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Thanks to a reader we have been alerted to this.

Even after liquidation notices and ACCC warnings, they are still going.

See this ACCC notice http://registers.accc.gov.au/content/index.phtml/itemId/939596

They are certainly convincing in the presentation of their software though. So convincing that we have to look much closer into whether the complainants are users who don’t follow the guidelines, or it genuinely doesn’t work. The software and logic are based largely around maths and the TAB market for each race. A few rules are in place to try to hone in on the best areas of trifecta payouts. Usually this type of approach would not win because of the TAB takeout of around 17% of each race’s prize pool, but maybe they have found an angle.  We doubt it, but we’ll look into it further.

Searching for Trilogics complaints on Google we have found these sites:

Complainsboard and again here

and at reviewstalk.com

There’s a very good archived discussion at the Cyberhorse forum about how it could/couldn’t work based on the pool sizes. Basically, it seems fairly obvious that all their ‘customers’ can’t be betting in the races otherwise it would skew the pool too much and they wouldn’t get the expected return.


now it’s soon to be IQ Pro