Wilson Scott Unity ,

Not sure about this one. In our OPINION should be treated with caution.

In the same office as another company we investigated last year ( but not allowed to say who)

Corporate Authorised Representative to Jade Capital Partners for their AFSL (as the other company was). Also starting to use the same web ranking tactics with multiple sites linking to them.

They’re selling MDA’s like the other company was. Wonder if they are the same people behind it?

Do plenty of research before you you do anything else with this one.

Anyone with any experience?

2 thoughts on “WSUnity

    1. admin Post author

      Whoever is sending posts and making claims about the background of WS Unity, we cannot publish those comments unless they are backed up with a valid email and response. We have to be reasonable and as accurate as possible in our published statements.
      Please contact admin if you have information you wish to discuss.
      We’re all trying to fight the same fight.


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