Trading Capital Partners

Trading Capital Partners ,

This group run out of Melbourne, supposedly. The webiste is pretty light on for information, suggesting that it is a work-at-home scheme, managed risk and working with Options.

trading capital partners BS

Lots of fancy talk about what they do..but what they really do is……well, I can tell you after getting the sales pitch and contract that once again it is trading/betting in horse racing, although in the brochure they call it profit sharing with a large Australian corporate bookmaker. In the contrcat they call it lay trading. They reckon they have a 98% success rate and can make you a squillion (2.1% a DAY tax free) for your small investment in a licence of $9,999 (starter pack. Others go up to $49,999 ) Of course, licences are limited ( though they’re still trying to sell them two months later ).

You get a free week’s trial though where you are just about guaranteed to make about 10% on your money. Fair chance you can withdraw it after the trial, but here’s the thing: on their bookmaking website,, the listed recipient for your deposit is none other than WCT Operations, who also happen to be the deposit recipient at UK Homebusiness who offer the same scheme under a different guise: bookmaking licence/percentage betting. Also, they initially started off using, again the same as used by UK Homebusiness.

Different companies, different bookmaking websites but same web platform, same central account.  If they are running a successful, legitimate business, why would they need to clone it and cloak it?

For me, I’d start running a mile. Something definitely dodgy going on here. The bad feedback on UK Homebusiness is starting to build, and I’d say it’s a fair bet to say that some poor sucker will get taken by this mutation of the same company.


13 thoughts on “Trading Capital Partners

  1. Anthony

    I have been contacted by these people and they still call me saying i have 125000 euro credit but i have to pay 5000 euro to get it because the bookmaker put the money in my betting account for me
    REALLY that was so nice of him or her

  2. chris

    Iv just been contacted by Jody from Lay Trading

    she gave me the sales pitch and i googled whilst she nattered away regarding betting on horses that lose so you WiN!!!

    Blah blah blah

    Geez why dont these people get a legit job like the rest of us.

  3. Lawrence

    I was dealing with Philip Hunt and actually purchased a 10K package.
    I can no longer contact the company to find out what is happening.
    Have I been scammed?


    1. Anon

      Where you go from here is:
      1. File a police report – contact the admin here for details of who to file report with (in QLD)
      2. Join the private forum – contact the admin here for details
      3. Make contact with the others in the private forum to see where to from here

    2. Osi Osi

      Hi Lawrence are you from Australia? I was about to invest in a similar package. Is bets data or online v familiar to anyone here?

  4. Philip

    I was employed at Trading Capital Partners. I was made to change my name to an assumed name that became Philip Hunt, so I couldn’t be tracked. I was made to become a sole trader so taxes, etc were my responsibility. The manager Brad used his middle name James to his potential customers. I ringing leads for people to by selling a $500.00 promotion that traded over 4 days, Wednesday till Saturday where it was traded as a bookmaker and money was won if the chosen horses lost and like a bookmaker kept the punted money for it to win. This usually returned 6.8% that was tax free as winnings on gaming is not taxed. I had finally sold a package and my commission on the sale was to be $1800.00 but before I got paid the parent company in Queensland sacked the manager and Trading Capital Partners folded and the company kept my commision

    1. Brian Rodgers

      i was approached with a guarantee that i would get my initial $500 dollars back plus any profit made “nothing to lose they say” but all attempts to get my money back have failed i am unable to contact anyone from trading capital partners, anyone with a number i could use to contact them would be greatly appreciated


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