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Brookshire Traders

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These guys have been calling for a while now, peddling the same scheme as Bachmann Group and Grainger Trust

They say they are located in London. (very close to another scam Eurobond FX ). They guy I last spoke to said he lived there on the first floor and worked on the 22nd floor. Pity it’s only a seven storey building!! Looks like corporate offices too so I’d be suprised if he lived there.

Anyway, they reckon they just want  to win your trust..all you have to do is deposit $200 with their dodgy bookmaker, qbetting, in Costa Rica and let them show you how good they are. They say they work with over 20 bookmakers, but they only give you a dodgy one to deposit with. So they talk about arbitrage bets, but you normally need two bookamkers to offest against each other for that to work. They say your money goes to a master account from where it is sent to the bookmaker, and they credit you with the other side of the bet. But actually, initially, they will just bet head to head, to build your bank up first. Do they know their average odds? No. Average strike rate? No. They keep records don’t they? Of course. Can I see them? No…can’t give out private clients records. I wasn’t asking for that, just their own records of the bets they made. Won’t give them (don’t have them).

So how do Brookshire Traders stack up?

The way the story would go, is that you would deposit, and then they would win a lot for you..but then when it comes to withdrawal time, you have to pay your 15% commission first.

The way it has played out with Bachmann Group and Grainger Trust is that they tell you you have won $10,000 or so, send them the 15% and they will be able to release your money. Of course, you never see the 15% or your bank money (if it was ever there). The bank account is in Cyprus and the account name has nothing to do with Q Betting or Brookshire Traders. You’d have no hope of getting your money back when things go wrong.

Don’t be fooled. Don’t get burnt.

Please report if you’ve had contact with them.