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Aston Forex

Scam Warning! Aston Forex, astonforex.com

Just had a cold call from these guys, suposedly in London.
No address on their website astonforex.com and they wouldn’t tell me where they were at first. After I kept asking they gave me London. Then they hung up because I kept asking, and another guy rang back, said I was rude and told me they were in Finchley Road. Wouldn’t give me a number though and hung up again.
They say they will trade a trial account for me to get me going in the forex market..but I have to open account with them, because they’re the brokers. But hang on….they can’t be the broker And trade. They could do anything to manipulate the trades, if they ever¬† put any on.¬† They reckon they have between 50-100,000 clients. So there’d be good feedback on the web right?

Wrong. First search reveals:

Pretty much as suspected…can’t even get a withdrawal.

Also, I see they are listed by the UK’s FCA as a company to avoid:


May be also posing as EuroBondFX