Triple Seven Brokers

Update: March 2019, they are now rebranded as Camden Sportsbook and using Montecarlo Bookmakers and their bookmaker,

This is another resurrection of a scam that has been going on and off for several years.

They cold call, telling you they are expert sports analysts and can make you vast sums of money with NO risk through sports betting.

They will tell you that they have just started expanding into Australia and have an 80% success rate.
What they don’t tell when pressed is what their average dividend is. They go on and on about their strike rate over 17 years so are supposedly basing that on stats, yet they have no clue what their average dividend is. They’ll say something like, ‘it depends’, or ‘it’s between 1,20 and 5.00’. Just shows they have no clue about betting and yet they are meant to be experts.

Triple Seven Brokers claim they have been operating for 17 years and are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK.
You won’t find them in a search of the Financial Registers .
Their website was only established in July, and the owner gives his address as Slovakia.
They say they have thousands of clients in Australia already ( even after just three months of operation??) Hard to believe, especially given the lack of chatter anywhere on the internet about them.

As for their betting, they say there is no risk yet they might bet 80% of your bank on one selection. What if it loses you ask, what then ? They say, ‘There’s no risk, you won’t lose’. Even though by their own admission they lose 20% of their bets, apparently they never lose ???

Ok, so say you believe them and want to go ahead.
You have to open an account with their bookmaker, not your own.
Fair chance they also own the bookmaker’s site.
Because if they are placing so many winning bets with any legit bookmaker they would be banned because they’d be sending the bookmaker broke ( especially as they even get discounted odds with the bookmaker!).
The bookmaker site was registered last year and updated in July.

Here’s the likey scenario if you sign up, even with a small amount:
Everything will go well at first and you’ll have many winning bets. Who can tell when or whether they were placed. You seek a withdrawal and will be asked to pay the 20% commission. Then you still won’t see your money, or if they do let you make an initial withdrawal, you will be enticed to deposit more next time and let them build your account to some astronomical sum like $50,000. You’ll be asked to pay $10,000 to get the rest of it out, which won’t happen even after you pay up.


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  1. Sean Torstensson

    ok. I had been using Camden Sports for about 2 months until I came across this site letting me know that they are a scam. luckily, I had only invested about $400 AUD. after about 3 months my account had grown to 45k AUD which I had been planning out how I could take that and start on a pathway to invest this money to be financially free. I was contacted by Montecarlo Bookmakers informing me that they had started with legal action against Camden Sports Book and was reassured that the money in the account was safe and free of any commissions …the money would be transferred to me as soon as a line of credit that was given to me was repaid. You could imagine the relief as I had been stressing as to how to deal with Camden Sports Book as being a scam. I had posted on my Facebook about borrowing money so I could access the 45K. Thank God one of my friends thought it was a bit fishy and did some investigating to make it clear to me that Monte Carlo Bookmakers are part of the scam too. ADD THEM TO THE SCAMMERS LIST TOO and BEWARE.

  2. Paul

    Seems like they are at again.
    This time they are going by the name Camden Sports Book.
    I was contacted the other day by a UK number with all the same speel as 777 Brokers used.
    The person on the other end of the phone was the same person that contacted me ages ago claiming to be Vincent Daley with 777 Brokers, this time he goes by the name Maxwell Peterson. I knew the voice as soon as i heard it.
    777 Brokers may be closed down but be very wary, they are up and going again using the name Camden Sports Book and using a bookmaker going by montecarlobookmakers. Do not get caught by these grubs.

  3. Paul

    Sounds very familiar,
    I was sucked in to Triple Seven Brokers scam also.
    I was promised huge returns for my money and that the way they got paid was when i withdrew funds from my account they would take 20% of profits. In the space of 3 months my balance on my so called Sportsbet365 account went from around US$4000 to over US$1,000,000. A person then rang me and told me to complete the withdrawal form to withdraw US$1,000,000 which i did. Guess what, that was nearly 2 months ago, since then i have had repeated requests to pay a so called Swiss Tax of 11.5% on my part of the profits which is over US$90,000. First it was claimed it was a withholding tax but when i explained to this so called Practising Accountant what a ‘Witholding” tax was he said his English was’nt real good and it was a wealth Tax. What sort of CP accountant gets tax’s mixed up ? I have been doing a few sneaky things in the background to nail these pricks and i will nail them.
    One thing we did was, i got one of my mates to try and create an account on the Sportsbet365 site, once completed it said he would receive a verification email which he never got. He did however get a phone call from Triple Seven Brokers 2 Days later. “FUNNY THAT”
    The latest thing i got was an email from Triple Seven Brokers was an email saying that they had been hacked an accounts had been compromised, one of which was mine, AGAIN funny that. I have other people involved now including the Bank where i deposited funds who are doing an internal investigation So They Say and the Swiss Taxation Departement who want all relevant information and correspondence. I have also contacted the UK Fraud Squad.
    It should be noted that from my investigations into all these so called companies, non of them are licenced in the UK and if you try to find a website on any of them via Google ie. Triple Seven Brokers, Credit Swiss Financial or Sportsbet365 nothing comes up.
    I am quite sure all these so called companies are all linked if not one and are in on the scam.
    Would be very interested to here from anyone who has actually got any sort of money back out of them.

    1. Joe Slack

      You will be pleased to know they have closed down. However they have re-opened as Emerald sports/cloverleaf bookmakers. It’s not a scam it’s complete fraud. Nothing exists, they take your money and you will never see a penny of it, the website figures are completely fake. They work from Bali targeting Australians. How do I know this, I was stood listening to them bragging about it in a Bar in Sanur, alcohol and idiots always a downfall. It serves you well to speak another language fluently, they thought I was German and didn’t understand. Should be easy to track them down if you really want to

    1. Josh Post author

      They’ve called me several times. Always a different ‘Senior Sports Analyst’ that never can tell what their average price for their selections is. A real sports analyst would know their numbers.
      Never heard so much crap as from he last one I spoke to, who was trying to explain how their ‘Premium’ bets work…he said the bookmaker (who is probably them) will give them odds of 3.00 for a team that is in the market at 1.50, just because they are giving them a million dollars to bet on it. Makes no sense no matter how hard he tries to explain laying it off before or during the game. That ‘bookmaker’ would always lose and never want to take their bets again , let alone give them great odds.
      It’s all a LIE


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