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Income Connect

Income Connect Australia , incomeconnectaustralia.com

this is the latest morph of TPZ International who have mainly been running Binary Options scams, and one or two horse racing ones.

Website domain name just registered in August. Business name just registered in March and not registered for GST. Their trading platform website in2markets.com was only established in August as well. No contact details on the website apart from email. They are supposedly based in Costa Rica.

They are trying to sell trading packages starting at $5,900. Like most of their other schemes, I doubt this one would work either. They reportedly do not honour the 10 day cooling off period too.

Previosly they have been:

TPZ International, ITZ , ITZA, ITZ Australia , ITZA Online, Topazair,  St George Ltd, Laybets, Tote Master (that we now of!)