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Newmont Trading and PBX300

Update 3/6/2014: now also the program X360 ! x360.com.au

WARNING. Read all the comments.

Seems like Newmont Trading / PBX300 is  a scam too. * also SX300 now as well…linked with Newmont Trading.

Offering amazing monthly returns, all done for you. Their website feature pictures of people relaxing on ther boats, etc. They have quotes to inspire you to be brave (and risk losing all your money with them) in order to live a life that’s free (of money).   A dead give away that they are not smart investors is that they recommend opening a TAB account. Any smart investor/gambler knows that you need to search for the best dividends so you need many accounts with different bookmakers.

See this comment receieved about them in the Tell Your Story section:

BEWARE! Newmont Trading, aka PBX300. These guys managed $4450.00 out of me not long before Xmas with the promise of a horse racing computer programme that doesn’t fail (yeah right). They run a pretty convincing looking operation. They have a good looking website and they start out with sales rep personalised phone calls followed by a mail out of their pretty brochure which includes information on how it supposedly works and even printouts of past successes and of course, promises of a better life.

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