight line (straight by my reasoning, but might seem incredibly convoluted to anyone else, hehe) between Skye Zee and the main guy behind the whole thing. So, just one way of putting it together based on just the latest scam Rutherford Franklin….

    1) BALMORAL INTERNATIONAL was a very part of this scheme. A scam running around 2012-2014. You can find lots of info on this if you want.

    2) From the Panama Papers leaks we see that the registered officer is STEPHEN JAMES COKET…

    3) Here he is… … with like 10 Facebook friends one of which is Skye Zee, right?

    4) I have previously SEEN Steve Coket in company pictures with the main perp. These were company pictures posted on Facebook. Coket was previously unidentified. (Oh, you can see pics of what he looks like through his kid’s FB like here….

    5) I have actually had the main perp followed in Manila to what was, at that time, the main base of their operations. Pictures of the main guy and a couple of main associates were obtained going into that office. Another guy was pictured who I had seen but didn’t know of until recently. It was Coket. (Link to pic on the day if it works… )

    6) Of Coket’s other few FB friends at least a couple of others are associated with the whole scheme. … but the main guy is David Gilinsky.
    You can see that Skye Zee is also FB friends with him.

    7) The main guy stealing your money through this latest scheme Rutherford Franklin is David Gilinsky. Toronto native now in Manila for years.

    Yah, ok, Facebook connections don’t mean much but I can show you a hundred different threads of a similar nature that all point to Gilinsky in much more concrete terms.

    If you look back at the listed websites I posted here for instance… … I can show you how EVERY single website there can be traced back to Gilinsky in one form or another. He’s been stealing money for years. Millions. Actually, the whole historic scam adds up to at least $100 million based on just what numbers I have from victims I KNOW about.

    There is a ton more on him, he’s your main guy, easy to find, and I know where the current call-center operation is in Manila that they are running the scheme.


    Eh, I left out a bunch, of course, but you can contact me if you want more. I’ve been working on this crap for a couple of years though have taken a break recently.

    1. Des

      Hi Joey, Love your work. I have been scammed. Am prepared to travel and catch up
      with these scum. Can you help me?
      Have invested a lot of my retirement funds
      with RF Ltd. Spoke with Mark Stone originally then Colin Phillips. Have money pending but
      IRS wants 8% paid up front before release of my money. Sounds like a scam.
      Can you advise?
      Regards Des.

      1. Joey

        “IRS wants 8% paid up front before release of my money. Sounds like a scam.”

        This is a secondary and/or supporting scam run by the people who run Rutherford Franklin itself. This is to get you to pay what they claim you owe or to get you to pay more to release the funds or whatever the ****, doesn’t matter. It should be ignored.

        But, I’d like to see whatever correspondence you received that told you this IRS thing. There are at least a couple of reasons that the secondary and supporting scams may be just as important as the main scam.

        My email is and we can move it to another platform if you want to talk about the whole thing some more.

    2. Gazza

      Hi all… if there is information, pictures and where about’s of this SCUM why don’t a number of people pay to go and say hello to them. I’m sure people that have lost lots of money would be happy to hand over a few k to lets say an ‘organisation’ that could go and see them….just a thought..???

  8. Rod

    Definatly a mob of scammers. Was contacted by a Mr Mark Stone before christmass regarding shares in Exelixis Listed on the Nasdaq I told him I was not in a position to purchase share at this time but I would contact him when I could. Did some searching on the internet on Rutherford Franklin found out it was possible a scam operation. For the last 3 weeks have been contacted 3-4 times per day 5 days a week from their number to which I ignored. What legitimate company would keep ringing for so long after being ignored So today I answered a call from a private number and guess who no other than Mark Stone so I thought I would play along after which he put me through to compliance so paper work could be sent. So told him to send all paperwork so I could get my financial advisor to check it all out to which he replied that that was not advisable as he would not know anything about these shares. After a few more words regarding financial advisor i told him if he was not happy with that not to bother sending any paperwork because they were nothing but a mob of scammers stealing other peoples money He could not get off the phone quick enought. As per all other comments do not deal with anyone who is cold calling as you will only lose your hard earned money to these low life vermin.

    1. Tony

      Yea Rod they are vermin of the lowest kind. Unfortunately they have been ripping people off for quite some time using different business names, and they’ll just keep doing it. Some tips to be aware of when they use a different business name……
      Check the IP address and when it was registered and when it expires…
      Ask if they are registered with an authority that allows them to trade…
      Listen to their accent, if they sound British American and sound like they have a carrot shoved somewhere (arrogant)….
      Deals to good to be true…

      HANG UP…your being targeted by grubs. Remember business names will change, British American accent with no authority to trade means scammers….!!!!!!!

    2. Des

      Hi Rod, yes I’m in the same boat. Contact me and lets see if there is anything
      we can do. I’m keen to travel wherever to meet these people.
      Regards Des.

    3. Gan

      Hi Rod,

      I got the same problem but I said “yes” during conversation and it was taped. I want to cancel i dont want to buy anymore this share but they said they will collect my money for 250 shares for 5575 USD for Exelixis. his name is Mark Stone, then another email is Mark Silver. They sent me all paperwork but I have not sent them back yet. They said if they I don’t transfer money, they will sent a collection with lawyer fee.

      I feel something wrong. If I don’t transfer my money, what will happen?

      Thanks for any advice in advance.

      1. admin Post author

        You’re right to smell something wrong.
        If only more people were as wise to listen to their instinct as you are.
        Nothing will happen to you.

  9. Tony Post author

    You were asked to ‘step up to the big league’ strange statement coming from a ‘reputable’ broker. My friend was told ‘he needed to put his big pants on’ but that was from Damian Stevens from ‘RUTHERFORD FRANKLIN’ sounds much the same doesn’t it. Stay away from RUTHERFORD FRANKLIN and apparently the DOMINION GROUP as I have read they are the same scammers, also they use to be CHESTERFIED as well. Lets face it these people could be anyone. From what I have learnt stay away from British American sounding people. Who ever they are if they can not give you their business registration and are not authorized anywhere hang up. You will be fed B…..T to try and convince you, they will even say any comments on the internet are just from unhappy investors who didn’t make much money and was not their fault, they’re in happy investors because these people stole money from them…ALL THEIR MONEY…!!!!

  10. Jim

    RUTHERFORD FRANKLIN…. what can I say just read the internet about them. But they could be called the Dominion Group also, apparently they have quite a few names, Chesterfield is another I have read. Let’s face it they can call themselves anything, BUT… if they sound of British American decent hang up and tell the authorities. If they sound like that or even if they don’t make sure they are registered as a business and do your home work. There are lots literally dozens and dozens of fake people in fake businesses out there….

  11. .

    Rutherford Franklin Tokyo….apparently my money is in ‘escrow’ in which they verbally told my financial partner over the phone, yet they never told him why. I emailed them to please explain why if the funds have been cleared are they in escrow, no reply. I have emailed Damian Stevens and Keith Donnelly ( names probably made up ) from Rutherford Franklin several times yet no response. Great communication from a business supposedly in business for 12 years LMAO….IP address is 7 months old and expires in a few months. Reality is this organisation of criminals are not legit, Rutherford Franklin or the Dominion Group and apparently once Chesterfield and who else are the same, different names with the same phone numbers according to various web sites.
    Stay away from ANYONE that aren’t registered, if they can’t prove who they are hang up and tell the regulated authority in your country or find the one that is from the country they say they are from.

  12. Tony

    An update to this so called legit company….

    RUTHERFORD FRANKLIN…my partner and myself invested some money with these people and have been given the run around after they asked for 10k extra and I declined. My partner called them wanting to know why our money has not been returned after we told them three weeks ago to sell the shares. Their response was that the money has been sourced but is in ‘escrow’…??? he questioned that and when he told them they were scammers he got the response that they would get their solicitors involved if he said that. We emailed them wanting to know why our money was in ‘escrow’ and we received a response in writing stating that my partner was not on the account so information could not be related to him, yet they didn’t answer my question..??? and after three contacts they still have not answered my question. One would think that if a business that has been around ‘apparently’ for 12 years yet their IP address was listed August last year and has an end date of August this year would maintain contact with their investors. One would think that they all have the same story to tell their investors yet they have come out with different information. So I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether you would give your hard earned money to an organization that hides behind the truth, hides their identity and doesn’t return investment funds to their clients…!!!

    And as for your threat of a solicitor, I’d gladly speak to him about your business ethics get him to call me (not holding my breath though)

    1. Tony

      Rutherford Franklin or Dominion Group are scammers. After doing my due diligence or what I thought was enough I purchased one stock from them. It was a stock on the rise so all looked fine. I was scammed into buying another stock but when the investment was to mature they told me I needed to give them about 10k before they released my money. I said I needed to see some money come my way from my first purchase. At that point they stated that if I didn’t give them another 10k I would lose both stocks as they were linked, never heard of this before obviously wanted more money. When I said no more money until I see some money back in my account another person called me, apparently the first person was away on holidays.
      These people are nothing but Ferals. They have a British America accent and have many people call you so it seems they are a large organisation, they are not, they are just liers and I’m sure their mothers are proud of them….
      If someone calls you with a British American accent hang up, if they can’t prove whom they are or they are not registered as an organisation with a reputable history hang up. They will try to impress you but it’s all b….t
      British American accent don’t forget that and if not registered walk away and tell more people….

      1. Tony

        Hi…. I’m also in the process of finding out if there address in Tokyo is legit. I’ll inform you all once I hear from my people in Tokyo…

        1. Tony

          No I don’t expect to get it back…. these people are nothing but scum, in saying that a few organizations have contacted me regarding these people because of the increased number of comments on these sites. One of them that spoke to me told me about new digital technology that is assisting them with their investigations with this group. Apparently what we have learnt in the past twenty years or so can now be learnt in twelve months or less. Technology is moving so fast and if people think they can rip off people and get away with it maybe they should start thinking about the technology that is around now that can put their AR..E in a court room. I’m not saying it takes a few calls to get nailed but lets face it the end of a rope finishes somewhere, always has and with what is coming out all the time maybe the end will come to some of these scammers shortly…!!!

      2. Tiny

        Hello… it appears as you would expect Rutherford Franklin’s office that is advertised on their web site is not what it seems. Further more they state that they work from that office yet when they call the ID on the phone says Osaka Japan. Their so called office location in which they say they are calling from is 6 hours away in Osaka, yet they say Tokyo.
        Thank you for the people that have offered that information. Any more information is appreciated…

        1. Bruce low

          Yes I’d like to verify address in Tokyo as I’ve invested in LYFT shares suppposedly worth 1.7 million I rang a no in Tokyo and a female answered identified herself as dominion and asked who I was dealing with ie which agent and gave me advise on resetting my password seems so legitimate. Had no suspicions anything amiss


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