TPZ International

TPZ International ,

Update 2/6/2014 Now they appear to have set-up as:

ITZ International , , ITZ Australia

update 24/6/14

now morphed into ITZA , ITZAonline,

(same text, same address, same phone number as ITZ )

4/8/2014  They may have also set up as though it doesn’t appear they are selling the same product. They claim to be at 15 Eagle St Brisbane, but there doesn’t appear to be such an address (!) Also, the name-servers for the website are the same as for

Dec 2014 Now also Income Connect

Original report:

This group just cold called me.  Run by Topazair Pty Ltd who are also the people who run which looked pretty much to be a scam. They also run St George Ltd who run a scheme similar to UK Homebusiness and Newmont Trading but with the difference that St George don’t charge the substantial upfront fees.

So anyway, TPZ International are peddling a Binary Options scheme. In the brief introductory spiel I had where I got to open a demonstration account and place a trial trade at (the same broker that CM Traders use! ), my sales agent claimed  that they have 3000 clients and last year they sent out 700 trades and only lost 4 ! Hey sounds pretty good/unbelieveable. Then after more explanation it turns out that what they do is, if there is a losing trade in the first hour, they bet again on the second hour, doubling up basically. If that loses, double up for the third hour, and if that loses double again in the fourth hour…or a slight variation where rather than doubling the first hour they only try to get back their investment. EIther way, you’re looking at a loss about 10 to 12 times what you were trying to win. But hey, it’s ok if you only lose four sequences in 700 right ( the sales person admitted it was sequences not bets)?  Sure, if it were true. I’ll have to wait and see what proof they have.

But with the odds set by as something close to 45/55, the strike rate is probably much more likely to be 350 winners out of 700. I don’t believe Anyone could be that good to win 696 out of 700 (but they’re probably twisting the facts again )

Update, Night 2:    Well, we set up another trade tonight, but it lost in the first hour. So I was given instruction to set another trade, doubling my take out target ( and the sales rep would check in later with me ). Well the second hour lost too…and no sign of the sales rep. I set a trade for the third hour and that lost as well, and still no sign of the sales rep !

So I get a casual call tonight from the rep… Me: So what happened?   ‘ah yeh, you’re bound to get a loss sooner or later, and ah, I closed out my trades after the second hour….I could feel that the market wasn’t going to come back’.    OK, so did the other clients get informed of that decision?       ‘Yep, yep, they would have got an email and sms informing them of that.’    Right, so why didn’t the expert traders recommend it..shouldn’t you follow their recommendation?    ‘ Ah, yeh, but from my experience, and I did a bit of research and decided to close mine.’  But I thought the analysts are the experts. So did you tell everyone to close their sequence?   ‘ No, no, they would have kept going to the third hour, it was just my decision.’

So, at my ‘demo’ staking I would have lost just short of 20% of my bank.

Can’t make it out..first of all their analysts make all the smart decisions, then he’s smarter than they are, first the other clients are told not to trade the third hour and then I’m told they were left to trade it.

What do You think??


plus a little more info here

2/6/2014  They are , registered with an ABN as International Traders Zurich from only Feb this year. In virtual offices again. Selling Binary Options trading through

24 thoughts on “TPZ International

  1. gym

    Anybody heard of NGC Group (nextgen capital)? I have information that the director (at least in 2014) is Calum Gallagher who in another page someone mentioned was behind ET Capital / EURTrade. The only difference with these scams is that you trade at yourself (the company does not do it on your behalf). Is this likely another scam? If so, is not independent?

  2. annonomous

    Their office is above Dominique’s restaurant Main Beach, Gold Coast, walk up the driveway to the back door. They will open if your persistent. Looks like their done and dusted now anyway.

    1. annomomous

      Hello Peter,

      Yes i have had dealings with AUSTWISE, if you would like to get in contact you can reach me at
      We may be in similar circumstances??????? hope to hear from you.

      Cheers Willy.

  3. David

    Topazair (Rob/Ron/Ray) & Phoenix Global (GC) were related. Travis Birch, Phoenix now is up on fraud charges. About time!
    Only wish that scumbag crim Rob/Ron/Ray was caught.

  4. David

    I hve been scammed $20k by Topazair and the bid4hotels offshute. Does anyone out there know of these crims in particular Rob Stewat & Ron Anderson (same scumbag)?
    I mailed to U5/18 Tedder Ave. Main Beach qld but the letter came back “not at this address”.
    I need to know if anyone definately knows they are there so I can go through QCAT and Qld Police.

    1. Too close

      Yep, still there yesterday. Not above Shuck anymore, only above Domanis Restaurant. #18 Tedder Ave, Level 2.

  5. Chris

    Have been unable to contact Questbet to get draw from my account. Contacted ACCC and Consumer Affairs Queensland and neither able to assist recovery of my money. Suggest I talk to my solicitor? It looks like Topazair Pty Ltd, St George and Questbet are running a scam, are uncontactable and both Federal and State Governments are unable to protect the consumer in this instance. What a joke!

  6. Too close

    I know the faces that belong to the names, and see them daily (as of 17/03/2015). Level 2 at the corner of Woodroffe Ave and Tedder Ave, Main Beach. Above Shuck restaurant and Domanis restaurant. Opposite sides of the road. Not sure of the current trading name, but I sat at the table opposite the day they chose TPZ International. Topaz air is an A/C company from Ipswich, and the address mathches the one from the original TPZ website.

  7. Brian

    They work over Domanis restaurant at Main Beach in Queensland 4217… totally corrupt. nothing with them..they live in Ipswich Qld also

  8. James

    Run a mile from these people !!! Topazair/questbet/ tpz international / etc are all the same and run by a guy at Topazair and have ripped me of ,as previous comments they are all at the Gold Coast .the Guy at Topazair calls him self “Ray” and is a liar and a con artist.

    1. Robyn

      We have been with Laybets for about 5 years. Everything seemed to be okay, I was getting emails about winnings up til just before Christmas, now nothing. According to emails our balance was $16,300. Have tried calling the number but no luck with a reply. Also contacted Tazck also. Anyone know the next move?

  9. Simon

    I’ve been called by very similar group (probably just changed their name) called IncomeConnect (, they worked me very hard, initially asking for $5,900 for once-off life time membership, however, I declined this offer and then came along a more senior sales consultant and offered no upfront payment of the $5,900 as long as I open an account and once my profit reaches a certain level, they’ll take 50% of the gross profit until the $5,900 was paid off.

    I thought I’d give them a go with this offer, and only to realise the credit card came off as Topazair Pty Ltd, and so I called back the next day to cancel my account based on the 10 day cooling off period. However, I was told that it doesn’t apply to me (even though it was written on the contract), because I technically didn’t pay for the membership/service, but to set up an account.

    Based on what they’re saying, the account is set up in, which they have no control over – but after checking out the website, I’m very suspicious, there are no numbers for customer support and the withdraw function is not set up…

    I’ve contacted my credit card company to dispute this transaction, and wondering if I should call the police and report this?

  10. James

    I have an active account with Questbet and are unable to contact them re a withdrawal,their email is not connected and I have clearly been dudded has anyone any information on them ,they have been connected with St George Limited I spoke with “Ray ‘ at St George who claims they operate on their own and promised he would give them a call for me ,I asked for the No to call my self ,but he ignored that and said again he would get them to give me a call. it appears I had better go to the police, does anyone have any thoughts or information on this
    Regards, James .

  11. ash

    Just wanna ask if is the same as the one as above? Got a call from them, last 10/07/14 and they are very persistent. Since I wasn’t busy on the day they want to call and discuss how the Index Trading generates, I gave it shot. So we had an hour talk since I have no idea what this person was talking about. He mentioned about and the country wherein you will predict if their forex will rise or fall. And when I understood everything that he told me, he started saying that before we start up with everything, I have to pay $5900 upfront before we proceed with setting the account and all. He said, it was only one time payment for their service fee but they assured me that I can get it back the money (MY CAPITAL) in 2 months and I can start start again as pure profit of $4000. They are very persistent because they gave me a discount for the service fee and within 6 months of earning, I have to pay the half of their service fee. Please I need help and enlighten me before I proceed with their company.

    By the way, the address that they used in their head office was on Santos Place, 32 Turbot st. Brisbane

  12. richard

    hi admin , just want to let you know that i have been call up by international traders zurich p/l . on the 15 july and have been follow up with a very hard sale person , sell me a $5000 life time member ship. and after a week rang back with a offer $2500 now and balance in six months after target of $10000 reached.

    1. admin Post author

      Interesting..they are still operating.
      Yes, I think so. Certainly wouldn’t pay their upfront fee. If they had a pay-as-you-go plan or something is the only way I’d try it out.

  13. Admin

    From ‘Louise’,
    I wish to inform you of some people who have an office somewhere in Main Beach in the shopping strip and are scamming residents in the Brisbane and Gold Coast area with a Binary Trading Program. Their names are Paul Campbell? and Dominic Russo AKA Dom Cross and Jason Scott Hodson AKA Jason Hopkins. They are calling on behalf of TPZ International AKA Topazair Pty Ltd ( See A.S.I.C.) and also contact the Gold Coast Police Fraud Squad who are going to reel them in soon. Report your information to ASIC and Police if you locate their office whereabouts and give the ASIC and the Police the listed details on these low lifes.


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