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Companies and businesses that may be scams or maybe legitimate:. Here is what we have covered or will be looking at in the near future. Certainly tread with caution if you are thinking of investing large sums of money. Ask questions and please contact us if you have any information about any of these companies.

Please feel free to contribute feedback or more suggestions by replying in the comments or by email.

Raine and Horne investments. Not the real Raine and Horne Real Estate.

Education Class,

Lark Arbitrage , it’s a Telegram group, pretending to be the real crypto Lark. ETH scam.

Cruiser Bet,

Premium Wealth, UK,

Compare the Market ‘pay your bills for you’ cold calling scam ( this is NOT

SMSF Advisory,
Unsolicited call. (they are using lead generation services though) Dubious awards on their website. Can’t find any evidence of the claimed awards online.
No mention of any Financial Services licence.
Treat with a decent amount of caution.

PFT , Precise Financial Tailoring , London (?)
Pushing the idea of investing with Limited Risk Options with Gold.
Of course calling at what would be 3 a.m. London time because they’re on the Asia-Pacific desk. (how many times have we heard that ).
Number came up as from Western Australia.

Pioneer Income ,
Trying to get you to open a small account to let their software trade your account on the FX market. They will not provide any kind of track record/history. Give lame excuses such as can’t show client’s accounts, or their own. They will milk you for more money than your initial capital.

Jordan Limited , Jordan Ltd ,  (confirmed scam by a victim )
Hong Kong.
Trying to get you to buy stock of their recommendation.
All smart sounding British, South African accents.
‘Independent’ Compliance officer works At the office.
Of course, they are offering you discount on the shares of 10% because they are nice. Buying the shares that a bank owns (?) because they financed the company to expand (?).

MX Market , (older domain name but mostly had nothing on it until this year, July, so they probably bought it then).
Pushing buying ‘limited risk’ options in Palladium, which they claim are special, but they are not really. Just as much risk, which they claim there is none of. Couldn’t provide their registration or who they are regulated by. They are probably pushing for their own christmas bonuses with a few new big accounts. Suspect they are in Asia as they call in what would be the wee hours in England.
And now, possibly rebranded as Capital Markets , since they are spinning the exact same pitch.

Trading Academy , ( only registered in August, 2019 )
You get a call from someone at International Business Academy, IBA, saying they will provide you with trading education and advice from the ‘second top provider in the world’, who is a guy that cannot provide you with his financial advisor licence and who only trades client’s accounts, not his own money. We think they make money on commission , whether you win or lose, with their advised trading platform.

Proctor Game Rich Corporate, , Tokyo.
Cold called. Appear to have launched just in September with several press releases, though claim to have been around for years and an ‘industry leader’ , as usual..

Client Support Centre, Brisbane, Qld.
Spruiking some govt. incentivised scheme to help reduce mortgage and build retirement portfolio. Usually just ends up in trying to get you to buy properties they want to sell you.

Triple Seven Brokers
Camden Sportsbook
Montecarlo Bookmakers

The Solomon Group ,

Rosenthal and Grant ,

Ashton Group Limited, (Belgium ? But their contact page says they are in the Cayman Islands.) , ,Domain resistered Jan 2019.

Bitcoin Aussie System , (registered Jan 2019) , using Google ads with images of well known Aussies such as ‘Twiggy’ Forrest, leading to webiste which claims he is using the Bitcoin Aussie System

Smart Financial Markets , or , website only registered on 24/03/2019.
You can earn $400-900 a week , with only a $100 deposit.

Capstone Litigation ,   Meant to be helping people to recover money from fraud and scams..but are they really just a scam? Any experience anyone?

Gemini Capital Markets ,

Capital Alliance (selling shares)

Australian Information Network  , Qld, very evasive. Possibly selling real estate on the premise of debt reduction or investment for SMSF

1st Trade ,   Cold calls to invest in shares, mis-spellings on website that is only 5 months old, cheap domain with privtate registration

(fake/imposter) MobileCiti

Zurmont Capital      no ABN, no AFSL yet operating in Melbourne and selling financial investments. Webiste only registered November 2018.

Direct General (Luxemburg)

Hurst and Partners (Hong Kong)

NGS Crypto ( Indonesia)

The Advisory Network Centre, Qld

Smith Beaucamp Investments based in Singapore

Johnson Financial Consulting , Tokyo

J F Holdings Ltd ,

International Wealth Accounts , Hong Kong (another Alipay IPO scam)

Watermark Securities , NY (Alipay IPO again)

Orion Asset Management in New York , (apparently the website has disappeared now and emails and phone calls not answered)
Update April 2019: their latest website is (registered Feb 2019)

Yamasaki A.M. (domain only registered in June, no address details on website)

My Home Business, Social Home Business, 365 Marketing Pty Ltd ,

Emerald Sports and Cloverleaf Bookmakers

Bitcoin Code ,     (much like the Aussie Method )

Abbey Group
Roz International
(both marketing schemes for reducing your tax using investment properties..suspect they may be marketing their own properties)

Fintech Capital Partners

Taylor McKenzie ,  (can’t even afford a .com ! )
they are also alleged to be running:
Wellington and York Partners,

Essence Securities ,  (selling pre-IPO shares of Alipay , from Shenzen ,China. Good luck getting any money back )
FINRA give some good advice on these types of scams here

OT Capital , and AGM Makets , and Ozifin (Trade Financial )

Global Financial Group Advisors, New York (?), say they are established 1988, website established this year

Berndale Capital , and FB Trading , Fibonacci Trading , FBM Expert

thecrypto-genius (binary options)

The Crypto Code (binary options and like The Aussie Method)

Mawson Flinders Cook Global Capital.  (Watching, pending settlement outcome)

We Are Crypto      (they claim is their site and trading platform which is complete BS)

HQ Broker

Cornerstone Partners

Rainy Day Money Company ,
Cash Cow Corp
Multiplier Test Drive,

Rutherford Franklin Ltd , Tokyo
The Dominion Group, Tokyo,

J W Capital (London) (may be linked to the above companies)

WIndsor Heath Capital ,
and UKIFMA , United Kingdom Investment and Financial Market Authority
Global Capital Markets (may be their marketing arm, and also market the other derivations)

Greenwich Asia

Linux HiTech ,  ( website doesn’t appear to be relevant to their scheme) ,

Freedome International

Information Australia 0413 929 052

Just Marketing International ( supposedly the marketing arm for ‘investment’ opportunties)

KBNL Group

ACF Morgan ( Investment Brokers London?) ,  A Charles Frederick Morgan

Cold Trading International , Bet With Us 365

Predictivetrader888, Predictive Trader

Ballantyne and Barrows,

Elite International Futures and Options Exchange  , ,

The World Trade Commodities Exchange at ,

Somerset Capital Ltd

Exelon Group ,

World Binary Exchange ,  ( external link)

Stockatic, Australian Trading & Investment Corporation, (external link)

ATIC Corporation

NGC Group

Larsson and York ( sounded dodgy, and now one report of a deal gone bad and loss of contact)
(probably now Rutherford Franklin , )

Real Wealth
(link to external article here:

Custodian Wealth Builders (Review at Consumer Reviews Australia)

ATM Premium / PDF Group (Review at Consumer Reviews Australia)

Asset Solutions Australia

Property Investment Providers

Cambridge Options,

Rohan Austin Financial Services (?)

Intel Options

West Binary

Markets and You, Market Securities Australia, Quantum Securities, Market Security Corp

PHG Trading

Wealth Planning Group

Share Centre, Australian Shareholder Centre (external link)

TRP Investment Services, TRP Capital, TRP Sydney

True Wealth

Keystone Finance

BGC Trading,,

Passive Ebay Income,

Passive Income Creations,

Opulen Group ,

Tolinkinforex ,

Consolidated Trading Partners ,

Quantum Securities  (external link)

Bidlife  (ebay course scam )

Sanitatum Group ,

IT 4 Markets

Alternative Investments International

Ignition, ET International

Income Connect Australia and

CVC Option ,  (binary options broker )

Sports Trading Club , STC ,

Prestige Capital ,

Advanced Wealth Systems

Anderson Wilson Stuart

CS Solutions , , Cross Section Solutions,

Trading IT

The ATP , The ATP Australia

The Association of Trading Professionals

Advanced Trading Partnerships

Winchester Securities

ITZA , ITZA Online ,

Bet On The Line , BetOTL




Wealth Online , , E-wealth online , WealthFX


UTS  Universal Trading Strategies

Synergy Financials (external link )

Marktec Pty Ltd, Market Technologies Pty Ltd ,  If you have any experience with them please contact us!

GTA . GTA Pacific . GTA Info . GTA Live

GT Australia , GT Alliance

OWS , , , , possible link to One Wealth

Princept  (external link), , princept trading , MGS , Hazina , (external link),

GMS (external link)

Trilogics, Intervest Global

Australian Tipping Guru ,,


CMbusiness , ZFX Solutions

Investment Software Solutions

may be linked to High Option Trading ,

Aston Forex , e-Trading Solutions

laytradingsolutions , LTS ,

Goldencove Inc

Pegasus Trader (external link)

Topazair Pty Ltd / TPZ International / (new binary system)  Topazair are also linked to:
St George Limited / Questbet
and Laybets who exhibited some quite questionable behaviour

Blanche Equity

CM Traders


West Binary , westbinarycom , West Digital ,

Thomas Greene and Partners

Trading Capital Partners (see UK Homebusiness..looks very similar scheme)

PBX 300 / Newmont Trading / SX300 X360

AIC International (external link)


Voss Capital Management , Cybersportsbet , sportsbet247, Accord Professional Group

Inner Circle Strategies



Proficient First


Intuitive Sports

Oracle Investments


Bachmann Group

Marlin Reynolds

Grainger Trust (Very similar to Bachmann Group or Marlin Reynolds )

Brookshire Traders ,,

Kensigton Trade ,




Kevs punting group

KL Advanced Strategies


Please feel free to contribute feedback or more suggestions by replying in the comments or by email.

72 thoughts on “Watch List

  1. Dani

    New company in the cold call superannuation scheme- the old company run by Tim Shapter- Smart solutions group morphed in Strategic Advice Network has now phoenixed again into Superannuation Advice Network- believe good old Tim is still an owner along with his old cronies. They will get you in the phone with a catch up call, you will talk to ‘and adviser” who will then put you back to the marketing person who will convince you to sign a 12 month contract on the spot. They also use National Advice Australia to cold call you and sign you up to a better deal and do the same dodgy advice and give you inflated returns as did Shapter. They are taking advantage – charged my brother over $4k to give advice – charged him $1000’a year for 3 year and now cos his balance is too low they said they won’t help him anymore – what a crock

  2. Martin Featherston

    Has anyone had dealings with they are offering me a deal that sound to good to be true and now i am nervous that the whole thing is elaborate scam and that i will not get back my original investment.

    1. admin Post author

      Did they ring you out of the blue, or after a marketing team rang you?
      Do they spruik just one recommendation, and the minimum entry might be $10,000?
      This would be for you to try them out and then when it works out you’d be wanting to continue investing with them, right?
      Do they say they make institutional aquisitions of shares and can get you in at a discount?
      Does their website have vague descriptions of what they are about, what their aims are, what they can do for you?
      Where should you transfer money to? Does the account name match the company?
      Any, or all of these most likely a scam.

      1. admin Post author

        Had a quick browse of their website..
        First alarm bell – they’re in the Cayman Islands, though they mention they are based in Belgium. Wouldn’t fill me with confidence that you could get any money back if things go awry.
        They talk about Confidence, Integrity, Trustworthiness too much IMO.
        The website domain was only registered in January this year. So what kind of track record can they have ?

  3. John Collins

    I notice that Zurmont Capital is on this list. I have dealt with them since November and have had a pleasurable experience even receiving a dividend from their multi fund. I have recommended them to friends and family who have also invested all on small scales just to test the water but as I mentioned I have received a dividend and will look to increase my holding in the near future.

    1. admin Post author

      and you’re that confident after just two months?
      Tread carefully.
      Which branch of Zurmont are you dealing with?

      1. John Collins

        I am confident as received my quarterly dividend as have my family whoi introduced to them. I was approached by someone from Switzerland and have been dealing with them in Switzerland where they are registered with BAFIN.

  4. Geoff Post author

    Could you take a look at NextGen Crypto, or NGS Crypto.
    They say they can mine crypto currency for me and return 20-40% a year, plus my origina investment back in three years.
    Sounds a bit like could be a Ponzi scheme.
    No guarantee they or the funds will be around in three years time

  5. Blank

    Gday, so one of my mates got into something called Good Will Punting. now I can’t find much online but I also got an offer and declined. I can’t seem to get much information on it online. Apparently you just had to make some bets with them using their money for a few weeks then they paid you for doing it. I feel like this is something you should take a look into because it seems a little too good to be true

    1. James

      yes they are massive scam out in bali Indonesia. they have been shut down multiple times but keep hiding in villas. immigration is trying to shut them down everyday.

  6. JDH

    I have recently been contacted by a company called Multiplier. They seem to have a similar theme to the others in this thread. They want you to pay $595 to trial the service for 6 months and at the end you will be convinced to stay on with a permanent membership.

    Every week you get tips on sports, AFL, NRL, Racing, you place bets and once you earn a minimum of $5k, you can skim any other profits off the top.

    I was contacted several times by a very persistent Sonja who was advising that they have a special on this month and would get a bonus if I signed up today. She got quite annoyed when I asked her some questions about who the tips were coming from and where they were based.

    Be aware all, it sounds very tempting and too good to be true, that’s because it is… Do your research and don’t get sucked in.

  7. Nomran


    Does anyone know you have heard of – Freedome- 1? a investing/ wealth scheme within the horse racing industry? I received this call on Monday and about opening up a tab account for $1000 but after viewing the brochure the membership fee was $12,000 or I was offered a $9500 one for 2 days a week – It sounds good but iam a but hesitant as it was a random call.

    If anyone knows a thing please share –


  8. Obzo

    Any information/reviews out there about Sydney-based Unique Income Strategies? I’ve been called re purchasing racing software for $10k and can find nothing on this company, apart from its own website. I believe the company maybe new hence no reviews as yet.

  9. nat Post author

    Has anyone had experience with the On-V system? as I have been getting hassled and promised profits but they want $10000 upfront for the system. Has anyone dealt with this system before?

  10. ilyas

    I am receiving many phone calls from Ballantyne and Barrows, to deal in Gold and get I will get a return of 50 k on a 10 k investment in 3 months time as they think the Gold will hit 50$ rise in 3 months time and each 1000 $ is one option and with 10k $ I can buy 10 options and if the Gold hit 50$ rise I will earn 50K $. Do you think it is legitimate???

    1. admin Post author

      Our opinion is that they could be a very risky investment.
      Firstly they are cold calling you about an investment that has perhaps unrealistic claims ( and not fully expanding on the risks).
      Their claim to legitimacy lies with the broker they recommend EIFOEX who also happened to be owned and run by them.
      They claim to have been in operation for many years and yet both websites were only registered at the start of his year.
      If you invest you are trusting your funds to a company that claims to be in the UK but is not regulated or listed with the Financial Conduct Authority ( FCA) in the UK.
      We wouldn’t invest…

      1. ILYAS

        Thanks for the reply and the mail.
        yeah they called again and also they mentioned another company which is running from USA (which they say is their counter partners) Commerce Financial Corporate Group.
        However I also checked the date of the Website and it is only this year. So I think they are Fraud.

        Thanks for everything.

        1. admin Post author

          also redirects to their site.
          Another site that may be associated is The World Trade commodities Exchange

          ( information provided by )

    2. Peter

      Hi I have just gone through the exercise and waiting for a withdrawal to come through this will be the tester either great investment or scam. Although had a call from them last night saying that BB taken over so i ask smelling a scam….

    3. Ivan Garic

      It is a fraudulent scam, the company Ballantyne and Barrows has scammed people of hundreds of thousand dollars. Stay away from these criminals.

  11. Matthew

    Hi There,

    I just want to check if anyone has dealt with a “Tom” from Make A Second Income. They specialise in Drop Shipping through eBay and I was wondering if they are known as a scam company?

    1. admin Post author

      Not dealt with them, but seems they are marketing a Lay Trading scheme.
      Usually ends in tears.
      If they called you out of the blue, it has all the hallmarks of a scam.

      1. Philippe

        After many call for exelon and trial, i deposit 10000 into exelon account yesterday. They say 10 cooling days. They promise i will make money.
        Let see.
        May be i will never see my money. They say i can get my money back if not happy during the cooling period.

        1. admin Post author

          Don’t believe their promises.
          Use the ten day cooling off period to get your money back. That’s what a cooling off period is for!

  12. peter M Clayton

    The above I believe are also trading or have been trading as Austwise and Oaktree Binary, originally claimed to be working out of Melbourne then Sydney, sales person by the name of Tyra O’Neil on 0467 304 896 also a name Steve Black came up 04553733177, A rob Johnson 0455 366 654 and an office number for Austwise 02 2089 8614 any one had any dealings with the above as they do not answer phones and seem to have disappeared

  13. Martin I

    Have been contacted by Charter Hurst Agencies. Please people stay away from companies trying to sell software to win at the horses by laying loses. It just doesn’t work for the novice person or even for the dedicated gambler in 99% of cases. Think about what they are telling you, do the maths and then ask someone you know that you trust and knows something about the gambling industry. You cannot win doing this, it is a scam but with no come back if you lose your money. These cons can’t even be taken to task by law enforcement, they have all the bases legally covered. So the only way to rid them is word of mouth so that’s the way to attack them.

    1. Paul W

      Charter Hurst lay trading software will wipe out your account. No one wins long term laying big priced horses a thorough form analysis and inside knowledge not software that just really looks at the weight of money . distance ,jockey track conditions speed maps etc etc . Everyone of these type of software systems laying horses will lose your money there are tons of complaints about this but it gets repackaged and resold . It simply will not work long term . If you fall for the sales pitch and demo you will regret it.

  14. Paul

    Charterhurst selling lay trading software and or offer to manage your betfair account . They offered a free trial of their managed service I had starting bank 100 dollars after 3 weeks 19 dollars then they asked me to load another 100 . Crazy start with 100 finish with 19 trial massive FAIL stay well clear of the managed service.

    Trial of the lay software
    I had 3 demos of the lay trading software on the demos a total of 11 races pretending to stake 40 dollars per lay with a 1000 dollar bank. After 11 lays a loss of $480

    Over a 8 week period on demos and trial of the managed service a total LOSS of $568 . For the 10 to 16 thousand they are asking is a ridiculous joke . If you buy this software the end result will be over time a huge loss . It simply does not work a short term gain is possible but as a long term business like they are peddling you will loose your money without proper staking plans and a real strategy lay trading software will wipe out your bank and if the demos are anything to go by it wont take long at all before your account is wiped out and your money you purchased the software with gone

    1. Adrian

      I was stung but only for $1000. Once you realize that it is dodgy & want to pull out they block your phone & won’t answer. Even the number on the website. They did answer an email & promised to return the money but I won’t be holding my breath.
      My campaign is now to borrow other phones & keep them on the line for as long as I can before saying that I know what they are up to. At least it pisses them off.

  15. henry

    Do not give them money, its a massive scam
    Binary options investment of $5k…up to $25k
    promising %5 up to %25 a month.
    All a massive ripoff
    They use IN2MARKETS broker as the accomplice

  16. henry

    In2Markets is a massive scam broker….BEWARE….Do not give them any money, they have a clause where you must turn over your deposit and bonus 25 times which will take well over 3 years before they let you remove your money.
    By then they will have closed down and moved on to a new binary option broker with a new name.
    They deal with many bogus investment firms tricking you into releasing your money to them, never to see it again. My friend was done in by KEYSTONE FINANCIAL……
    Do not give them money, its a massive scam

    1. Jacko

      Hey…sounds like there’s a lot of scammers out there. My mate is going through this with RUTHERFORD FRANKLIN in Tokyo. Did his due diligence handed over some cash and now having issues getting his money back. They come out with a whole lot of crap but my friend in question isn’t one to mess around with so it’s going to be interesting to see if he gets his money back….but…stay away from them from what I’ve heard they are scum

        1. Jacko

          Yea and I just read a post on Rutherford Franklin. They say they work ( rip people off ) in an office in Tokyo yet when they must call people their phone says Osaka Japan which is about 6 hours from where they say they are calling from. IP address in the USA under a proxy name, IP address registered in August 2017 with an end date August 2018 ( the shortest time to have a site) for a legit business or so they say they’re definitely trying to not be found. And they’re not legit they’re scammers

  17. vianne

    Hello I have been in contact with this company that deals with a stockmarket program worth $20,000 which you have to pay up front before you get the program. Can anyone tell me if you know of this company. It has an office based in Park Street in Sydney.
    The program lets investors buy and sell with conservative risk and with no prior knowledge of the Stockmarket. The program tells the investor what to buy and when to sell.

  18. Debbie summers

    I was approached by at partnerships for a lifetime membership and I only had two hours to think about it. Then I spoke to a work colleague who has lost $10k investing in the same sort of company. Can anyone tell me that they have made an actual profit from this company and how much???
    I am a novice at this they said they were affiliated with the nab ???

  19. Barry O'Callaghan

    I have a message for Peter Donaldson and the administrator of this site.
    My name is Barry O’Callaghan, and I own Wagner and Wright Index Solutions. Tonight I became aware of this website, and an entry dated October 30, 2014 posted by someone calling himself Peter Donaldson. In his post he defames the good name of my company by falsely claiming I am using the name Binary Options Australia, and that someone from my company phoned him and tried to get him to pay $25,000 for a “lifetime membership”.
    I will address his claims later in my post, but first I have a question to put to the administrator.
    Why would you allow that person’s post on your website without first carrying out even the most basic investigation into his claim to determine if there was any truth to it? I commend you for trying to warn people about scams operating in Australia, but surely you must understand that before you allow someone to use your website to accuse a business of scamming people you first have to check the veracity of their claims! Do you realise the legal position that potentially puts you in?
    Not only is my company 1300 number plastered all over the internet, but also my personal mobile phone number. You’ve never phoned me. Had you even bothered to phone and pose as a prospective subscriber you would have realised within a couple of minutes of talking to me that Donaldson’s claim is completely baseless!
    Let me provide you with some factual information about my company.
    I started Wagner and Wright just under 4 years ago, and have always been the sole director. I provide subscribers to my company with what I call “trade alerts” on the movement of the major European stock market indices, and my subscribers all place bets on that information with which I would describe as the world’s biggest and most established financial products bookmaker.
    I have never hidden or disguised the fact that subscribers to my service are in fact betting on the movement of indices, as you can see on our Facebook page, where I post all our results:
    Ever since I began, people interested in subscribing to my service have not been required to commit to lengthy contracts – my business model has always been that the service is available on a monthly basis, and aside from the monthly service fee the only additional cost for any new subscriber is a once only set-up fee of $200 plus GST.
    The information I provide to my subscribers is very accurate – with my business model it has to be, otherwise I wouldn’t have subscribers, and without subscribers I wouldn’t still be in business!
    I’ve never previously heard of Binary Options Australia. Tonight when I saw Donaldson’s post I googled their site, and from what I can see they seem to be trying to promote a range of binary options brokers, none of which I would recommend to my subscribers. But nowhere can I see where they are offering “memberships” for sale.
    Peter Donaldson [if that’s your real name], I have no idea why you would make your false claim – you’ve never been contacted by my company, because if you had you would have spoken to me! I don’t scam people Peter – I run an honest and ethical business!

    1. admin Post author

      I apologise to Barry O’Callaghan and Wagner Wright.
      I have not been able to follow up with Peter Donaldson. I should have followed up earlier as Barry suggested.
      ( I am sometimes snowed under with information and obviously let this one slip through without adequate checking)

  20. Alex

    Has anyone had any dealings with Advanced Wealth Solutions? I am curious about a program they are offering which is to do with trading balanced pairs on sports.
    Is this a scam? does it work as well as they say?

  21. Peter Donaldson Post author

    (admin edit note: this comment has not been verified but has been left here as reference to the retraction above)

    Good morning admin , just want to let you know that i have been call up by Binary Options Australia, on the 25 October and have been follow up with a very hard sale person , sell me a $25000 life time member ship. After a week rang back with a offer $12500 now and balance in six months after target of $10000 reached.


    Welcome to the Binary Options Australia website, our sole aim is to provide you with up to date and invaluable information in regards to showing you How to Make Money With Binary Options, whilst this is often seen as a fine art form many recreation and part time traders are showing repeatedly profits by trading in many different kinds of Binary Options online.
    All of the information you are going to find within our website has been specifically put together with you the Australian online Binary Option trader in mind and as such should you be looking for a site at which you can trade options online or if are simply looking for new and dynamic ways for you to be able to trade options online then we will have all the information you require.

    After tracking them down they are

    Dodgy site – Scam? I think so

    (admin note: please see retraction of this comment above. No evidence to suggest Wagner Wright is doing anything wrong or associated with Binary Options Australia, whoever they are or that they do anything wrong either)

  22. Tony

    Was scammed by Princept Trading or princept investment MGS trading platform in May 2013 took the money then didn’t provide training or service. Tried recouping monies the CTTT in NSW was awarded judgement order by local courts in NSW and TAS, had a statutory demand letter issued all to no avail

  23. paul

    This website is a bit of a worry! seems to be quite a few companies i can see by researching are well above board!! looks like a venting ground to me for scam companies and sour grapes to offload there anger towards those who are doing the rite thing.
    my advice is always check company has an AFSL. If they are trading for you, check they are under MDA aproval in which if they wrong you you can easily seek refunds through company or worst case through FOS. AS FOR ALL THE SPORTS BETTING.. PLAIN AND SIMPLE GAMBLEING. YOUR RISK YOUR CHOICE. ITS ALL COMMON SENSE!!
    real investors dont vent on petty forums. hahaha common people!! all these scam sights are scams..

    1. admin Post author

      There may be one, or two who are in fact ok, but most have plenty of negative associations with their name. This list is not a ‘condemned’ list, but just companies that probably warrant care to be taken in dealing with.
      Unfortunately a FSL. MDA or being listed with the FOS does not guarantee a good outcome for victims of wrong doing, as many victims will attest.
      I have not seen ANY ‘feedback’ on the ACCC site or FOS. Would you mind pointing it out?

      1. Bill

        I also would like to know where the list of current scams is at the ACCC.
        There isn’t one and there never has been one.
        The ACCC do not name companies currently involved in scams.
        Anyone who has ever had to deal with the ACCC knows they openly state – “WE DO NOT INVESTIGATE SCAMS”
        Relying on the ACCC is pointless.
        Paul’s comments above are really way off the mark and misleading.
        Having an AFSL is not a guarantee that the company is not a complete scam. There have been numerous large scams that have had an AFSL.

        Yes I have had to deal with the ACCC and ASIC – totally pointless – they are either grossly incompetent or understaffed.

        1. PaulW

          Yes if you are expecting asic or accc to act on scam claims you are mistaken. Anyone blaming victims like that jerk above has to be involved in scams or has been as that is their tactic. Its the buyers fault they didnt do it properly . It is always the victims fault. Which is a sure sign of a scammer.

    1. paul

      I have spoken to someone on the phone from that company Andy.
      I did not do anything with them as yet. though i know Jade Capital very well who they are authorised
      by. they have a great reputation!! I am interested to speak to AT Partnerships again when my super is unlocked. Decent returns. their website must have cost them alot!! I’m in IT and know it is definitely not a cheapy.

      1. admin Post author

        Which company?
        Some of Jade’s past associations are nothing to write home about. GTL for example.
        At least by the time your super iis unlocked, AT Partnerships may have some runs on the board. They only started at the end of July.
        Well, yeh, nice website theme, but I reckon the website is worth about a thousand. If they paid any more they were ripped off.

  24. Anon

    Has anyone heard anything about ZFX SOLUTIONS PTY LTD trading as CM Business? You invest $25K in a franchise and they provide ongoing training, software, etc. to start you off on the business of currency trading. Could this please be checked out here?

  25. steve

    Regarding scam
    I have been contacted by 2 people on the phone claiming that I have $231,000 in a betting account which had been managed by a fraudulent horserace betting trader. The account was made inactive until I first paid back a sum of $16,000 credit advanced to my account. They could not just transfer the balance minus the $16,000 as they had no access to the account until it was made active again.
    Apparently I have had this account inactive for 2 years as they had ceased doing business with the shonky traders. I was given a week to come up with the $16,000 or the account would get “absorbed” into the website’s own funds. Contact’s name was Simon Darcy. Funny thing about the website, it had only been registered for a year!
    Again their MO was to get back funds that had been scammed by another operator.
    Hope this helps some other people avoid being scammed.

    1. Tony

      I have also been contacted by another company recently with the same MO. They go by the name

      I think they are recycling the same scam hoping to Jag people who have been scammed hoping to get their money back.

  26. Louise

    I wish to inform you of some people who have an office somewhere in Main Beach in the shopping strip and are scamming residents in the Brisbane and Gold Coast area with a Binary Trading Program. Their names are Paul Campbell? and Dominic Russo AKA Dom Cross and Jason Scott Hodson AKA Jason Hopkins. They are calling on behalf of TPZ International AKA Topazair Pty Ltd ( See A.S.I.C.) and also contact the Gold Coast Police Fraud Squad who are going to reel them in soon. Report your information to ASIC and Police if you locate their office whereabouts and give the ASIC and the Police the listed details on these low lifes.


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