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We have a few concerns about the pedigree of this company even though they are not charging particularly outlandish fees.

They sell copy trading on Forex and Binary Options markets as well as include training in the package. Just $1500 to join.

Concern is that Sanitatum P/L was once under the same director as Investment Software Solutions  which had a chequered past. The directorship has now been passed on to someone else. This could be just because of bad press about his previous operation and wanted to get Sanitatum off on a clean footing. Maybe their new product works..

Other concern is the use of Binary Options trading. Most financial experts regard Binary Options trading as gambling and there have been many scams of late using Binary Options as their instrument of choice for wooing clients. Maybe Sanitatum have got it worked out though.

They claim three years of trading results, yet Sanitatum was only formed in July 2013. The website was only up in Sep 2014. Interestingly they have not registered for GST.

Maybe they have great traders and can be profitable. We’ll be watching this one with interest.

If anyone has experience with them please let us know by commenting or email

2 thoughts on “Sanitatum Group

  1. Carol Ashworth

    I joined this company in 2014 at a cost of about $23,000.00 by the time I paid for the service plus an amount to trade with. Within less than six months my money was gone and I never heard from them again. I have tried to recoup my money through various means but I am told they haven’t had any complaints about them so everything is legal. Other than using a lawyer which is costly I have exhausted all avenues.

  2. Matt

    In Sep/Oct 2014 I signed a contract with them for Forex trading services and paid $2000 but in a few days I understood they don’t trade well and I cancelled the contract in cool-off period. They didn’t refund me. I complained to Consumer Affair Victoria. Meanwhile, it seems they transferred the business to someone else. The new owner came to an agreement to refund in installments in early 2015, but they only returned $500. I finally took the complaint to the Magistrates Court and the court made an order that Sanitatum must return the rest of the money. A month ago I wrote them again to see whether they pay or not, because I can request an enforced order to take the money from their assets/properties. They replied that they will pay, but after a month again they mail server fails and they don’t get any email (from me at least) and their website is also down again. So, I’m going to request the enforcement to the court order.


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