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CM Traders

WARNING…read the comments here before even remotely thinking of joining this company. Do not believe what they tell you. You will do your dough.

Alert !  CommOptions , commoptions.com recently discovered. Looks like CM Traders all over again. Fair chance it’s the same people. Website menu the same, same broker, same packages even!  Be Warned, stay clear! (15/07/2014 confirmed: CM Traders and CommOptions owned by the same person, serial scammer: Sarcha Goulding )

I’ve been meaning for a while to write something about the spate of binary option schemes out there. I recently went through the sales pitch from CM Traders, so this seems like a good place to start looking at binaries.

cmtraders.com.au.  , Woodybank Pty Ltd trading as CM Traders

CM Traders. They sell a package for investing in forex, commodity and index markets via binary trading. For those that don’t know, binary trading is a relatively new way to trade the markets, where you ‘bet’, effectively, on whether the price will finish higher or lower after the chosen time interval. So it doesn’t matter if you are successful or unsuccessful by one pip or a thousand pips,  the bet pays a fixed amount.  That fixed return is generally about 90% of your investment.

CM Traders spruik enticing returns of over 50 times your investment capital after just one year, and that is trading conservatively! ( and at their worst rate of return they reckon). That is based on winning 55% of the 2000 trades you get on the CM 2000 package and trying to win just 0.35% of your trading bank each time you have a successful trade. $1000 becomes $57,000!!

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