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Exelon Group

14/2/2018: Major breakthrough!



Seems there is a new group operating that bears an uncanny resemblance to the Laybet Professionals scam ( which then became Charterhurst Agencies)

They sound like they’re peddling the same or very similar software, laying horses on Betfair to win ‘90% of the time’. Exelon Group are even at the same address as Laybet Professionals used to be, 128 Bundall Rd, Bundall , the notorious old Coast scammer hotspot.
Update: now they have an address in Varsity Lakes, but it is just a mailbox.

The two (alleged) principals of the Laybet Professionals and Charterhurst Agencies scams are now facing court,

The following comment appears on Aussie Criminals:

“Scam Alert | Aussie Criminals and Crooks

Thanks Mike,they ( Exelon Group) run me past a demo weeks back and the main trader attached my betfair account to his system that he uses over 2 days trading. it actually turned over $200 profit for me & i asked if i could speak to a client (even though they could give me a fake person ) that bought a system and has had it for a while to see how they were going with it .but said he couldn’t give any contacts out as per the client priviliges or protection law or whatever ? was reluctant to let me contact anyone, but said we could come in to the office any time to meet. He said they were attached to an IT financial company under a umbrella corporation …if i have that right ! So not sure !!”

Sounds like the typical kind of excuses/spiel from scammers.

December: we are starting to get reports now from people ‘investing’ with them. Accounts are losing money and what’s more, are designed to lose and then the client gets the upsell for the ‘improved’ version.
Have also heard of them weaseling their way out of the 10 day cooling off period obligations, refusing to honour it and refund payments.
These are exactly the same tactics that Charterhurst and Laybet Professionals used.

Update 27/1/17: This just in from the Brisbane Times:


We suggest exercising a HIGH degree of caution in dealing with Exelon.
Be wary of signing contracts with a 10 day cooling off period. The previous iterations of this company are notorious for not honouring them.

If you’ve had any experience dealing with them please get in touch with us!

Inner Circle Strategies


Inner Circle Strategies appears linked to Voss Capital Management and Laybet Professionals.

Update 15 May: have they been raided! Queensland police raided two ‘boiler rooms’ last week ( but they’re not yet saying which ones)

I was alerted by a reader that had been with Voss (and reprotedly going ok with them) who had been called by Inner Circle who told him that they had taken over Voss.

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Charterhurst Agencies

Charterhurst Agencies , charterhurstagencies.com.au , Elite Trader software

Breaking news: Feb 4th 2016
Police raid and charge one man in relation to Charterhurst Agencies.
This follows the arrest and charging of two other principals of the opeartion last year.


A reader alerted me to this the other day..said he’d had a call from a very pushy salesman selling this laybetting program. From the look of the screenshot it looked very similar to Laybet Professional’s platform.

On further investigation they are spinning the same sales pitch, same strategy, same pricing and yes, they are even at the same address, same floor, same office

( update 10/8/2014: I’ve already heard of people losing hundreds of thousands to Charterhurst  through their persuasive upsells.  They are very good at what they do and well rehearsed. DO NOT be fooled.)

contact us if you want to know more detail.

Learn the lessons of those that have gone before.

If you want more information contact Janelle Walsh at the Fraud and Cyber Crime Group (qld): [email protected]

Laybet professionals

**Also running under the name LayTrade Professionals and using software called  Ultimate Lay Trader. Also Laybet Traders.

* 21/04/2014 They may have morphed into, or set up a subsidiary as Universal Trading Solutions. Be very wary!

( comments can be seen by clicking on ‘replies’ above )

This is one of the shadiest operations around.

Laybetprofessionals.com.au  / laybet.com.au  / laytraders.com.au    Naturally, they’re based on the Gold Coast.  Update: I see now they also come up on www.laybet.com.au


Always be wary when you see people without a care in the world..!

They offer to supply you with a program that runs on the betting exchange Betfair, and on autopilot will bring you in profits all day, every day up to 30% a day. All for the measly sum of $15,000 for the Australian licence, or $25,000 to include the UK as well.

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