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Thanks to a reader we have been alerted to this.

Even after liquidation notices and ACCC warnings, they are still going.

See this ACCC notice

They are certainly convincing in the presentation of their software though. So convincing that we have to look much closer into whether the complainants are users who don’t follow the guidelines, or it genuinely doesn’t work. The software and logic are based largely around maths and the TAB market for each race. A few rules are in place to try to hone in on the best areas of trifecta payouts. Usually this type of approach would not win because of the TAB takeout of around 17% of each race’s prize pool, but maybe they have found an angle.  We doubt it, but we’ll look into it further.

Searching for Trilogics complaints on Google we have found these sites:

Complainsboard and again here

and at

There’s a very good archived discussion at the Cyberhorse forum about how it could/couldn’t work based on the pool sizes. Basically, it seems fairly obvious that all their ‘customers’ can’t be betting in the races otherwise it would skew the pool too much and they wouldn’t get the expected return.


now it’s soon to be IQ Pro



2 thoughts on “Trilogics

  1. Leon Forgan

    Those that believe Trilogics and the now IQPro softare is not legit and good have failed to work the program as to the vast amount off free back up and support.

    I have had the program for some 12 years and seen it all knockes galor all of whom have not taken the time to understand the system.

    There are hundreds of successful users some earning very high incomes, no I will not name names.
    My understanding is that some one that has a fixation cannot be convinced on matter what.
    Those that believe every thing knockers say without researching the facts are naive.

    The program is not for everyone, it is not a licence to print money, it is not get rick quick but there is inrufutable proof it works you just need to follow the rules.

    1. leigh

      I soo wish that was the case for me, I did all recommendations that were given to me, did all the training, followed Trilogics own results, even flew up to QLD to talk to the head trainer, went to a meeting in Adelaide, did everything possible (I even spoke to the guys who were allegedly making big money), I really wished it would have worked, but it didn’t. I am not scared to put my email out there either, it cost me a lot of money but I couldn’t make it work, my email is


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