Two jailed for 10 years for fraud on Gold Coast

Finally some sentences dished out in the notorious scam haven of the Gold Coast.

The fraud involved 5 seperate companies selling bogus invesments. Over 400 complaints were received and over $4,000,000 lost.

Congratulations to the FCCG (Fraud and Cyber Crime Group) and ACC (Australian Crime Commission).

The sad part of this though is that it took 5 years to come to this conclusion.

The authorites and policy makers need to have a system in place to act much faster than this, with early warnings, more powers to investigate – earlier, name names, freeze bank accounts. It all happens just far too slowly at present. Everyone knows it’s happening, but hardly anything ever gets done about it while the scams are active.

Thanks to for the head’s up on this article!

5 thoughts on “Two jailed for 10 years for fraud on Gold Coast

  1. George

    10 years gaol – they will get parole after 3 and a half years.
    What about all the hidden assets. This is organised crime and a they should lose all their assets.
    The Gold Coast is notoriously soft on criminals. There are many examples of convicted fraudsters receiving 8 year sentences, getting out of gaol and going straight back to scamming after paroled in two years. Check out Glen Connelly mate of Mick Featherstone for an example.
    How do these swindlers live in million dollar properties – yes most of them do. The houses and property are all in other peoples names.
    Police – USELESS.

    This is organised crime at it’s worst and the penalties need to be appropriate. A couple of years gaol then released to spend all the ill gotten gains is JUST A JOKE.
    5 years to charge criminals is JUST A JOKE.
    The criminals must laugh at these sentences.
    There are still hundreds of scams that were reported to the Queensland Police over the last decade that have not been investigated. Just ignored by the corrupt Queensland Fraud Squad because they were run or linked to Mick Featherstone – EVERYONE knows what went on.
    Hundreds of millions scammed – when are they charging the big players. Ten years time probably.
    Don’t hold your breath – they and the money are long gone – courtesy of the infamous Queensland Fraud Squad and the weak Queensland Justice System.

      1. George

        And these guys ran companies that were exposed on this site at one stage.
        Well done ADMIN.
        Now to see what the courts do with these guys – they are serious ORGANISED CRIME FIGURES

  2. John Lewis

    Good it’s about time the authorities stepped in to do something about these waste of space conmen who think it’s fun to rip off people with their scams although chances of anyone getting their money back would be slim to zero.


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