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AustWise Traders


Just another name for International Traders Zurich , or ITZ, a spin-off itself of TPZ and it’s variations.

The ABN reveals the truth:

austwise traders

Now it’s automated trading software they’re flogging. No doubt it doesn’t work like just about all automated trading softwares and everything else that this group has sold over the years.

Read up on their history here and please leave a comment or email us if you have had dealings with them

BGC Trading

BGC Trading or BGC Partners are the new morph of Universal Trading Strategies.

bgc-trading.com, bgctrading.com.au , bgcpartners.com.au

Most of their website material is an exact copy of utscorp.com.au. They give their address as 140 Bundall Rd but the contract gives 2/91 Upton St which is/was UTS’ home.

Now they are offering Index investing and Forex automated /black-box trading with a hefty price tag of $10,000. They claim there are many excellent automated forex trading softwares out there, and a lot of good ones. Expert opinion is quite the opposite, even suggesting that there are NO good automated trading softwares at all.

Reports are now coming in (see comments) that clients that were having their ‘trading’ done through bestbets247 for BGC have suffered massive losses whenever they tried to instigate a withdrawal. They are then offered a better ‘managed’ account if they pay a large sum of money to take their account to the next level. Beware, this is a common scammer tactic, using the lure of ‘better’ product to regain unexplained losses. Do not be fooled. Do not give them more money.

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