Sports All Bet scam

Sounds like another re-invention of scams like Kensigton Trade,  Grainger Trust, Marlin Reynolds, etc

They ring you up and tell you that you have a long forgotten betting account that was run by a third party that you used to have an account with, in this case Cybersportstab.

Lo and behold, now the balance is a touch over $50,000 !

All you have to do to get access to your account is pay them $2,500 to take care of the amount that was initially credited to your account by them so Cybersportstab could place some big trades for you. How generous they were.

They are supposedly based in Costa Rica and have a crappy website with no contact details. NO way you would want to trust them with your money.

Please do not fall for this one. Other people have been sucked in before in very similar schemes. You never get access to any account with lots of money. You always lose your own money and then there is nothing you can do about it.

3 thoughts on “SportsAllBet

  1. Paul

    Hi there – I have been approached by a person named Colin from claiming that I have an account with 64,000 EURO and to release this money I have to pay 4,500 EURO – after reading your post I’m very sceptical. In the past I have lost a lot of money by believing in this and in similar sites/bookies/companies and paying money to ‘release’ my account and it contents. Its been 2 years since they have been in contact and I lost all of that money that I paid out to ‘release’. Guessing this is very similar – would be great to hear your thoughts and experiences with this site and it’s people.

    1. admin Post author

      First thing to ask yourself is, is where is the proof that you have that account and who made the bets that made it to that amount?
      Secondly, if they need a fee, why don’t they just tale it out of the account and pay you the rest?
      Of course they will come up with excuses like they don’t handle the account. etc.
      It’s all BS.
      Very tempting for sure, and that’s why it’s worked for so long.
      Don’t be fooled by the lure of easy money.

  2. Andrew

    Please be aware there is also another name being used. It is dealing in the same practice. They have been at me for over 12 months trying to con me.
    I have tried to contact various government departments with no help or advise on whether this was a scam. It sounded to good and they couldn’t confirm the original betting agent. So I stood clear.
    Be very wary of this name also.


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