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AustWise Traders


Just another name for International Traders Zurich , or ITZ, a spin-off itself of TPZ and it’s variations.

The ABN reveals the truth:

austwise traders

Now it’s automated trading software they’re flogging. No doubt it doesn’t work like just about all automated trading softwares and everything else that this group has sold over the years.

Read up on their history here and please leave a comment or email us if you have had dealings with them

ITZA online

ITZA , ITZA Online , itzaonline.com

Pretty much the same story as TPZ International and it’s various morphs

Read about it here (and just swap ITZA for TPZ! )

4/8/2014 They may have also set up as infotransaction.net though it doesn’t appear they are selling the same product. They claim to be at 15 Eagle St Brisbane, but there doesn’t appear to be such an address (!)

The name-servers for the website are the same as for itzaonline.com