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Alipay IPO

There’s several companies doing cold calling at the moment offering discounted share acquisition in the pre-IPO for Alipay, or more correctly Ant Financial Services.

Watermark Securites, New York
International Wealth Accounts , Hong Kong, internationalwealthaccounts.com
Essence Securities, China      ( there seems to be a legitimate company called Essence Securities but there may also be an impersonation. Be careful)
JPR Global, Japan
Equity Consults   equityconsults.comEquity Consultancy
Alliance Consults, Hong Kong
Equity Securities
Prudential Securities , New York
Ideal Services DC , Canada
The Adam Group
and no doubt more…

They usually run along the lines of  something like they tell you that you can buy at the current share price of $12.50 (but they also say they bought a whole heap at a lower price and will also give you the shares at this lower price too), and that then this will be worth something ranging from $35 to $160 at the listing day, depending on which company you are talking to !
Watermark Securities couldn’t even say how many shares will be issued in the IPO, which makes you wonder how can they know what the shares will be worth??  (although one call they did say they owned 20,000,000 shares out of a total of 50,000,000 , because they have such a good relationship with Alibaba! BS )

If you send your money to some faraway jurisdiction on little more than a promise from someone you’ve never heard from before, Don’t expect to see it again.

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