Universal Trading Strategies

Universal Trading Strategies , utscorp.com.au

update 13/4/15 now morphed into BCG Trading / BCG Partners

bgctrading.com.au , bgcpartners.com.au

update 15/08/2014 MAJOR WARNING on this now. The bookmaker is now revealed ( bestbets247 ) and at least one account wiped out. Read more on Bestbets247’s shady dealings here

Newly set up in January this year in Bundall on the Gold Coast, they are selling sports betting investments and  also forex trading software.

About the Forex software I am told:  ‘The software comes with built in strategies, you can run a particular strategy for the last year or 2 years and see what you could have made. Obviously, nothing is guaranteed, there are stop losses and profits set in place.’

If you do get to try it out, make sure you paper trade first and don’t rely on past results.

Regarding their sports trading. They claim to be able to make around 10% return per week. Licences are sold starting at $10,000 for one year and they also will take out a 10% fee on any profit.
They offer a trial with your own 500 bucks.The bookmaker they use is Bestbets247.net in Costa Rica , where a lot of other dodgy bookmakers are. The website was only set up in March this year, so hard to have much faith in them. I tried calling the support number for Australia, UK and HK and all had the same message by an Australian saying the ‘due to high call volumes’ (on an Sunday night!?) they couldn’t answer the call.

I’ve seen a sample of their trading from inside a live account. Lots of bets on very short odds..as low as 1.01. You’re going to see long runs of winners and I’d say they rely on that to give you an unrealistic sense of their ‘prowess’. This particular account was going along fine on modest $100 bets and then had 2 or 3 massive losses when the bet size suddenly jumped to well over a thousand dollars. Account virtually wiped out. Sounds like Krajewski Lambe and Laytrading Solutions all over again.

If you were to sign up for a licence, there is a ten day cooling off period but note that it may not be what you expect so you would need to read it very carefully. While they won’t take any money from you in the ten days, they also won’t trade for you in the ten days or supply any software. So it is simply giving you time to reconsider your purchase. You wouldn’t get to use the product in those ten days.

Make sure you ask lots of questions and as with any invetsment, don’t dive in just becasue the returns sound so good. Research, trial, take copious notes, and think carefully.

Please conact us if you have any information or are thinking about joining.

37 thoughts on “Universal Trading Strategies

  1. Colin

    I also have been giving these creatures money. I have some money in my bestbets247 account as I told them to stop trading. But now I dont know how to get it out using the website. I have actually changed the password on the account, but the site is not very friendly. Any suggestions how to withdrawal the money myself without using them???

  2. Internet Fraud Watchdog

    Internet Fraud Watchdog (www.ifwonline.com) is an International Private Investigation and Debt Collection firm and we are currently investigating BGC Trading PTY LTD, Universal Trading Strategies PTY LTD, Aumine (AUST) PTY LTD and its associated companies. We are representing victims to represent to investigate those behind the companies and recover funds for investors and are currently looking for more investors to join our investigation. Please contact Josh at joastler@ifwonline.com

  3. Ned

    Hi all
    I have lost with these guys is there a class action going, I have heard there is, if so I am interested in joining.

  4. alan

    cotact your state police and federal police ,ACCC online ,fill out complaint form and ACORN Australian cybercrime online reporting network complaint form , do it now to catch and jail these mongrels

  5. alan

    Hi all bestbets247/bgc trading is nothing but a monsterous scam,nigels,james and justins phones are no longer operating,contact the federal police and state police in your state ,also get online to ACORN Australian cybercrime online reporting network ,fill the form and they will do a serious investigation on these thieves and scumbags,please don’t hesitate,do it and we will get them,also get online to ACCC and fill out their online complaint form

  6. John

    Stay well away from this crowd unless you like giving your money away they are total scam artists – DO NOT BELIEVE A WORD THEY SAY – read that again

    1. alan

      everybody get on the bandwagon and get these mongrels into a jail contact all of the authorities I have written up ,do it ASAP,it is getting bigger and bigger they must be stopped

  7. Ned

    If you would like to turn your hard earned $ in to no$ these are the people to get on board with. They are nothing but crooks ,liars and cheats. You should be able to get hold of them 24 hours a day, as if they had any scruples they won’t be able to sleep at night .

  8. Steve

    Total scam.
    I have a story similar to all the others. 500 in and all looking great. put in an additional $4k and in no time it was at almost $7k, then I had a $6k loss and I can’t get anything back. Please take it from me, it is total BS and I feel incredibly stupid for falling for it.

    their admin@bgcpartner.com.au email is gone
    their info@bgcpartners.com.au is gone
    their website http://www.bgcpartners.com.au is gone

    they are back up now with http://www.bgc-trading.com

    Do not waste your money. It looks god but it isn’t real. Your money is gone as soon as you send it.

  9. Frank

    Just did a search of bestbets247 on this site and came across these posts.
    I would like to warn people to be aware of another company calling themselves
    BGC Trading or bgcpartners.com.au
    They have been calling me over the last week or so.
    Their MO sounds exactly the same as in these posts.
    Probably the same people.
    Even the fact they said you can have four accounts.
    They were very pushy in wanting me to do a $500 trial.
    I received an email from Andrew Bryce with the trial agreement.
    Anyway in paragraph 4 it says there would be no refunds.
    Ah he says don’t worry about that there will be a refund after the trial.
    I am convinced that even if the trial goes alright, once people put any more money into this venture the same thing will happen as previous.
    The bets will start to lose before you can make any withdrawals.
    Other people I spoke to were so called Peter and Kevin and Michael Turner.
    It took four of them to try and real me in.
    I would be interested to know if anyone else has been approached by this mob.

    1. Richard

      Hi John, I have previously been bitten by crap investments – so I did as much as I deemed necessary to ensure BGC Trading is as they say they are. I started with $500, as did you. I was able to monitor the results of that $500 and was satisfied. I checked ASIC. No Issues. The owner is Dean McCarthy. I placed $20k and withdrew the original $500. All ok. I checked BestBets247.net and see they are in Costa Rica. Ok. The betting platform is with BestBets247, under my email address. BGC uses their own software to trade on sports. It’s that software that returns the dividends via BestBets247.net – and it seems to perform well.
      Naturally, I am concerned as there are so many scams out there. I’m not out of the woods yet as I have not done anything with the winnings yet…but so far, I have not lost anything. I have some winnings!..but I have not withdrawn them, they are re-invested. I will look to withdrawing some, not all, soon – and intend to continue with BGC. Lets see what transpires. Richard

        1. Richard

          No profit withdrawals yet, as the profits are not worth withdrawing yet. Thanks for the follow-up. R

          1. Jim

            Have you withdrawal any yet? If not what is your target before withdrawal and when at current rates do you reckon you will get to that point.

      1. admin Post author

        ASIC registration is no guarantee of ANY company being all above board. Just look at all the bust companies and corrupt companies that are ASIC registered. Means absolutely nothing. Same can be said for checking with the ACCC or Consumer Affairs; they will tell you no names to watch out for, just general guidelines. Best places to check are search engines like google; search for forums and scam reporting websites. Even if nothing found there, you’re still not out of the woods. Best to be on the suspicious side especially if the company is fairly new. Ask questions in forums and scam websites before handing over your money.

        1. Richard

          Yes, I do agree with you – but there are still so many fraudulent so-called companies that are not registered with ASIC.

      2. john

        hi richard
        unfortunately you wont be able to withdraw your money they will place a bet of at least 90% of your bank and it will lose when you try to withdraw.

        can send snap shots of my account if you like

        1. Richard

          Hi, I just withdrew some profits from my account and its in my bank.

          So, while I read what you say, it doesn’t make sense.

          While trading, along with my wins, I did have a single large loss, but that was recovered with trading – ups and downs.

          So far, so good.


    2. john kalos

      hi Richard
      my friends got into uts and all lost there money, i did the trial $500 yes lost that
      they did however suggest that if i put more money in they will match it to get the account back up quickly.
      just another scam from the gold coast

  10. John Lewis

    Regarding Universal trading Strategies, it took me a long time to decide but after being fully assured by their representative Dave Adams (senior accounts consultant) that everything was legal and above board I took up their 10 day trial costing $500.00, after the ten days had lapsed everything looked legit so I sold some shares that had been doing nothing much and deposited a further $4200.00 into the account, everything was looking good except I could not quite understand why my account showed all wins with no losses, anyone with half a brain knows there is no trading account anywhere that does not have some losses in it, I sent a request through the UTS contact us form asking if anyone could explain why it had no losses, nobody bothered to reply however a few days later I noticed there was one loss recorded in my account, I wondered if it had anything to do with my enquiry because nobody from UTS had the decency to reply to it. Yesterday (26-01-2014) I checked my account and it had built up to $11,626.74 so I put in a request to withdraw $5000.00 because I had been told by Dave Adams that my account cannot go over $10,000.00 as it was only a recreational account restricted to a maximum of $10,000.00 , today (27-01-2014) out of curiosity something told me I should check it again only to find there was now a loss of $10,464.06 showing in it. I can only guess that all the bullshit I as fed by Dave Adams was in fact bullshit, that these people are only concerned with ripping people off for all they can get. I am a little bit pissed with myself that I allowed myself to be taken in by someone whom came across to me as a decent human being however I am not overly concerned because there is a little known natural law called Karma that I know will eventually catch up with him and his company, it may not be tomorrow and I might never hear about it but Karma has a way of taking care of things the way they need to be taken care of.

    1. Denis

      I saw your question on Facebook. They asked me to invest $500 trial. And want another 10k. What Denis O’Hea you think

      1. Peter

        Do Not put any money with these dogs same thing had four accounts going all had over $25000 now they have a $192 in each of them they lost $24500 per account in one trade. This is after NIGEL WATSON the salesman told me that the accounts only trade 5% a $20000 cap . not only did they loose 24500 in one trade 2 days later they lost another $1800 in each account after I had put in a withdraw request of $1500 per account to at least cut some of my looses . As a friend of mine put me onto this I know that he lost about aprox $135,000 him self and 3 more of his friends all lost about $100,000 each as well . My advice stay away any one is still doubtful please email me and I will scan and email a copy of my accounts to you as they are all under $200 dollars from well over $25000 each

        1. John

          The company is a total scam STAY AWAY, they might be legit by definition as far as ASIC is concerned however they are a total scam and it’s about time ASIC took action to shut them down.

        2. Gary

          I am scheduled to have a meeting with BGC Partners today at their Bundal Office, Gold Coast.
          I was unsure about the investment potential they claim (1% return on your money/day – seems too good to be true).
          I would be grateful to have a copy of your bad experience account to at least get a “please explain” from them.
          Regards and thanks for your post

  11. graeme

    i have taken out a account with these idiots,it was going ok for the first couple of weeks ,then some idiot put a trade for 75% of the account and lost,i rang them up to abuse them,they said sorry and we kept on trading,last nite they traded the other 25% and lost,now i have zip.


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