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Lifestyle Profits

just the latest in a string of scams by the same people..Bidlife ..Passive Ebay Income

lifestyle profits scam

Same material and plagiarised videos on the testimonial page.

Selling Ebay businesses set up for you for $6,600 but you get nothing. They even ask for more for setting up Google Adwords for the exhorbitant sum of $4200, and guess what, you don’t even get that either.

Straight out fraud and misrepresentation.

The ACCC, ASIC have been informed about the first iteration of this scam months ago and have not responded. Consumer Affairs Qld responded but did not want to do anything about it.

Beware if you’ve filled a form for home business opportunities or work-at-home opportunities. You may get a call from one of these companies. Do your research before you pay anything!