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Zurmont Capital have been making cold calls to induce people into buying into their Managed Investment Fund.
They claim to be in Melbourne , and the UK, and head-quartered in Switzerland.

They emailed a Prospectus, but it turns out to be just a very basic brochure.
By investing in their Zurmont Multi-Fund you can expect 18.2% p.a. return on your money! With very low risk they add!
No detail about previous years returns. Just a breakdown of how they might allocate funds for diversification.
After reading about who they are and what their mission is you are offered to fill out the application form and send it in. After that you will be sent an invoice. Only after you pay would you see your fund allocation and all documents.
There is nothing in the prospectus with details of how the fund is run, where monies are held, what happens if you want to leave, etc, etc.

It’s a very flimsy offering.
To top off the flimsiness,
they have no ABN
and they have no AFSL, even though they are dealing in a financial product.

Further investigation reveals that the domain for their website was only registered in November 2018.

If there’s not enough uncertainty about their credibility, we also checked on some of their Team who were featured in the prospectus..
There’s Josh Jackson, who they tell us has had ‘9 experiences in the legal field’

Zurmont Capital

who we found is also  Dental Technician:

Zurmont Multi-fund

Next there is Sally Hansen , who has ‘financial management experiences’

Zurmont fund

who also advises:

11 thoughts on “Zurmont Capital

  1. peter

    I had money in a crypto currency company Digitalgoldxpress who went
    into administration. At that time my account showed a balance of
    GBP 1.6 million.
    I was contacted by Zurmont who told me they were handling the administration but the figures shown in my account were not accurate and my balance was GBP 570,000 . This information came on Westpac
    Bank , Melbourne paper .I was told that they could not release the fund
    until the escrow costs had been paid and these amounted to GBP 9,600.
    I transferred the money in March this year but have heard nothing from
    them and they cannot be contacted. Beware.

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks for your posting Peter.
      Very sorry to hear you have been stung.

      These kinds of cases are quite common…the scam company tells you that you have lots of money in your account…But…to recover it you just need to take care of some fees, taxes, charges, etc, etc.
      Best way to handle this is to use an Escrow agent yourself. (look up escrow.com for a start). You can make conditions before your payment gets sent to the other party. Once you receive your funds, your ‘fees’ will be sent to the other party. Or back to you when they don’t send through of course!

  2. John Collins

    I have only noticed this now and have to say I am shocked.

    I have received dividends from the company and have to say why would a legitimate company do that? My due diligence was done as they are registered financially in Switzerland I am not sure how this would work in Australia but maybe that covers them?

    Considering they sent customers back their money who requested it back something does not make sense to me. Why would they do that? Surely take the money and run?

    If I was the company I would certainly be getting a legal respresentantive to enquire regarding this as it seems slightly slanderous to the business.

  3. Ian teal

    Thanks to this article I just withdrew my entire investment. I didn’t believe it was a scam as had already received 2 dividends but was afraid after this.
    Got my entire 200k back minus 3k in fees but had to forego an 7k dividend I would have received within a month.

    Now I know this is legit after another mate I got into it did the same.

    Now we are both out of pocket in a fee and missed dividends.

    I am putting my cash back with them, I’m not sure about my mate though.

    But listening to this has cost me 10k and when I spoke to the zurmont guy in Melbourne today he was furious and said he had just got out of a meeting with a lawyer over this.

    You can destroy people’s businesses by wrongly putting them on these lists, I would expect a writ shortly from what the advisor was saying today

      1. Ian teal

        I did, but I panicked once I saw this article and called my money back. But they sent it back no issues. I think you guys have slammed an innocent company doing some damage to them

  4. David molesworth

    I’m very shocked to be reading the above, I have invested a lot of money with this company and have seen a lot of profit, having said that I mostly send my money to Geneva, I have been to their offices in Geneva and speak with my broker most weeks.

    I do know that their website is only set up in the past 6 months or so and they are breaking into the Australian market. I have called my broker to voice my concerns on this comment and been told they are taking legal action.
    I was also told I can withdraw all of my funds with no issues.

    I am very happy with this company as I have never been able to see the same returns in Australia.

    I will keep you updated with what happens but I have to say my experience has been very good and I have profited a lot with this company.

    1. admin Post author

      Maybe the Australian company ringing people is a clone of the real one.
      Have you spoken to the Australian team at all? Have you visited the Australian offices?
      Do you have the phone number for the Geneva offices? Can’t find it online.


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