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Asset Solutions Australia

Who are assetsolutionsaustralia.online ?

Probably the same people that are running Property Investment Providers, (since they also have the same address and telephone number )

and have also run AMTP, Australian Market Trading Professionals. (since they’re running the same scheme and have the same testimonials )

They also have the same guy running them, always going by a name like Steve or Mark Davis/Davies/Jones.

First just check the testimonials on the Asset Solutions page and the Property Investment Providers page.


Now the guy on the right is ‘Jake Elliot’. He’s been working in the mines and wants to spend more time with his family, but luckily he found Asset Solutions Australia.

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Lifestyle Profits

just the latest in a string of scams by the same people..Bidlife ..Passive Ebay Income

lifestyle profits scam

Same material and plagiarised videos on the testimonial page.

Selling Ebay businesses set up for you for $6,600 but you get nothing. They even ask for more for setting up Google Adwords for the exhorbitant sum of $4200, and guess what, you don’t even get that either.

Straight out fraud and misrepresentation.

The ACCC, ASIC have been informed about the first iteration of this scam months ago and have not responded. Consumer Affairs Qld responded but did not want to do anything about it.

Beware if you’ve filled a form for home business opportunities or work-at-home opportunities. You may get a call from one of these companies. Do your research before you pay anything!

Australian Market Trading Professionals

Australian Market Trading Professionals , or  AMTP

amtp.info theamtp.com

update 30/4/2015  now Passive Income Creations , passiveincomecreations.com

Update 27/7/15: May also be linked to ET Capital and Eurtrade

Thankfully a reader tipped us off to this business that calls people who have applied for ‘Work at Home’ opportunities. The information on their website looks eerily similar to The ATP and The Association of Trading Professionals and in some cases is identical.

They appear to be selling Trading Signals services, and I’m guessing that they are for Binary Options. The results page on the website leaves much to be desired and is well out of date. They are charging around $10,000 for a 5 year licence. Then you’d have to supply your bank on top of that. Also, they expect you to sign up with  a broker of Their choice ( presumably so they can collect commissions).

Their address doesn’t look valid, given as 201 George St , Brisbane, and it’s also different to the address registered with ASIC. (update: I checked the address in person and there is no 201 George St ) To top it off, the website says that Peter Phillips is the Director, when it is in fact Peter Phillip Lucas. Talk about deceitful conduct !The Terms of the contracts and Guarantee are appallingly flimsy pieces of legal documentation and there is plenty of room for them to wiggle out of any implied responsibilities.

I would steer well clear !

If you’ve had any experience with Australian Market Trading Professionals please get in touch or leave a comment.

Update 1/5/2015 So now they have reappeared as Passive Income Creations. passiveincomecreations.com

the AMTP


They also list 217 George St Brisbane as their address, same as Passive Ebay Income and look, their ‘trading consultant’ is Mark Davis, same as the Mark davis with Passive Ebay Income

Mark Peter Davis

except that the real guy is Mark Peter Davis:

Passive Income Creations

ABN for Passive Income Creations was registered in March this year.