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These guys rang us to try to get us to buy into their managed commodity trading services.

They tried to demonstrate their authenticity by leading us to the site of their ‘regulator’ in the UK:

Managed Futures Trading Commission, or MFTC at mftc.org.uk

and then instructed us through looking up their company and one of the traders to show how long they had been registered (years). All looked legit until we dug deeper and found out from the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK that they’d never heard of Clearwateroptions or the MFTC and that neither were registered with the FCA , even though the guy at Clearwater had told us they were registered with the FCA.

mftc.org.uk was registered on the 29th Oct last year.

clearwateroptions.com was registered 6 days later.

Smell a rat?