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TRP Capital

Once again, the scam artists behind the Gold Coast based phoenix company which ran the Eurosoft scam are at it again. Previously they have operated under the names;

JBC Global, CFS Live, ESL Trader Stock, Eurosoft, One Wealth, 1Wealth, OWS, GTA, GTA Pacific, GT Australia, GT Alliance, TRP Sydney, TRP Invest, TRP Investment Services Pty Ltd, TRP Financial, et al. ( edit 2/7/2015 now TRP Logic, trp.website )

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TRP Invest

trpinvest.com , TRP Investment Services, TRP Sydney, TRPcapital.com

now also TRP Logic , at trp.website

Drivel disguised as investment speak on their pages, no contact address or ABN in their website. No financial accreditations either. You’d HAVE to treat this one with a hefty dose of scepticism.

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