UK authorities have their act together

Over in the UK they have a regulatory board called the Financial Conduct Authority that our watchdogs could learn a lot from.

Unlike our own Scamwatch, they actually name names of companies, businesses and even individuals that they think are acting fraudulently, misleadingly or should simply be avoided.

Good on them! They even have sent out tens of thousands of emails and letters to a whole database of people that they gathered from one of the companies they closed down. That’s taking positive action.

Finacial Conduct Authority

Another good site with information and advice on what to be wary of, including some types of scams not covered here yet,  is MoneyVista , also in the UK. While you are there, they have a great suite of tools and resources to help manage and plan your finances and financial future. Even though some of it only would apply to people in the UK, it is still a great resource.


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