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Keystone Finance

Also: Keystone Australia, Keystone Investment Group

keystonefinance.com.au ,  , keystoneaustralia.com.au

Update 02/11/16: Two men have been arrested and charged with fraud and money laundering. It is alleged that they were two of the principals behind Keystone.


Police are still wishing to speak to any victims. If you’ve been affected by Keystone please get in contact with the police taskforce, Operation North Guitar at: [email protected]


Classic hustler spin by the sales reps here…

‘ We don’t normally talk to the public / don’t just bring anyone onboard’

‘It’s not a get rich quick scheme’ (even though the claimed returns are 4-7% per week. That’s around 250% per annum!))

‘We’re a Government regulated company’ (by ASIC, like every other business, good and bad)

They have ‘a lot of clients: smart investors / quality clients’ who want ‘multiple income streams’ who want to ‘pay off their mortgage and help their families’.

‘Most business is through referrals’ because of course everyone is so pleased with how they are going.

‘It’s a win:win’ (not sure who the second win is for).

But better be quick because they are 95% full. And while you’re signing up, why not take the Platinum package that most clients opt for (only $39,999 )

They say they are leaders in their field and have been around for 14 years even though the company has only been registered since 2012.

Its index / binary options trading. They manage the trades for you , even though they don’t have a licence for Managed discretionary Accounts (MDA). The broker they push is In2Markets, located in Coast Rica.

We’d be highly sceptical that this company can consistently produce the returns it talks about.


Sanitatum Group

Sanitatum, Sanitatum Group , sanitatumgroup.com

We have a few concerns about the pedigree of this company even though they are not charging particularly outlandish fees.

They sell copy trading on Forex and Binary Options markets as well as include training in the package. Just $1500 to join.

Concern is that Sanitatum P/L was once under the same director as Investment Software Solutions  which had a chequered past. The directorship has now been passed on to someone else. This could be just because of bad press about his previous operation and wanted to get Sanitatum off on a clean footing. Maybe their new product works..

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Alternative Investments International


Alternative Investments International only registered for GST in August 2014 and their business name in December 2013 so beware that they have little track record.

They contacted one of my readers who has already been scammed by another Gold Coast business. Using the same database maybe??

This company is offering just two horse racing selections a week and you’re meant to profit 80% per month !!! What’s that..on just about 9 selections! You’ve got to be dreaming. Oh, and that’s starting with just $500, and you make 200% for the first two months!! Sounds like pie in the sky to me.

Their website also mentions investments in race horses, property and mining, but don’t really seem to be investing in them themselves. Seems more like disinformation.

Also, the tag on the thoroughbred investmant page says ‘binary options’. Bizarre. Binary options are not something that any reputable company is involved in.

We’ll be watching this one closely.

AU Wealth Generation and The Binary Code Method

AU Wealth Generation , auwealthgeneration.com using TraderXP as their broker


Sure ! But maybe not with this guy’s help.


You’ll find his image many places on the web, but as different people. On the auwealthgeneration site he is Dr James Campbell, but the image name is actually Dr Glenn T Winters.

He goes on to tell you that you can make easy money, and replace your income with this online job..NO risk! 100% Guaranteed no risk or cost!

He explains how to pick the winning direction of a trade 88.94% of the time, when the chance according to the prices given (1.70) is more like 58%. He provdes no statistical evidence for this. All you have to do is set up your ‘free’ account with  a specific broker: TraderXP and you’re good to go.

Truth is, he does not care whether you win or lose, because he gets a minumum of $100 for each sign up to TraderXP through their affiliate scheme. By the time you’ve found out his system is rubbish you’ve probably just wasted money and time. And good luck if you want to get money out of TraderXP. There’s no path to quick riches in trading. It’s far more treacherous than the scammers make out.

I’m suprised he didn’t recommend the next logical ‘scam’ step, that if your first trade loses, then double up on the next trade, and so forth, until you get a winner, or blow your bank. And you know which one will happen sooner rather than later.. Some scammers claim this will give you a 99.5% chance of winning! Utter rubbish.

He tries to make you feel at ease, and generous, by saying he is merely funded by donations from ‘over-joyed’ users of the system.. $283,840.47 so far!

Don’t bother.

TPZ International

TPZ International , TPZinternational.com.au

Update 2/6/2014 Now they appear to have set-up as:

ITZ International , itzaustralia.com , ITZ Australia

update 24/6/14

now morphed into ITZA , ITZonline, ITZonline.com

(same text, same address, same phone number as ITZ )
This group just cold called me. Run by Topazair Pty Ltd who are also the people who run laybets.com.au which looked pretty much to be a scam. They also run St George Ltd who run a scheme similar to UK Homebusiness and Newmont Trading but with the difference that St George don’t charge the substantial upfront fees.

So anyway, TPZ International are peddling a Binary Options scheme. In the brief introductory spiel I had where I got to open a demonstration account and place a trial trade at Binary.com (the same broker that CM Traders use! ), my sales agent claimed  that they have 3000 clients and last year they sent out 700 trades and only lost 4 ! Hey sounds pretty good/unbelieveable. Then after more explanation it turns out that what they do is, if there is a losing trade in the first hour, they bet again on the second hour, doubling up basically. If that loses, double up for the third hour, and if that loses double again in the fourth hour…or a slight variation where rather than doubling the first hour they only try to get back their investment. EIther way, you’re looking at a loss about 10 to 12 times what you were trying to win. But hey, it’s ok if you only lose four sequences in 700 right ( the sales person admitted it was sequences not bets)?  Sure, if it were true. I’ll have to wait and see what proof they have.

But with the odds set by Binary.com as something close to 45/55, the strike rate is probably much more likely to be 350 winners out of 700. I don’t believe Anyone could be that good to win 696 out of 700 (but they’re probably twisting the facts again )

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CM Traders

WARNING…read the comments here before even remotely thinking of joining this company. Do not believe what they tell you. You will do your dough.

Alert !  CommOptions , commoptions.com recently discovered. Looks like CM Traders all over again. Fair chance it’s the same people. Website menu the same, same broker, same packages even!  Be Warned, stay clear! (15/07/2014 confirmed: CM Traders and CommOptions owned by the same person, serial scammer: Sarcha Goulding )

I’ve been meaning for a while to write something about the spate of binary option schemes out there. I recently went through the sales pitch from CM Traders, so this seems like a good place to start looking at binaries.

cmtraders.com.au.  , Woodybank Pty Ltd trading as CM Traders

CM Traders. They sell a package for investing in forex, commodity and index markets via binary trading. For those that don’t know, binary trading is a relatively new way to trade the markets, where you ‘bet’, effectively, on whether the price will finish higher or lower after the chosen time interval. So it doesn’t matter if you are successful or unsuccessful by one pip or a thousand pips,  the bet pays a fixed amount.  That fixed return is generally about 90% of your investment.

CM Traders spruik enticing returns of over 50 times your investment capital after just one year, and that is trading conservatively! ( and at their worst rate of return they reckon). That is based on winning 55% of the 2000 trades you get on the CM 2000 package and trying to win just 0.35% of your trading bank each time you have a successful trade. $1000 becomes $57,000!!

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