TRP Capital

Once again, the scam artists behind the Gold Coast based phoenix company which ran the Eurosoft scam are at it again. Previously they have operated under the names;

JBC Global, CFS Live, ESL Trader Stock, Eurosoft, One Wealth, 1Wealth, OWS, GTA, GTA Pacific, GT Australia, GT Alliance, TRP Sydney, TRP Invest, TRP Investment Services Pty Ltd, TRP Financial, et al. ( edit 2/7/2015 now TRP Logic, )

They are now operating under the name TRP CAPITAL. Beware! These are seasoned criminals with a slick sales pitch who have refined their tactics over the years to siphon millions of dollars out of their victim’s savings and retirement funds. So far, the details of the new company which have been reported are;

TRP Capital

Phone: 1800 556 916
Phone: 1300 556 916

ACN: 163921515

If you receive a glossy brochure, followed by a cold call and high pressure sales pitch from this company; hang up the phone, discontinue all contact and report the matter to ASIC. The software program they are offering does not work and their written guarantee isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.

A fuller account of the company’s history and tactics, as well as instructions on how to use your 10 day cooling period and/or file for a Civil and Administrative Tribunal case are available on Whirlpool.


by Kazza G

6 thoughts on “TRP Capital

  1. Reegan Jolley

    No the gold options were with a bogus company going by the name Straussmann Trading. They had a so called independent exchange involved who called seperately to record conversations for the security of my and broker etc etc. All elaborate set up. Havn’t had cash to trade with GTA till now. Have gone to contact GTA Pacific located 88 Phillip Street Sydney, and the lines are on permanent engaged signal.
    I will never deal with anyone I cannot spit on again. If I’m going to deal with ‘you/anyone’ at all, I want your surname, mobile number, facebook account, friends I can track down etc.etc.

      1. Reegan Jolley

        Well they actually helped me time a couple of lucrative sells. They knew I was holding a certain stock which was volitile and they would call me during the day and say an ANN came out it will be pump and dump, so sell now. I must say they helped me make back my initial investment so it wasn’t a bad experience, but where are they now. I wanted to start using them to make profits. I did disappear for a year getting my finances in order, so I guess I can only blame myself for getting greedy and giving my money to intl scammers. I feel like GTA made plenty of cash so they’ve packed up to jetset around the world for a couple years till they set up the next one.??

  2. RJ

    I bought into the whole package 2 years back. There seemed to be some very obvious holes in the program , however they did assist me in trades which made back the initial investment. I since took my money out to dabble in gold options and that happened to be a real scam. They traded my $80K to $300K then wouldn’t give it back. I was very foolish. I haven’t been able to get back into GTA since but was looking forward to things changing and getting back on board, but I’ve now gone to call them and the numbers are disconnected. The package was to entitle me to lifetime membership. What a scam! I gave them $35k to take a few phone calls from me over a few weeks. I wish I could track them down and squeeze my money out of them. Anyone with any leads, put it up here.


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