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now also TRP Logic , at

Drivel disguised as investment speak on their pages, no contact address or ABN in their website. No financial accreditations either. You’d HAVE to treat this one with a hefty dose of scepticism.

To top it off, there are three suspicious sites reviewing them. Granted, they are very well done but we’ve seen this kind of thing before with GT Alliance, Global Tech and GT Australia giving themselves false rewards in an ‘investor magazine’. In this case, it’s giving them not one, but two awards. Then there’s a glowing article on Funny how these two sites are hosted with the same company as itself ( and what more appropriate hosting): Wild West Domains!

There’s also one on Attempts to contact the website about the article have gone un-answered.

So, they’re trying to sell stock market trading programs meant  to make around 18% per month! Software can start off at around $18,000.

Read the extensive thread at Whirlpool Forums before even thinking about giving them any money

10 thoughts on “TRP Invest

  1. Phil Edwards

    I traced the originating IP address of a recent trp financial services e-mail to 19 Lothian Ave, Benowa, Qld. Its a house with pool sitting on a canal.

  2. Lance Collins

    I was cought out by their marketing in mid-May. I did searches without finding the comments which are now readily available.

    The software seems to work OK at first but the shares it picks are random rubbish. A couple of the shares it picked last month are doing OK but have now dropped off their list and replaced by more rubbish.

    1. Lance Collins

      Since posting the above I did some more searching and looked at the Smart Trader magazine site where they give TRP an annual award. Looks very professional so I hit the ‘buy’ button to find the subscription price. Only $2900 per year!!!

  3. Kazza G

    TRP, TRP Sydney, TRP Invest and TRP Investment Services is the latest incarnation of the Gold Coast based phoenix company which ran the JBC Global, CFS Live, ESL Trader Stock, Eurosoft, One Wealth, 1Wealth, OWS, GTA, GTA Pacific, GT Alliance and Global Tech scams. They have once again entered the market with new trading names, ABNs, ACNs, glossy printed literature, a flashy website and several fake awards sites and fake investor magazine reviews. It’s the same modus operandi down to the smallest detail. Don’t be fooled people, these scammers will take your $19400 and in return give you a worthless program which does nothing but randomly choose stocks. You could save yourself the time, money and heartache by simply using a roulette wheel or a pair of dice to pick random stocks from the ASX 200. Your money back guarantee will not be honoured. By the time you have sent them all your monthly reports and served your waiting period they will have changed names, cut off the phone lines, deleted their email accounts and emptied their bank accounts leaving you high and dry. Many people have been down this road and it’s led them to complete financial ruin. If you’ve recently purchased the product use your 10 day cooling off period, cancel the agreement and send the program back. There is plenty of advice and support available on Whirlpool (



  4. scam buster

    trp invest is the same scam as GT Australia and GT Alliance and Global Tech.

    trp investment Sydney trp invest

    They charge 20000 for software, promise to give refund if you don’t reach your goals (huge profits) and then change their name, and cut off their existing phone/email contact.

    Be careful of trp invest trp investment trp Sydney. They have fake award sites.

    trp investment scam

  5. Mr Smith

    TRP Invest scam. TRP Invest scam. TRP Invest scam. TRP Invest scam. TRP Invest scam.

    Exactly the same crowd as GT Australia scam & GT Alliance scam & Global Tech scam.

    clever website:

    Fake award sites:

    Keep away people. Keep this thread alive: . This scam company changes their name every few months. ASIC have been notified!


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