Windsor Heath Capital scam

Windor Heath Capital are a scam.

They call up in Australian business hours and say they’re calling from London where it would be the wee hours.

They say they’re expanding their client base in Australia, hence they get the graveyard shift.

We’ve heard this several times in the last year from various companies.

Options in the petroleum market is what they are advising to buy.

From there it gets fishy as you’d be purchasing the options through them, not a broker.

Once you send them the money, you’d have no recourse to get your money back.

Asked about who they are regulated with ( since we couldn’t find them registered with the FCA,

Financial Conduct Authority in the UK , ) they said they were regulated

with UKIFMA.

United Kingdom Investment and Financial Market Authority , or UKIFMA, is also a scam

Their website is not even a or domain and a very ‘thin’ site.

Of course, you’ll find Windsor Heath Capital registered with them…

We checked with the FCA about whether Windsor Heath Capital were registered with them and

they confirmed NO.

They also confirmed that the FCA is the only regulator of financial firms in the UK and UKIFMA is

not a regulator or registrar, in fact they have never heard of UKIFMA

There seems to be an endless stream of companies with fancy sounding names like

Windsor Heath Capital, Rutherford Franklin, J W Capital, Charles Frederick Morgan, Larsson York.

If you get a call from any company like that, out of the blue, saying they are from London,

Tokyo, Singapore etc, and they have words like ‘Capital’ or ‘Global’ in their name,

Watch out!

4 thoughts on “Windsor Heath Capital scam

  1. Craig Lindsay

    Can confirm all this information above is correct. I have been scammed by them and lost a significant amount of capital. Same approach was used over a 3 month period, with successful trades upfront with increased investment in heating oil and crude oil options. Then they started needing more money to finalise a current deal that was delayed, promised payment. When I started to expect something wasn’t right, and declined to send more money, all contact was lost. I see their website is still active. I have logged the issue with the FCA and also with ‘Global Investor Alerts’ – GIA ( GIA have come back advising /confirming they are a ‘boiler room’ scam

  2. George Vikas

    Add Olympia Capital Exchange (ex: Alliance FX Capital) as strong English accented boiler room scams selling fictitious shares as part of an “institutional buy”. Hence you get no share certificates and they are not licensed in any countries they claim to operate in such as Singapore, Panama, Japan or Thailand. (in fact all they have is a virtual office with answering machine). When they string you along & realise you won’t send them any more money they refer you to a company called Global Tax Solutions in Tokyo (again not licensed) which is purely a recovery scam.


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